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George Clooney (*May 6, 1961) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Bela Lugosi (*Oct 20, 1882) actor Hungary HU
Martin Balsam (*Nov 4, 1919) actor United States US
Laura Dern (*Feb 10, 1967) actress, scriptwriter United States US
Richard Pryor (*Dec 1, 1940) actor United States US
Gwyneth Paltrow (*Sep 27, 1972) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Demi Moore (*Nov 11, 1962) actress United States US
Antonio Banderas (*Aug 10, 1960) composer, singer, actor, director Spain ES
Dirk Benedict (*Mar 1, 1945) actor, director United States US
David Carradine (*Dec 8, 1936) actor United States US
Martin Landau (*Jun 20, 1928) actor United States US
Robert Redford (*Aug 18, 1936) actor, director United States US
Whitney Houston (*Aug 9, 1963) actress, singer United States US
Carole Lombard (*Oct 6, 1908) actress United States US
Myrna Loy (*Aug 2, 1905) actress United States US
Dick Powell (*Nov 14, 1904) actor, director United States US
Vincent Price (*May 27, 1911) actor United States US
Jean Gabin (*May 17, 1904) actor France FR
Frank Capra (*May 18, 1897) director, actor Italy IT
Alfred Hitchcock (*Aug 13, 1899) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Pier Paolo Pasolini (*Mar 5, 1922) writer, director, scriptwriter, poet Italy IT
Dean Martin (*Jun 7, 1917) actor, singer United States US
Ryan Gosling (*Nov 12, 1980) actor, singer Canada CA
Paul McCartney (*Jun 18, 1942) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Ringo Starr (*Jul 7, 1940) guitarist, singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Frank Lloyd (*Sep 23, 1886) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Serge Gainsbourg (*Apr 2, 1928) composer, singer, actor, director France FR
Jacques Dutronc (*Apr 28, 1943) singer, actor, composer, guitarist France FR
Norman Mailer (*Jan 31, 1923) writer, scriptwriter, journalist United States US
Vladimir Vysotsky (*Jan 25, 1938) composer, actor, poet, writer Russia RU
Auguste Lumière (*Oct 19, 1862) director, actor, one of the first filmmakers France FR
Joseph Stalin (*Dec 18, 1878) politician, dictator, mass murderer Russia RU
Michael Jackson (*Aug 29, 1958) singer, composer, choreographer, dancer, actor, screenwriter United States US
Kajol (*Aug 5, 1974) actress India IN
Johnny Cash (*Feb 26, 1932) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Andrew Garfield (*Aug 20, 1983) actor United States US
Tony Hawk (*May 12, 1968) professional skateboarder, actor United States US
Allen Ginsberg (*Jun 3, 1926) poet, one of the leading figures of the Beat Generation United States US
Mireille Mathieu (*Jul 22, 1946) singer France FR
Al Capone (*Jan 17, 1899) United States US
King of France Louis XV (*Feb 15, 1710) King of France and Navarre France FR
Denis Diderot (*Oct 5, 1713) writer, philosopher France FR
James Fenimore Cooper (*Sep 15, 1789) novelist, historian, US Navy sailor United States US
Carlo Ponti (*Dec 11, 1912) actor Italy IT
John McCain (*Aug 29, 1936) politician, United States Senator Panama PA
Kourtney Kardashian (*Apr 18, 1979) model United States US
Alexander Graham Bell (*Mar 3, 1847) inventor of the microphone and the first phone United Kingdom GB
Umberto Boccioni (*Oct 19, 1882) Italian painter, sculptor, art critic, theorist of Futurism Italy IT
Jeanne Calment (*Feb 21, 1875) woman considered as the longest living person, only verified person to live to 120 years or beyond France FR
Pierre Curie (*May 15, 1859) physicist, chemist France FR
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