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Celebrities - "FAMOUS PEOPLE: BY DATE OF BIRTH" (94691)(= 100% of all 94691 celebs)

Vettius Valens (*Feb 7, 120) Ancient Greek astrologer Turkey TR
Proclus (*Feb 9, 412) Greek philosopher, Neoplatonist, head of the Platonic Academy, translator of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblios Turkey TR
Pope Leo IX (*Jun 27, 1002) 152nd Pope France FR
William the Conqueror
(*Oct 20, 1028)
Norman Duke, King, bastard of Robert I of Normandy France FR
King of England Henry II
(*Mar 12, 1133)
King of England France FR
Hōnen (*May 20, 1133) Buddhist monk, founder of the Japanese branch of the Pure Land School Japan JP
Moshe ben Maimon (*Apr 6, 1135) rabbi, Jewish philosopher, doctor Spain ES
Dante Alighieri (*Jun 6, 1265) poet, linguist, author of The Divine Comedy Italy IT
Petrarch (*Jul 28, 1304) philosopher, poet, translator, writer, traveler Italy IT
Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.
(*May 22, 1316)
King of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Italy Czech Republic CZ
Masaccio (*Dec 30, 1401) painter, founder of Renaissance painting Italy IT
Joan of Arc - The Maid of Orléans
(*Jan 15, 1413)
heroine of France, canonized as a Roman Catholic saint France FR
Georg von Peuerbach (*Jun 8, 1423) mathematician, teacher Austria AT
Mehmed the Conqueror (*Apr 8, 1432) Turkish sultan of the Ottoman dynasty Turkey TR
Regiomontanus (*Jun 15, 1436) astrologer Germany DE
Lorenzo de Medici (*Jan 10, 1449) Italian statesman, ruler of the Florentine Republic, the patron of Renaissance culture in Italy Italy IT
Leonardo da Vinci (*Apr 23, 1452) Renaissance painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, musician, writer Italy IT
Piero di Cosimo (*Jan 11, 1462) painter Italy IT
Nicolaus Copernicus (*Feb 28, 1473) astronomer, mathematician, lawyer, doctor Poland PL
Michelangelo Buonarroti
(*Mar 15, 1475)
Renaissance sculptor, architect, painter, poet Italy IT
Pope Leo X (*Dec 20, 1475) 217th Pope Italy IT
Thomas More (*Feb 16, 1478) lawyer, politician, writer, humanist, first minister at the court of Henry VIII. United Kingdom GB
Martin Luther (*Nov 19, 1483) theologian, preacher, reformer, founder of Protestantism Germany DE
King of England Henry VIII
(*Jul 7, 1491)
King of England and Ireland United Kingdom GB
Paracelsus (*Nov 19, 1493) alchemist, astrologer, physician, theologian Switzerland CH
Nostradamus (*Dec 24, 1503) doctor, seer, astrologer, counselor of King Charles IX. France FR
Queen Catherine de Medici
(*Apr 23, 1519)
Queen of France, wife of King Henry II. Italy IT
Charles Borromeo (*Oct 12, 1538) Italy IT
Tycho Brahe (*Dec 24, 1546) astronomer, astrologer, alchemist Denmark DK
Miguel de Cervantes (*Oct 9, 1547) Spanish soldier, poet, writer, author of Don Quixote Spain ES
King of France Charles IX
(*Jul 7, 1550)
King of France France FR
King of Sweden Charles IX
(*Oct 14, 1550)
King of Sweden Sweden SE
Sophia Brahe (*Sep 3, 1559) astrologer Denmark DK
Galilei Galileo (*Feb 26, 1564) astronomer, philosopher, physicist, mathematician, scientist Italy IT
William Shakespeare (*May 3, 1564) writer, poet, playwright, bard of Avon United Kingdom GB
Jindřich Matyáš Thurn
(*Dec 14, 1567)
leader and initiator of the Prague Defenestration in 1618 Austria AT
Johannes Kepler (*Jan 6, 1572) astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, writer Germany DE
Vilém Slavata z Chlumu a Košumberka
(*Dec 1, 1572)
writer Czech Republic CZ
William Laud (*Oct 17, 1573) United Kingdom GB
Robert Burton (*Feb 18, 1577) astrologer, mathematician United Kingdom GB
Jaroslav Bořita z Martinic
(*Jan 6, 1582)
Czech Republic CZ
John Amos Comenius (*Mar 28, 1592) philosopher, teacher, educator, theologian, bishop, Czech Republic CZ
René Descartes (*Mar 31, 1596) philosopher, mathematician, scientist France FR
William Lilly (*May 11, 1602) astrologer, author, translator, occultist United Kingdom GB
