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Denzel Washington (*Dec 28, 1954) actor, director United States US
Robert De Niro (*Aug 17, 1943) actor United States US
Tim Robbins (*Oct 16, 1958) actor, director United States US
Russell Crowe (*Apr 7, 1964) singer, actor, scriptwriter New Zealand NZ
John Malkovich (*Dec 9, 1953) actor, director United States US
Oliver Reed (*Feb 13, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Jim Carrey (*Jan 17, 1962) actor Canada CA
Robert Beltran (*Nov 19, 1953) actor United States US
Gabriel Byrne (*May 12, 1950) actor, director, cultural ambassador, narrator Ireland IE
Harry Hamlin (*Oct 30, 1951) actor United States US
David Strathairn (*Jan 26, 1949) actor United States US
Isabelle Adjani (*Jun 27, 1955) actress France FR
Sandra Bullock (*Jul 26, 1964) actress United States US
Angela Lansbury (*Oct 16, 1925) actress United Kingdom GB
Sophie Marceau (*Nov 17, 1966) actress, director, scriptwriter France FR
Meg Tilly (*Feb 14, 1960) actress, dancer United States US
Lauren Bacall (*Sep 16, 1924) actress United States US
John Cleese (*Oct 27, 1939) actor, comedian, writer, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Montgomery Clift (*Oct 17, 1920) actor United States US
Alice Faye (*May 5, 1912) actress, singer United States US
Cary Grant (*Jan 18, 1904) actor United Kingdom GB
Audrey Hepburn (*May 4, 1929) actress Belgium BE
Rock Hudson (*Nov 17, 1925) actor United States US
Buster Keaton (*Oct 4, 1895) actor, comedian, star of silent film, director United States US
Ida Lupino (*Feb 4, 1918) actress, director United Kingdom GB
Hayley Mills (*Apr 18, 1946) actress United Kingdom GB
Chuck Norris (*Mar 10, 1940) actor, martial artist, film producer, air policeman United States US
Mary Pickford (*Apr 8, 1892) actress, director Canada CA
Ginger Rogers (*Jul 16, 1911) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Til Schweiger (*Dec 19, 1963) actor, director Germany DE
Carmen Electra (*Apr 20, 1972) actress, singer, model United States US
Britney Spears (*Dec 2, 1981) actress, singer United States US
Gina Lollobrigida (*Jul 4, 1927) actress Italy IT
Jessica Biel (*Mar 3, 1982) actress, singer, model United States US
Sting (*Oct 2, 1951) singer, musician United Kingdom GB
Isabelle Huppert (*Mar 16, 1953) actress France FR
Tori Spelling (*May 16, 1973) actress United States US
Frank Capra (*May 18, 1897) director, actor Italy IT
Francis Ford Coppola (*Apr 7, 1939) director United States US
Terry Gilliam (*Nov 22, 1940) director, artist, writer, member of Monty Python United States US
Michael Mann (*Feb 5, 1943) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Martin Scorsese (*Nov 17, 1942) actor, director, scriptwriter, teacher United States US
Walt Disney (*Dec 5, 1901) actor, director United States US
Andrei Tarkovsky (*Apr 4, 1932) actor, director, scriptwriter Russia RU
Jean-Luc Godard (*Dec 3, 1930) actor, director, cameraman, scriptwriter France FR
Paul McCartney (*Jun 18, 1942) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Nicol Williamson (*Sep 14, 1936) actor United Kingdom GB
Phil Collins (*Jan 30, 1951) actor, singer United Kingdom GB
Thomas A. Edison (*Feb 11, 1847) inventor of the phonograph and the light bulb United States US
Charles Aznavour (*May 22, 1924) singer, actor France FR
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