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Celebrities - Recently added 200 celebrities (200)(= 0.21% of all 94609 celebs)

Lorenzo de Medici (*Jan 10, 1449) Italian statesman, ruler of the Florentine Republic, the patron of Renaissance culture in Italy Italy IT
Banu Guler (*Nov 11, 1987) app designer, businesswoman, the CEO and co-founder of Co-Star astrology app United States US
Dianne Doan (*Sep 8, 1990) actress Canada CA
Céline Buckens (*Aug 9, 1996) actress Belgium BE
Donna Tartt (*Dec 23, 1963) writer, author United States US
Tony Robbins (*Feb 29, 1960) American life coach, self-help author United States US
Avijit Roy (*Sep 12, 1972) engineer, online activist, writer, blogger Bangladesh BD
Olga Souza (*Jul 16, 1968) singer from Corona band, model, dancer Brazil BR
Renjun (*Mar 23, 2000) singer China CN
Seo Ye-ji (*Apr 6, 1990) actress South Korea KR
Emmanuel Macron (*Dec 21, 1977) French politician, President of France since 14 May 2017 France FR
Saki Kaskas (*Sep 24, 1971) video game music composer Germany DE
Gotye (*May 21, 1980) singer Belgium BE
Gavino Ledda (*Dec 30, 1938) writer, scholar, author of autobiographical work Padre Padrone Italy IT
Kim Seok-jin (*Dec 4, 1992) singer, songwriter, member of the South Korean boy band BTS South Korea KR
Billie Eilish (*Dec 18, 2001) singer, songwriter United States US
Bernie Sanders (*Sep 8, 1941) politician, Senator United States US
Elle Varner (*Feb 12, 1987) American singer United States US
Tom Holland (*Jun 1, 1996) actor United Kingdom GB
Vicki Lau (*Mar 6, 1991) artist, content creator, entrepreneur Singapore SG
Big Sean (*Mar 25, 1988) rapper, musician United States US
Logic (*Jan 22, 1990) rapper, musician United States US
Bethany Williams (*Jun 17, 1995) Global Entrepreneur and Author United States US
Mick Gordon (*Jul 9, 1985) Australian composer, sound designer Australia AU
Kamala Harris (*Oct 20, 1964) lawyer, politician United States US
Joshua Bassett (*Dec 22, 2000) actor United States US
Eric (*Dec 22, 2000) musician South Korea KR
Machine Gun Kelly (*Apr 22, 1990) singer, rapper United States US
Cometan (*Jul 1, 1998) autodidactic philosopher, astronomer, founder of Astronism religion United Kingdom GB
Payton Yeager (*Apr 26, 2010) American YouTube United States US
Sophie Zelmani (*Feb 12, 1972) folk singer, songwriter Sweden SE
Vili Fualaau (*Jun 26, 1983) Samoan American DJ United States US
Ebru Gündeş (*Oct 12, 1974) actress, singer Turkey TR
Proclus (*Feb 9, 412) Greek philosopher, Neoplatonist, head of the Platonic Academy, translator of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblios Turkey TR
George Floyd (*Oct 14, 1973) African American man who was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis United States US
Anya Taylor-Joy (*Apr 16, 1996) actress United States US
Leo P (*Jun 3, 1991) baritone saxophonist United States US
Elon Musk (*Jun 28, 1971) engineer, industrial designer, technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, co-founder and CEO of Tesla South Africa ZA
Travis Bryant (*Oct 12, 1997) actor, dancer United States US
Sabrina Carpenter (*May 11, 1999) singer, actress United States US
Kavin Bharti Mittal (*Aug 31, 1987) Internet entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Hike Messenger India IN
Travis Bryant (*Jan 21, 1987) fashion model, YouTube personality United States US
Leo Moracchioli (*Oct 10, 1978) multi-instrumentalist, metal musician, producer, covers maker Norway NO
Maxwell Perry Cotton (*May 7, 2000) actor United States US