Rembrandt (*Jul 15, 1606) painter Netherlands NL
Baruch Spinoza (*Nov 24, 1632) writer, philosopher Netherlands NL
Louis XIV of France (*Sep 5, 1638) monarch of the House of Bourbon, King of France and Navarre France FR
Isaac Newton (*Jan 4, 1643) physicist, mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, theologian, Christian United Kingdom GB
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(*Jul 1, 1646)
philosopher, scientist, mathematician, theologian, polymath Germany DE
John Flamsteed (*Aug 29, 1646) astronomer, founder of the observatory in Greenwich United Kingdom GB
Antonio Vivaldi (*Mar 4, 1678) Baroque musical composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher, cleric Italy IT
Johann Dismas Zelenka
(*Oct 16, 1679)
composer Czech Republic CZ
George Frideric Handel
(*Mar 5, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Johann Sebastian Bach
(*Mar 31, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Domenico Scarlatti (*Oct 26, 1685) Italian composer, keyboard virtuoso United States US
Emanuel Swedenborg (*Feb 8, 1688) scientist, inventor, theologian, mystic Sweden SE
Daniel Bernoulli (*Feb 8, 1700) mathematician, physicist Netherlands NL
Nikolaus Zinzendoef (*May 26, 1700) Germany DE
Peter Faneuil (*Jul 1, 1700) United States US
William Emerson (*May 25, 1701) mathematician United Kingdom GB
Anna Magdalena Bach (*Sep 22, 1701) singer Germany DE
Maria Amalia of Austria
(*Oct 22, 1701)
Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen consort of Bohemia Austria AT
Jiří Sarganek (*Jan 27, 1702) writer, priest, teacher Czech Republic CZ
Soame Jenyns (*Jan 11, 1704) writer United Kingdom GB
Farinelli (*Jan 24, 1705) opera singer, singer, soprano castrato, musician Italy IT
Pope Clement XIV (*Oct 31, 1705) 249th Pope Italy IT
Benjamin Franklin (*Jan 17, 1706) statesman, diplomat, scientist, writer, publisher United States US
Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon
(*Feb 14, 1707)
writer France FR
Carlo Goldoni (*Feb 25, 1707) writer Italy IT
Leonhard Euler (*Apr 15, 1707) mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician Switzerland CH
Henry Fielding (*May 3, 1707) writer United Kingdom GB
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomenclature and Taxonomy Sweden SE
William Pitt (*Nov 26, 1708) politician United Kingdom GB
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
(*Dec 8, 1708)
Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany France FR
Samuel Johnson (*Sep 18, 1709) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Giovanni Pergolesi (*Jan 3, 1710) composer Italy IT
King of France Louis XV
(*Feb 15, 1710)
King of France and Navarre France FR
David Hume (*May 7, 1711) philosopher United Kingdom GB
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
(*Jun 28, 1712)
writer, philosopher Switzerland CH
Jacques-Germain Soufflot
(*Jul 23, 1713)
architect France FR
Denis Diderot (*Oct 5, 1713) writer, philosopher France FR
Junípero Serra (*Nov 24, 1713) philosopher Spain ES
Laurence Sterne (*Nov 24, 1713) writer, priest Ireland IE
Christoph Wilibald Gluck
(*Jul 2, 1714)
composer Germany DE
Christian Gellert (*Jul 4, 1715) poet Germany DE
David Garrick (*Feb 19, 1717) writer United Kingdom GB
Holy Roman Empress Maria Therese
(*May 13, 1717)
Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Archduchess of Austria Austria AT
Johann Joachim Winckelmann
(*Dec 9, 1717)
co-founder of art history and archeology Germany DE
Pope Pius VI (*Dec 25, 1717) 250th Pope Italy IT
Giuseppe Baretti (*Apr 24, 1719) writer, journalist Italy IT
Gelasius Dobner (*May 30, 1719) Czech Republic CZ
Roger Newdigate (*May 31, 1719) politician United Kingdom GB
Leopold Mozart (*Nov 14, 1719) composer, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Germany DE
Vilna Gaon (*Apr 23, 1720) Belarus BY
Baron Munchausen (*May 11, 1720) soldier Germany DE
