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Eddie Murphy (*Apr 3, 1961) singer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Jessica Lange (*Apr 20, 1949) actress United States US
Tommy Lee Jones (*Sep 15, 1946) actor United States US
Ben Affleck (*Aug 15, 1972) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Fred Ward (*Dec 30, 1942) actor United States US
Tony Curtis (*Jun 3, 1925) actor United States US
Cameron Diaz (*Aug 30, 1972) actress, model United States US
Jack Lemmon (*Feb 8, 1925) actor United States US
Jack Nicholson (*Apr 22, 1937) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Martin Balsam (*Nov 4, 1919) actor United States US
Greg Kinnear (*Jun 17, 1963) actor United States US
Dirk Benedict (*Mar 1, 1945) actor, director United States US
Meryl Streep (*Jun 22, 1949) actress United States US
Ronald Colman (*Feb 9, 1891) actor United Kingdom GB
Bing Crosby (*May 3, 1903) actor, singer United States US
Leonardo DiCaprio (*Nov 11, 1974) actor United States US
Danny Kaye (*Jan 18, 1911) actor United States US
Jeanette MacDonald (*Jun 18, 1901) actress, singer United States US
Liza Minnelli (*Mar 12, 1946) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Edward G. Robinson (*Dec 12, 1893) actor, scriptwriter Romania RO
Ginger Rogers (*Jul 16, 1911) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Til Schweiger (*Dec 19, 1963) actor, director Germany DE
Aaliyah (*Jan 16, 1979) actress, singer United States US
Michelangelo Antonioni (*Sep 29, 1912) writer, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Tim Burton (*Aug 25, 1958) director, screenwriter, writer, artist, actor United States US
Frank Capra (*May 18, 1897) director, actor Italy IT
Guy Ritchie (*Sep 10, 1968) director United Kingdom GB
Franco Zeffirelli (*Feb 12, 1923) screenwriter, director, writer, actor Italy IT
Darren Aronofsky (*Feb 12, 1969) director, actor United States US
Queen Latifah (*Mar 18, 1970) actress, singer United States US
Jane Birkin (*Dec 14, 1946) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (*Jul 27, 1977) actor Ireland IE
Mariah Carey (*Mar 27, 1970) singer, actress, designer United States US
Serena Williams (*Sep 26, 1981) tennis player United States US
Robbie Williams (*Feb 13, 1974) singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Busta Rhymes (*May 20, 1972) singer United States US
Natalie Cole (*Feb 6, 1950) singer United States US
Jamie Oliver (*May 27, 1975) actor, cook United Kingdom GB
JoJo (*Dec 20, 1990) singer, actress United States US
Michael Schumacher (*Jan 3, 1969) F1 racing driver Germany DE
Josh Hutcherson (*Oct 12, 1992) actor United States US
Amy Winehouse (*Sep 14, 1983) singer United Kingdom GB
Michael Fassbender (*Apr 2, 1977) actor Germany DE
Léa Seydoux (*Jul 1, 1985) actress France FR
Carlos Santana (*Jul 20, 1947) composer, guitarist, singer Mexico MX
Tony Hawk (*May 12, 1968) professional skateboarder, actor United States US
Carl Sagan (*Nov 9, 1934) writer, actor, scriptwriter United States US
Mika Waltari (*Sep 19, 1908) writer, translator Finland FI
Marie Fredriksson (*May 30, 1958) singer Sweden SE
Taylor Swift (*Dec 13, 1989) musician, singer, actress United States US
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