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Celebrities - Recently added 200 celebrities (200)

r. h. Sin (*Mar 22, 1989) author, writer United States US
John Kerry (*Dec 11, 1943) politician, attorney United States US
Martha Bernays (*Jul 26, 1861) wife of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud Germany DE
Mileva Marić (*Dec 19, 1875) Serbian physicist, wife of Albert Einstein Serbia RS
Melissa Moore (*May 22, 1996) porn actress United States US
Gina Valentina (*Feb 18, 1997) porn actress Brazil BR
Christine Saint-Pierre
(*Mar 21, 1947)
astrologer, writer France FR
Kento Nakajima (*Mar 13, 1994) actor, singer Japan JP
Masashi Taniguchi (*Nov 5, 1977) actor Japan JP
Kovacs (*Apr 15, 1990) singer Netherlands NL
Prince George of Cambridge
(*Jul 22, 2013)
son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge United Kingdom GB
St. Vincent (*Sep 28, 1982) musician, singer United States US
Claude Lorius (*Feb 27, 1932) scientist, polar adventurer, glaciologist France FR
Vito Schnabel (*Jul 27, 1986) art curator, art dealer United States US
Jacques Hamel (*Nov 30, 1930) Catholic priest murdered during the 2016 Normandy church attack France FR
Adam Ďurica (*1987) composer, singer Slovakia SK
Jolande Jacobi (*Mar 25, 1890) psychologist Hungary HU
Geike Arnaert (*Sep 13, 1979) Belgian musician, former singer of Hooverphonic Belgium BE
Zack Hemsey (*Jun 2, 1983) composer, musician United States US
Ján Kroner Sr. (*May 1, 1927) actor Slovakia SK
William Lilly (*May 11, 1602) astrologer, author, translator, occultist United Kingdom GB
Sadiq Khan (*Oct 8, 1970) politician, lawyer, the first Muslim in the role of the Mayor of London United Kingdom GB
Jamala (*Aug 27, 1983) singer, winner of Eurovision 2016 Kyrgyzstan KG
Teal Swan (*Jun 16, 1984) Spiritual Catalyst, Healer, Author United States US
Rube Goldberg (*Jul 4, 1883) cartoonist, animator, sculptor, engineer, inventor United States US
Farinelli (*Jan 24, 1705) opera singer, singer, soprano castrato, musician Italy IT
Ján Franek (*1960) boxer Slovakia SK
Peter Baláž (*1974) boxer Slovakia SK
Paul Kalkbrenner (*Jun 11, 1977) musician Germany DE
Simina Grigoriu (*May 8, 1981) musician Romania RO
George Everest (*Jul 4, 1790) traveler, explorer, geographer, surveyor United Kingdom GB
Eusébio (*Jan 21, 1942) soccer player Mozambique MZ
Marius Holst (*Dec 16, 1965) director Norway NO
Rebecca Lord (*Feb 16, 1973) actress, director, porn actress France FR
Tom Hooper (*Oct 1, 1972) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Vasili Pichul (*Jun 15, 1961) director Russia RU
Paul Vecchiali (*Apr 28, 1930) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
May Spils (*Jul 29, 1941) director Germany DE
Lena Koppel (*May 19, 1955) director, scriptwriter Sweden SE
Helmut Dziuba (*Feb 2, 1933) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Morten Tyldum (*May 19, 1967) director Norway NO
Albert Barillé (*Feb 14, 1920) director of Once Upon a Time... Man Poland PL
Aleksandr Adabashyan (*Aug 10, 1945) actor, scriptwriter Russia RU
Maris Pfeiffer (*Nov 3, 1962) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Jiřina Pokorná-Makoszová
director, scriptwriter CZSK CE
Robert Mazoyer (*Sep 5, 1929) director, scriptwriter France FR
Jean-Jacques Vierne (*Jan 31, 1921) director, scriptwriter France FR
Takeichi Saitô (*Jan 27, 1925) director, scriptwriter Japan JP
Hilmar Oddsson (*Jan 19, 1957) actor, director, scriptwriter Iceland IS
Clark Jones (*Apr 10, 1920) director United States US
John Fawcett (*Mar 5, 1968) director, scriptwriter Canada CA