Dr. Rajkumar (*Apr 24, 1929) Indian film actor, playback singer India IN
Dave Ward (*Jan 14, 1957) Scottish-born Canadian voice actor, musician United Kingdom GB
J-Hope (*Feb 18, 1994) South Korean rapper South Korea KR
Jacksepticeye (*Feb 7, 1990) Irish YouTuber, actor Ireland IE
Eric Liddell (*Feb 16, 1902) Scottish Olympic Gold Medalist runner, Christian missionary China CN
Jack Dorsey (*Nov 19, 1976) omputer programmer, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Twitter United States US
Jürgen Klopp (*Jun 16, 1967) manager of Premier League club Liverpool, former football player Germany DE
Travis Scott (*Apr 30, 1992) American rapper, singer, songwriter United States US
Conor McGregor (*Jul 14, 1988) professional mixed martial artist and boxer Ireland IE
Agust D (*Mar 9, 1993) rapper, singer from BTS group South Korea KR
Martinus Gunnarsen (*Feb 21, 2002) Norwegian singer from Marcus & Martinus Norway NO
Olympe de Gouges (*May 7, 1748) playwright, political activist, Women's rights advocate France FR
Leo Varadkar (*Jan 18, 1979) politician, Taoiseach Ireland IE
AB de Villiers (*Feb 17, 1984) South African cricketer South Africa ZA
Sean Bishop (*Nov 2, 1971) DreamWorks animator, voice actor United States US
Magdi Yacoub (*Nov 16, 1935) surgeon, professor Egypt EG
Thomas Hearns (*Oct 18, 1958) former professional boxer United States US
Mārtiņš Freimanis (*Feb 7, 1977) singer, songwriter, actor Latvia LV
John A. Halloran (*Jan 11, 1954) astrologer, founder and owner of Halloran software, Mensa member United States US
Qasem Soleimani (*Mar 11, 1957) Iranian major general, commander of Quds Force Iran IR
Chris McNally (*Nov 8, 1988) actor Canada CA
Manushi Chillar (*May 14, 1997) actress, model, the winner of Miss World 2017 India IN
Kid Indigo (*Nov 12, 1991) Musical artist United States US
Samuel Barber (*Mar 9, 1910) composer United States US
Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun
(*Apr 16, 1755)
French portrait painter France FR
John List (*Sep 17, 1925) American mass murderer, long-time fugitive United States US
Dick Murdoch (*Aug 16, 1946) professional wrestler United States US
Robert Tilton (*Jun 7, 1946) Televangelist, pastor, author United States US
Alison Starling (*Oct 28, 1973) television news anchor, journalist United States US
Prashant Bhargava (*Jan 12, 1973) filmmaker, designer United States US
Candace Glendenning (*Aug 9, 1953) actress United Kingdom GB
Dafne Keen (*Jan 4, 2005) actress Spain ES
Jean Cremers (*Mar 14, 1957) astrologer, programmer, musician, author of the Planetdance astrology software Netherlands NL
Juan Rodriguez (*Dec 16, 1954) lottery winner (19.11.2004) Colombia CO
Lottery winner 7039 (*Apr 4, 1932) lottery winner (12.9.1984) United States US
Lottery winner 6780 (*Aug 10, 1930) lottery winner (18.9.1975) United States US
Lottery winner 6626 (*Aug 10, 1929) lottery winner (8.9.1983) Canada CA
Lottery winner 44284 (*Oct 6, 1930) lottery winner (8.6.1985) Australia AU
Lottery winner 37457 (*Oct 29, 1932) lottery winner (28.5.1986) United States US
Lottery winner 37456 (*Oct 18, 1914) lottery winner (13.3.1991) United States US
Lottery winner 37291 (*Jun 23, 1969) lottery winner (18.3.2000) France FR
Lottery winner 12536 (*Nov 29, 1953) lottery winner (1.9.1986) Canada CA
Lottery winner 11398 (*Oct 29, 1949) lottery winner (28.2.1990) United States US
Lottery winner 40112 (*Jul 14, 1968) lottery winner (Sept. 1983) Germany DE
Bruce John Hegarty (*Dec 5, 1954) lottery winner (23.2.1993) United States US
Massimo Recalcati (*Nov 28, 1959) Italian psychoanalyst Italy IT
Edward G. Robinson Jr.
