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Nicole Kidman (*Jun 20, 1967) actress, singer United States US
Danny Trejo (*May 16, 1944) actor United States US
Andy Garcia (*Apr 12, 1956) actor, director Cuba CU
François Truffaut (*Feb 6, 1932) actor, director France FR
Whoopi Goldberg (*Nov 13, 1955) singer, actress United States US
Robert De Niro (*Aug 17, 1943) actor United States US
Carrie-Anne Moss (*Aug 21, 1967) actress, model Canada CA
Gary Busey (*Jun 29, 1944) actor, director United States US
Vin Diesel (*Jul 18, 1967) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Ian Holm (*Sep 12, 1931) actor United Kingdom GB
Tony Perkins (*Apr 4, 1932) actor, singer United States US
Martin Balsam (*Nov 4, 1919) actor United States US
James Stewart (*May 20, 1908) actor United States US
Ben Kingsley (*Dec 31, 1943) actor United Kingdom GB
Jack Nance (*Dec 21, 1943) actor United States US
Anne Bancroft (*Sep 17, 1931) actress United States US
Willem Dafoe (*Jul 22, 1955) actor, director United States US
Patricia Arquette (*Apr 8, 1968) actress, director United States US
Rutger Hauer (*Jan 23, 1944) actor, director Netherlands NL
Geena Davis (*Jan 21, 1956) actress United States US
Sam Shepard (*Nov 5, 1943) writer, actor, director United States US
Don Ameche (*May 31, 1908) actor United States US
Yul Brynner (*Jul 11, 1920) actor Russia RU
Chevy Chase (*Oct 8, 1943) actor United States US
Matt LeBlanc (*Jul 25, 1967) actor United States US
David Schwimmer (*Nov 2, 1966) actor, director United States US
Kiefer Sutherland (*Dec 21, 1966) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Isabelle Adjani (*Jun 27, 1955) actress France FR
Catherine Deneuve (*Oct 22, 1943) actress France FR
Tara Fitzgerald (*Sep 18, 1967) actress United Kingdom GB
Sophie Marceau (*Nov 17, 1966) actress, director, scriptwriter France FR
Paige O'Hara (*May 10, 1956) actress, singer United States US
Bette Davis (*Apr 5, 1908) actress United States US
Rex Harrison (*Mar 5, 1908) actor United Kingdom GB
Ashley Judd (*Apr 19, 1968) actress United States US
Buster Keaton (*Oct 4, 1895) actor, comedian, star of silent film, director United States US
Toshirô Mifune (*Apr 1, 1920) actor China CN
Maria Montez (*Jun 6, 1920) actress Dominican Republic DO
Paul Muni (*Oct 14, 1895) actor, Best Actor Oscar in 1937 Ukraine UA
Maureen O'Hara (*Aug 17, 1920) actress, singer Ireland IE
Peter O'Toole (*Aug 2, 1932) actor, director Ireland IE
Guy Pearce (*Oct 5, 1967) actor United Kingdom GB
Debbie Reynolds (*Apr 1, 1932) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Elizabeth Taylor (*Feb 27, 1932) actress United Kingdom GB
Pamela Anderson (*Jul 1, 1967) actress, model Canada CA
Mira Sorvino (*Sep 28, 1967) actress United States US
Jennifer Love Hewitt (*Feb 21, 1979) actress, singer, director, dancer, screenwriter, lyricist United States US
Emily Watson (*Jan 14, 1967) actress United Kingdom GB
Vincent Cassel (*Nov 23, 1966) actor, director France FR
Aaliyah (*Jan 16, 1979) actress, singer United States US
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