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Sharon Stone (*Mar 10, 1958) actress United States US
Bruce Willis (*Mar 19, 1955) actor, singer Germany DE
Keanu Reeves (*Sep 2, 1964) actor Lebanon LB
Renée Zellweger (*Apr 25, 1969) actress United States US
Tim Robbins (*Oct 16, 1958) actor, director United States US
Gary Busey (*Jun 29, 1944) actor, director United States US
John Malkovich (*Dec 9, 1953) actor, director United States US
Patrick Swayze (*Aug 18, 1952) actor, dancer United States US
Kevin Costner (*Jan 18, 1955) composer, singer, actor, director United States US
Sean Astin (*Feb 25, 1971) actor, director United States US
Uma Thurman (*Apr 29, 1970) actress United States US
Sissy Spacek (*Dec 25, 1949) actress United States US
Forest Whitaker (*Jul 15, 1961) actor, director United States US
Tom Skerritt (*Aug 25, 1933) actor, director United States US
Jeff Bridges (*Dec 4, 1949) actor United States US
Derek Jacobi (*Oct 22, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Kathy Bates (*Jun 28, 1948) actress United States US
Tom Hanks (*Jul 9, 1956) actor, director United States US
Charlize Theron (*Aug 7, 1975) actress, model South Africa ZA
Woody Allen (*Dec 1, 1935) musician, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Dana Carvey (*Jun 2, 1955) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Harry Hamlin (*Oct 30, 1951) actor United States US
Don Johnson (*Dec 15, 1949) actor, singer United States US
Peter Sellers (*Sep 8, 1925) actor United Kingdom GB
Donald Sutherland (*Jul 17, 1935) actor Canada CA
Shannen Doherty (*Apr 12, 1971) actress, director United States US
Faye Dunaway (*Jan 14, 1941) actress United States US
Helen Hunt (*Jun 15, 1963) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Shirley MacLaine (*Apr 24, 1934) actress United States US
Sophie Marceau (*Nov 17, 1966) actress, director, scriptwriter France FR
Christina Ricci (*Feb 12, 1980) actress United States US
Julie Andrews (*Oct 1, 1935) singer, writer, actress United Kingdom GB
Warren Beatty (*Mar 30, 1937) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
James Cagney (*Jul 17, 1899) actor United States US
John Cleese (*Oct 27, 1939) actor, comedian, writer, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Montgomery Clift (*Oct 17, 1920) actor United States US
Ronald Colman (*Feb 9, 1891) actor United Kingdom GB
Doris Day (*Apr 3, 1922) actress United States US
Olivia de Havilland (*Jul 1, 1916) actress Japan JP
Marlene Dietrich (*Dec 27, 1901) actress, singer Germany DE
Henry Fonda (*May 16, 1905) actor United States US
Lillian Gish (*Oct 14, 1896) actress United States US
John Hannah (*Apr 23, 1962) actor United Kingdom GB
Helen Hayes (*Oct 10, 1900) actress United States US
William Holden (*Apr 17, 1918) actor United States US
Al Jolson (*Jun 7, 1886) actor Lithuania LT
Gene Kelly (*Aug 23, 1912) actor United States US
Robert Preston (*Jun 8, 1918) actor United States US
Jean Simmons (*Jan 31, 1929) actress United Kingdom GB
Barbara Stanwyck (*Jul 16, 1907) actress United States US
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