(*Mar 19, 1933)
actor United States US
Christa Helm (*Nov 11, 1949) actress United States US
Jim Vance (*Jan 10, 1942) television news presenter United States US
Juliette Frette (*Dec 25, 1983) model, painter, writer United States US
Sadie Stanley (*Nov 15, 2001) actress United States US
Kennedy McMann (*Oct 30, 1996) actress, singer United States US
Shashi Tharoor (*Mar 9, 1956) Indian politician, writer United Kingdom GB
Lynne Austin (*Apr 15, 1961) model, actress United States US
Darrell Castle (*Oct 11, 1948) politician, attorney United States US
Lindsey Vuolo (*Oct 19, 1981) glamor model, actress United States US
Gigi Darlene (*Mar 4, 1943) Germany DE
Ron Goldman (*Jul 2, 1968) restaurant waiter United States US
Stand Watie (*Dec 12, 1806) leader of the Cherokee Nation United States US
Heinrich Schliemann (*Jan 6, 1822) businessman, archaeolog, excavator of the Troy Germany DE
Robin Ficker (*Apr 5, 1943) attorney, real estate broker, political activist United States US
Wendy Rieger (*Apr 18, 1956) reporter, former radio host United States US
Jennifer Servo (*Sep 23, 1979) news reporter United States US
Malu Trevejo (*Oct 15, 2002) internet celebrity, dancer, singer Cuba CU
Anna Diop (*Feb 6, 1988) Senegalese-American actress Senegal SN
Halsey (*Sep 29, 1994) singer, songwriter United States US
Teagan Croft (*Apr 23, 2004) actress Australia AU
K.T. Oslin (*May 15, 1942) American country music singer, songwriter United States US
Christy Canyon (*Jun 17, 1966) porn actresses United States US
Dennis Rabbitt (*Jun 28, 1957) South Side Rapist United States US
Josh Duggar (*Mar 3, 1988) television personality, political activist United States US
Kathy Smith (*Dec 11, 1951) personal trainer United States US
Greta Thunberg (*Jan 3, 2003) Swedish environmental activist Sweden SE
Joanne Kelly (*Dec 22, 1978) actress Canada CA
Amy Gumenick (*May 17, 1986) actress Sweden SE
Giovanni Morassutti (*Mar 15, 1980) actor, theatre director, cultural entrepreneur Italy IT
Anya Cooke (*May 17, 2007) voice actress United Kingdom GB
Katherine Langford (*Apr 29, 1996) actress Australia AU
Bella Hadid (*Oct 9, 1996) model, Model of the Year 2016 United States US
Danny Jacobs (*Jul 7, 1968) actor, singer, voice artist, comedian United States US
Ava Max (*Feb 16, 1994) singer, songwriter United States US
Jacob Bronowski (*Jan 18, 1908) mathematician, historian, scientist Poland PL
Sofie Dossi (*Jun 21, 2001) gymnast, hand balancer United States US
Alessia Cara (*Jul 11, 1996) singer, songwriter Canada CA
Madison Grace (*May 28, 1996) actress, singer United States US
Marcus Gunnarsen (*Feb 21, 2002) singer from Marcus & Martinus, twin brother of Martinus Gunnarsen Norway NO
Tyler Joseph (*Dec 1, 1988) musician, rapper, singer, frontman of Twenty One Pilots United States US
Jungkook (*Sep 1, 1997) singer, songwriter South Korea KR
Ashley Graham (*Oct 30, 1987) supermodel, activist United States US
Elvira Puccini (*Jun 13, 1860) wife of Giacomo Puccini Italy IT
Martha Gelhorn (*Nov 8, 1908) novelist, travel writer, journalist, the third wife of Ernest Hemingway United States US
Pauline Pfeiffer (*Jul 22, 1895) journalist, the second wife of Ernest Hemingway United States US
Hadley Richardson (*Nov 9, 1891) the first wife of Ernest Hemingway United States US
Alan Walker (*Aug 24, 1997) Norwegian DJ United Kingdom GB
Barış Arduç (*Oct 9, 1987) Swiss-born Turkish actor Switzerland CH
Katie Bouman (*May 9, 1989) computer scientist, member of the Event Horizon Telescope team (first image of a black hole)) United States US
Roméo Dallaire (*Jun 25, 1946) humanitarian, author, retired senator and general Netherlands NL
Cozz (*Oct 1, 1993) singer, rapper United States US
Hozier (*Mar 17, 1990) musician, singer, songwriter Ireland IE
Budgie (*Aug 21, 1957) drummer United Kingdom GB
Zuzana Čaputová (*1973) politician Slovakia SK
Tatiana Manaois (*Oct 22, 1996) singer United States US
Simon Gallup (*Jun 1, 1960) musician, bassist of the band The Cure. United Kingdom GB
Jussie Smollett (*Jun 21, 1982) actor, singer, photographer United States US
Buddy Hines (*Apr 4, 1989) singer, songwriter, author, producer, entrepreneur United States US