Lord Elcho (*Aug 23, 1721) United Kingdom GB
Mark Akenside (*Nov 20, 1721) poet United Kingdom GB
Mme de Pompadour (*Dec 29, 1721) Chief mistress to Louis XV France FR
Samuel Adams (*Sep 27, 1722) politician United States US
Leopold Auenbrugger (*Nov 19, 1722) doctor Austria AT
Francisco Palou (*Jan 22, 1723) Spain ES
Antoine Louis (*Feb 13, 1723) surgeon, inventor and creator of the execution apparatus Guillotine France FR
Joshua Reynolds (*Jul 27, 1723) painter United Kingdom GB
Immanuel Kant (*Apr 22, 1724) philosopher Germany DE
John Smeaton (*Jun 8, 1724) engineer, architect, physicist, mathematician, inventor United Kingdom GB
Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
(*Jul 2, 1724)
writer, scientist, poet Germany DE
Henry Benedict Stuart
(*Mar 5, 1725)
Italy IT
Giacomo Casanova (*Apr 2, 1725) priest, writer, intriguer, spy, diplomat Italy IT
John Hunter (*Feb 13, 1728) United Kingdom GB
Robert Adam (*Jul 14, 1728) architect United Kingdom GB
Antoine Court de Gébelin
(*Sep 5, 1728)
writer France FR
Caesar Rodney (*Oct 18, 1728) politician United States US
James Cook (*Nov 7, 1728) navigator, explorer, researcher United Kingdom GB
Oliver Goldsmith (*Nov 21, 1728) writer, poet Ireland IE
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
(*Jan 22, 1729)
playwright Germany DE
Catherine the Great (*May 2, 1729) Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias Poland PL
Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
(*Sep 17, 1730)
general Germany DE
Martha Washington (*Jun 13, 1731) United States US
William Cowper (*Nov 26, 1731) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Pierre Beaumarchais (*Jan 24, 1732) playwright, politician, inventor, musician, publisher France FR
William Falconer (*Feb 21, 1732) poet United Kingdom GB
George Washington (*Feb 22, 1732) soldier, politician, 1st president of the USA United States US
Esther Edwards Burr (*Feb 24, 1732) writer United States US
Franz Joseph Haydn (*Mar 31, 1732) composer, representative of the classical period in music Austria AT
Nevil Maskelyne (*Oct 17, 1732) United Kingdom GB
Joseph Priestley (*Mar 24, 1733) chemist United Kingdom GB
Christoph Gottlieb von Murr
(*Aug 5, 1733)
Germany DE
Christoph Wieland (*Sep 5, 1733) writer Germany DE
Franz Anton Mesmer (*May 23, 1734) Swiss doctor, the father of hypnosis and psychotherapy Germany DE
Matthew Pratt (*Oct 4, 1734) painter United States US
František Martin Pelcl
(*Nov 11, 1734)
writer Czech Republic CZ
Nicolas Restif de La Bretonne
(*Nov 23, 1734)
writer France FR
William Dandridge (*Mar 13, 1735) United States US
John Adams (*Oct 30, 1735) 2nd President of the United States United States US
James Watt (*Jan 19, 1736) mechanic, inventor and physicist United Kingdom GB
John Hancock (*Jan 23, 1737) politician United States US
Thomas Paine (*Feb 9, 1737) writer, politician United Kingdom GB
Joseph Ignace Guillotin
(*May 28, 1738)
physician, politician, mistakenly referred as inventor of execution apparatus Guillotine France FR
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
(*Jul 17, 1738)
France FR
William Herschel (*Nov 15, 1738) Germany DE
Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart
(*Mar 24, 1739)
composer, writer, journalist, poet Germany DE
Maria Josepha (*Mar 30, 1739) Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Poland Germany DE
Carl Michael Bellman (*Feb 4, 1740) composer Sweden SE
Giovanni Paisiello (*May 10, 1740) composer, opera singer Italy IT
Marquis de Sade (*Jun 2, 1740) writer France FR
Matthias Claudius (*Aug 15, 1740) poet Germany DE
Ivan VI Antonovich (*Aug 23, 1740) Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias Russia RU
Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling
(*Sep 12, 1740)
writer, doctor Germany DE
Charles François Bailly de Messein
(*Nov 3, 1740)
Canada CA
Hester Thrale (*Jan 27, 1741) United Kingdom GB
Gottlieb Stephanie Jr.