Grant Gee (*Oct 24, 1964) director, cameraman United Kingdom GB
Xavier Picard (*Jan 12, 1962) director, scriptwriter France FR
Ricardo Franco Rubio (*May 24, 1949) actor, director Spain ES
Shinji Sômai (*Jan 13, 1948) director Japan JP
Alfred Cheung (*Jan 1, 1955) actor, director, scriptwriter China CN
Richard Lowenstein (*Mar 1, 1959) director, scriptwriter Australia AU
Béla Ternovszky (*May 23, 1943) director, scriptwriter Hungary HU
Gustavo Postiglione (*Oct 10, 1963) director, scriptwriter Argentina AR
Robert Quinn (*Feb 27, 1970) director Iran IR
Alain Payet (*Jan 17, 1947) director, scriptwriter France FR
Jeong-hyang Lee (*Jun 13, 1964) director, scriptwriter South Korea KR
Reza Bagher (*Mar 10, 1958) director, scriptwriter Iran IR
François Dupeyron (*Aug 14, 1950) director, scriptwriter France FR
Franz Xaver Bogner (*Jan 15, 1949) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Pilar Miró (*Apr 20, 1940) director, actor Spain ES
Alfonso Ungría (*Mar 30, 1943) director, actor Spain ES
Maciej Dutkiewicz (*Oct 2, 1958) director, scriptwriter Poland PL
Trygve Allister Diesen
(*Jul 11, 1967)
director, scriptwriter Norway NO
Stefan Schwartz (*May 1, 1963) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Sai Paranjape (*Mar 19, 1938) director, scriptwriter India IN
Osamu Nabeshima (*Jan 14, 1956) director Japan JP
Jasmin Dizdar (*Jun 8, 1961) director, scriptwriter Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Hajrudin Krvavac (*Dec 22, 1926) director Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Lance Bangs (*Sep 8, 1972) actor, director, cameraman United States US
Vince McMahon (*Aug 24, 1945) actor, director United States US
Gina Prince-Bythewood
(*Jun 10, 1969)
director, scriptwriter United States US
David Feiss (*Apr 16, 1959) writer, director United States US
Todd Grossman (*Jan 12, 1977) actor, director, cameraman United States US
Veit Helmer (*Apr 24, 1968) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Jürgen Goslar (*Mar 26, 1927) director, actor Germany DE
David Gill (*Jun 9, 1928) director Papua New Guinea PG
Charles F. Haas (*Nov 15, 1913) director, scriptwriter United States US
Chia Yung Liu (*Jan 1, 1942) actor, director, choreographer of battle scenes China CN
Adam Simon (*Feb 6, 1962) director, scriptwriter United States US
Georg Tressler (*Jan 25, 1917) actor, director, scriptwriter Austria AT
Luigi Magni (*Mar 21, 1928) director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Denis Yevstigneyev (*Oct 29, 1961) director, actor Russia RU
Anthony Chan (*Oct 1, 1952) actor, director Hong Kong HK
Blacky Ko Sau-Leung (*Feb 22, 1953) actor, director, martial artist, singer, stunt Taiwan TW
Keith Fulton (*Oct 17, 1965) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Peter Kunhardt (*Dec 26, 1952) director, scriptwriter United States US
Richard Williams (*Mar 19, 1933) actor, director Canada CA
Jan Harlan (*May 5, 1937) director, actor Germany DE
Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
(*Jun 6, 1954)
director, scriptwriter Poland PL
Edward M. Abroms (*May 6, 1935) director United States US
Víctor Merenda (*Aug 31, 1923) director, actor France FR
Roger Kahane (*Sep 20, 1932) director, scriptwriter France FR
Jean Herman (*May 17, 1933) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Jean Chérasse (*Nov 26, 1933) director, scriptwriter France FR
Jacques Daniel-Norman
(*Dec 2, 1901)
director, scriptwriter France FR
Pierre Chevalier (*Mar 23, 1915) director, scriptwriter France FR
René Lucot (*Aug 15, 1908) director, scriptwriter France FR