Naomi Grossman (*Feb 6, 1975) actress, writer, producer United States US
Alexandr Gerst (*May 3, 1976) European astronaut and geophysicist Germany DE
Ruggero Raimondi (*Oct 3, 1941) Italian bass-baritone opera singer Italy IT
Nick Saban (*Oct 31, 1951) football coach at the University of Alabama United States US
James R. Fitzgerald (*Jun 24, 1953) criminal profiler, forensic linguist, retired FBI agent United States US
Jaggi Vasudev (*Sep 3, 1957) Indian yogi, mystic, author India IN
Evelyn Ankers (*Aug 17, 1918) actress Chile CL
Amanda Girvan (*Feb 9, 1975) actress, assistant director United Kingdom GB
Homer Hickam (*Feb 19, 1943) author, Vietnam veteran, former NASA engineer United States US
Robert Greene (*May 14, 1959) author, writer United States US
Rosalie van Breemen (*Aug 2, 1966) model, writer, wife of Alain Delon Netherlands NL
Louis XIV of France (*Sep 5, 1638) monarch of the House of Bourbon, King of France and Navarre France FR
Gillian Flynn (*Feb 24, 1971) writer United States US
Anne Diamond (*Sep 8, 1954) journalist, broadcaster United Kingdom GB
Timothy Snyder (*Aug 18, 1969) author, historian specializing in the history of Holocaust United States US
Lalla Ward (*Jun 28, 1951) actress, author United Kingdom GB
Sarah Sutton (*Dec 12, 1961) actress United Kingdom GB
Serge Ibaka (*Sep 18, 1989) basketball player Republic of the Congo CG
Tigran Hamasyan (*Jul 17, 1987) Armenian jazz pianist Armenia AM
Jean-Claude Juncker (*Dec 9, 1954) politician, lawyer, President of the European Commission since 2014 Luxembourg LU
Tessa Dahl (*Apr 11, 1957) author, former actress, daughter of Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal United Kingdom GB
Aurora (*Jun 15, 1996) Norwegian singer-songwriter Norway NO
Janet Fielding (*Sep 9, 1953) actress Australia AU
Angela Douglas (*Oct 29, 1940) actress United Kingdom GB
Chris Brennan (*Nov 1, 1984) astrologer, author of The Astrology Podcast, former President of AYA (the Association for Young Astrologers) United States US
Antonio Vivaldi (*Mar 4, 1678) Baroque musical composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher, cleric Italy IT
Anna Ford (*Oct 2, 1943) journalist, television presenter, newsreader United Kingdom GB
Marie Helvin (*Aug 13, 1952) fashion model Japan JP
Nicola Bryant (*Oct 11, 1960) actress United Kingdom GB
Jacqueline Pearce (*Dec 20, 1943) actress United Kingdom GB
Boris Johnson (*Jun 19, 1964) British politician, Prime Minister of the UK United States US
Willie Dille (*May 2, 1965) Dutch politician Netherlands NL
Lionel (*Aug 26, 1958) radio, television and YouTube media analyst United States US
Jared Kushner (*Jan 10, 1981) investor, real-estate developer, Senior Advisor to the President United States US
Barron Trump (*Mar 20, 2006) Donald Trump's youngest child United States US
Melania Trump (*Apr 26, 1970) fashion model, First Lady of the United States, wife of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump Slovenia SI
XXXTentacion (*Jan 23, 1998) rapper, singer, songwriter United States US
Juice WRLD (*Dec 2, 1998) rapper, singer, songwriter United States US
G Herbo (*Oct 8, 1995) rapper, songwriter United States US
Bruce McArthur (*Oct 8, 1951) accused Canadian serial killer Canada CA
Kevin Gates (*Feb 5, 1986) rapper, singer, entrepreneur United States US
Chloé Jouannet (*Oct 17, 1997) actress France FR
Julianne Binard (*Apr 17, 1995) actress France FR
Mother Menininha do Gantois
(*Feb 10, 1894)
Brazilian Iyálorixá (mother-of-santo), daughter of Oxum Brazil BR
Cauby Peixoto (*Feb 10, 1931) Brazilian singer Brazil BR
Theresa May (*Oct 1, 1956) politician United Kingdom GB
Frances Ford Fonda (*Apr 4, 1908) socialite Canada CA
Marama Corlett (*May 3, 1985) actress, dancer Malta MT
Ludwig Oechslin (*Feb 10, 1952) watch designer, developer of moon phase watches Italy IT
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
(*Dec 8, 1708)
Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany France FR
Madison Gesiotto (*Mar 20, 1992) commentator, columnist, figure skater, model, beauty queen United States US
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