(*Feb 19, 1741)
Poland PL
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II
(*Mar 13, 1741)
King of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor, Archduke of Austria Austria AT
Alexander Gillon (*Aug 13, 1741) politician Netherlands NL
Johan Herman Wessel (*Oct 6, 1741) Norway NO
Choderlos de Laclos (*Oct 18, 1741) writer France FR
Princess Isabella of Parma
(*Dec 31, 1741)
daughter of Duke of Parma Spain ES
Edward Antill (*Apr 22, 1742) soldier United States US
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
(*Jul 1, 1742)
scientist, satirist, Anglophile, physicist, mathematician Germany DE
Nathanael Greene (*Aug 7, 1742) politician United States US
Pope Pius VII (*Aug 14, 1742) 251st Pope Italy IT
Louis Claude Saint-Martin
(*Jan 18, 1743)
philosopher France FR
Luigi Boccherini (*Feb 19, 1743) composer Italy IT
Mayer Amschel Rotschild
(*Feb 23, 1743)
founder of banker Rothschild dynasty Germany DE
Johann Georg Meusel (*Mar 17, 1743) Germany DE
Thomas Jefferson (*Apr 13, 1743) 3rd President of the United States United States US
Johann Georg Pupp (*Apr 17, 1743) entrepreneur, hotelier, founder of the Pupp Hotel Czech Republic CZ
Toussaint L'Ouverture
(*May 20, 1743)
politician, soldier Haiti HT
Jean Paul Marat (*May 24, 1743) politician Switzerland CH
Johann David Wyss (*May 28, 1743) writer, priest Switzerland CH
Alesandro Di Cagliostro
(*Jun 2, 1743)
chemist Italy IT
Madame du Barry (*Aug 19, 1743) Maîtresse-en-titre to Louis XV France FR
Antoine Lavoisier (*Aug 26, 1743) France FR
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
(*Aug 1, 1744)
naturalist, author of the first comprehensive theory of evolution France FR
Johann Gottfried Herder
(*Aug 25, 1744)
writer, philosopher Poland PL
Anthony Wayne (*Jan 1, 1745) general United States US
Jonathan Edwards (*Jun 6, 1745) United States US
Maria Luisa of Spain (*Nov 24, 1745) Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany Italy IT
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
(*Jan 12, 1746)
teacher Switzerland CH
Tadeusz Kościuszko (*Feb 4, 1746) general Belarus BY
Francisco de Goya (*Mar 30, 1746) painter Spain ES
Móric Beňovský (*Sep 20, 1746) Slovakia SK
Tiradentes (*Nov 12, 1746) Brazil BR
Johann Elert Bode (*Jan 19, 1747) Germany DE
Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
(*May 5, 1747)
Holy Roman Emperor, King in Germany, Archduke of Austria Austria AT
William Barton (*Jun 6, 1747) United States US
Rose Bertin (*Jul 2, 1747) fashion designer France FR
Ernst Ludwig Heim (*Jul 13, 1747) doctor Germany DE
Arnaud Berquin (*Sep 25, 1747) writer France FR
Gottfried August Bürger
(*Dec 31, 1747)
writer, translator, poet Germany DE
Antoine Laurent de Jussieu
(*Apr 12, 1748)
France FR
Olympe de Gouges (*May 7, 1748) playwright, political activist, Women's rights advocate France FR
Gabriel de Mirabeau (*Mar 9, 1749) politician France FR
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(*Aug 28, 1749)
poet, novelist, playwright, politician Germany DE
Caroline Herschel (*Mar 16, 1750) Germany DE
Antonio Salieri (*Aug 18, 1750) composer, teacher, conductor Italy IT
Nicolas Gilbert (*Dec 15, 1750) writer France FR
Ebenezer Sibly (*Feb 10, 1751) astrologer United Kingdom GB
James Madison (*Mar 16, 1751) 4th President of the United States United States US
Nannerl Mozart (*Jul 30, 1751) Austria AT
Richard B. Sheridan (*Oct 30, 1751) scriptwriter Ireland IE
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