Alexander Singer (*Apr 18, 1928) director, actor United States US
James Wong (*Apr 20, 1959) director, scriptwriter Hong Kong HK
Daphne Joy (*Feb 8, 1987) model Philippines PH
Bjarne Henning-Jensen
(*Oct 6, 1908)
director, scriptwriter Denmark DK
Arthur Pierson (*Jun 16, 1901) actor, director, scriptwriter Norway NO
Richard A. Colla (*Apr 18, 1936) director, actor United States US
Donald Wrye (*Sep 24, 1934) director, scriptwriter United States US
Mickey Moore (*Oct 14, 1914) director, actor Canada CA
Wui Ng (*Dec 3, 1913) director, actor China CN
Leigh Jason (*Jul 26, 1904) director, scriptwriter United States US
Alfred J. Goulding (*Jan 26, 1884) director, actor Australia AU
Matthew Bright (*Jun 8, 1952) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Jean-Pierre Vergne (*Apr 1, 1946) director, scriptwriter France FR
Scott Kalvert (*Aug 15, 1964) director, scriptwriter United States US
Di Drew (*Nov 12, 1948) director Australia AU
Max Kleven (*Aug 16, 1933) actor, director United States US
Winrich Kolbe (*Aug 9, 1940) director Netherlands NL
Hans Petter Moland (*Oct 17, 1955) director, scriptwriter Norway NO
James Merendino (*Jan 11, 1969) director, actor Italy IT
Christine Edzard (*Feb 15, 1945) director, scriptwriter France FR
Alvin Rakoff (*Feb 6, 1927) director, actor Canada CA
Jonathan Miller (*Jul 21, 1934) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Brenda Chapman (*Nov 1, 1962) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Marc Rocco (*Jun 19, 1962) director, actor United States US
Jacques Rouffio (*Aug 14, 1928) director, scriptwriter France FR
Dan Ireland (*May 11, 1958) director, actor Canada CA
Lodge H. Kerrigan (*Mar 23, 1964) actor, director, cameraman United States US
Tom Clegg (*Oct 16, 1934) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Tony Kaye (*Jul 8, 1952) director, cameraman, photographer United Kingdom GB
James Frawley (*Sep 28, 1936) director United States US
Wong Jing (*May 3, 1955) actor, director, scriptwriter Hong Kong HK
Peter Kosminsky (*Apr 21, 1956) director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Ari Folman (*Dec 17, 1962) writer, director, composer, author of the movie Waltz with Bashir Israel IL
Robin Hardy (*Oct 2, 1929) director United Kingdom GB
Yoshiaki Kawajiri (*Nov 18, 1950) director Japan JP
Antonia Bird (*May 27, 1951) director United Kingdom GB
Ringo Lam (*Jan 1, 1955) director Hong Kong HK
Michael Vejar (*Jun 25, 1943) director United States US
Iain Softley (*Nov 30, 1958) director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Kevin Connor (*Sep 24, 1937) director United Kingdom GB
Woo-ping Yuen (*Jan 1, 1945) director, choreographer of fight scenes in movies - The Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill 2 China CN
Andy Tennant (*Jun 15, 1955) director United States US
Dominique Othenin-Girard
(*Feb 13, 1958)
director Switzerland CH
George T. Miller (*Nov 28, 1943) director United Kingdom GB
Andrzej Bartkowiak (*Mar 6, 1950) director, cameraman Poland PL
Daniel Petrie Jr. (*Nov 30, 1951) director, scriptwriter Canada CA
Barry Crocker (*Nov 4, 1935) singer, actor Australia AU
Shim Yi-young (*Jan 31, 1980) actress South Korea KR
Seo-bin Baek (*Sep 7, 1984) actor South Korea KR
Papa Wemba (*Jun 14, 1949) composer, musician, singer, actor Democratic Republic of the Congo CD
William Shakespeare (*May 3, 1564) writer, poet, playwright, bard of Avon United Kingdom GB
E. L. James (*Mar 7, 1963) writer, author of Fifty Shades of Grey United Kingdom GB
Madeleine Thérèse Amélie Joséphine
(*Jun 10, 1982)
Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland Sweden SE
Bert Hellinger (*Dec 16, 1925) psychotherapist, founder of therapeutic method known as Family Constellations Germany DE
Walter Pullen (*Nov 19, 1971) astrologer, programmer, author of astro-software Astrolog United States US
Martin Luther (*Nov 19, 1483) theologian, preacher, reformer, founder of Protestantism Germany DE
Petrarch (*Jul 28, 1304) philosopher, poet, translator, writer, traveler Italy IT
King of England Henry VIII
(*Jul 7, 1491)
King of England and Ireland United Kingdom GB
Masaccio (*Dec 30, 1401) painter, founder of Renaissance painting Italy IT
Dante Alighieri (*Jun 6, 1265) poet, linguist, author of The Divine Comedy Italy IT
Hōnen (*May 20, 1133) Buddhist monk, founder of the Japanese branch of the Pure Land School Japan JP
Moshe ben Maimon (*Apr 6, 1135) rabbi, Jewish philosopher, doctor Spain ES
King of England Henry II
(*Mar 12, 1133)
King of England France FR
Queen Catherine de Medici
(*Apr 23, 1519)
Queen of France, wife of King Henry II. Italy IT
King of France Charles IX
(*Jul 7, 1550)
King of France France FR
King of Sweden Charles IX
(*Oct 14, 1550)
King of Sweden Sweden SE
Emanuel Swedenborg (*Feb 8, 1688) scientist, inventor, theologian, mystic Sweden SE
John Flamsteed (*Aug 29, 1646) astronomer, founder of the observatory in Greenwich United Kingdom GB
Georg von Peuerbach (*Jun 8, 1423) mathematician, teacher Austria AT
Nostradamus (*Dec 24, 1503) doctor, seer, astrologer, counselor of King Charles IX. France FR
Nicolaus Copernicus (*Feb 28, 1473) astronomer, mathematician, lawyer, doctor Poland PL
Janduz (*Jun 24, 1874) astrologer, Kabbalist, writer France FR
René Pottier (*Jun 5, 1879) France FR
Robert Burton (*Feb 18, 1577) astrologer, mathematician United Kingdom GB
William Laud (*Oct 17, 1573) United Kingdom GB
Thomas More (*Feb 16, 1478) lawyer, politician, writer, humanist, first minister at the court of Henry VIII. United Kingdom GB
Archduchess Gisela of Austria
(*Jul 12, 1856)
rchduchess of Austria, Royal Princess of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia Austria AT
Archduchess Sophie of Austria
(*Mar 5, 1855)
Archduchess of Austria Austria AT
Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria
(*Apr 22, 1868)
Archduchess and Princess Hungary HU
Ronald Ross (*May 13, 1857) doctor, parasitologist, one of the founders of modern epidemiology, Nobel Prize in 1902 for malaria research India IN
Piero di Cosimo (*Jan 11, 1462) painter Italy IT
Pope Leo X (*Dec 20, 1475) 217th Pope Italy IT
Pope Leo IX (*Jun 27, 1002) 152nd Pope France FR
Charles Borromeo (*Oct 12, 1538) Italy IT
René Descartes (*Mar 31, 1596) philosopher, mathematician, scientist France FR
Galilei Galileo (*Feb 26, 1564) astronomer, philosopher, physicist, mathematician, scientist Italy IT
Johannes Kepler (*Jan 6, 1572) astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, writer Germany DE
Sophia Brahe (*Sep 3, 1559) astrologer Denmark DK
Tycho Brahe (*Dec 24, 1546) astronomer, astrologer, alchemist Denmark DK
Regiomontanus (*Jun 15, 1436) astrologer Germany DE
Klaus Dieckmann (*May 24, 1969) astrologer Germany DE
Esther Sandoval (*Dec 28, 1927) actress Puerto Rico PR
Lily-Rose Depp (*May 27, 1999) actress France FR
Black Jack Bouvier (*May 19, 1891) United States US
James Murray (*Dec 7, 1969) boxer United Kingdom GB
Bill Porter (*Sep 9, 1932) United States US
Edie Beale (*Nov 7, 1917) singer, model United States US
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