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William Baldwin (*Feb 21, 1963) actor United States US
Adam Baldwin (*Feb 27, 1962) actor United States US
François Truffaut (*Feb 6, 1932) actor, director France FR
John Belushi (*Jan 25, 1949) actor United States US
Drew Barrymore (*Feb 22, 1975) actress, director United States US
Jack Lemmon (*Feb 8, 1925) actor United States US
Burt Reynolds (*Feb 11, 1936) actor, director United States US
Kevin Costner (*Jan 18, 1955) composer, singer, actor, director United States US
Jennifer Jason Leigh (*Feb 5, 1962) actress United States US
Elijah Wood (*Jan 28, 1981) actor United States US
Sean Astin (*Feb 25, 1971) actor, director United States US
Kim Novak (*Feb 13, 1933) actress United States US
Dean Stockwell (*Mar 5, 1936) actor United States US
Balthazar Getty (*Jan 22, 1975) actor United States US
Geena Davis (*Jan 21, 1956) actress United States US
Oliver Reed (*Feb 13, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Jim Carrey (*Jan 17, 1962) actor Canada CA
Christian Bale (*Jan 30, 1974) actor United Kingdom GB
Josh Brolin (*Feb 12, 1968) actor, director United States US
Billy Crystal (*Mar 14, 1948) actor United States US
Matt Dillon (*Feb 18, 1964) actor, director United States US
Gary Sinise (*Mar 17, 1955) musician, actor, director United States US
David Strathairn (*Jan 26, 1949) actor United States US
John Turturro (*Feb 28, 1957) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Jennifer Aniston (*Feb 11, 1969) actress, director United States US
Nastassja Kinski (*Jan 24, 1961) actress Germany DE
Molly Ringwald (*Feb 18, 1968) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Jane Seymour (*Feb 15, 1951) actress United Kingdom GB
Alan Alda (*Jan 28, 1936) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Mia Farrow (*Feb 9, 1945) actress United States US
Clark Gable (*Feb 1, 1901) actor United States US
Jean Harlow (*Mar 3, 1911) actress United States US
Leslie Nielsen (*Feb 11, 1926) actor Canada CA
Jean Simmons (*Jan 31, 1929) actress United Kingdom GB
Joanne Woodward (*Feb 27, 1930) actress, director United States US
Jane Wyman (*Jan 5, 1917) actress United States US
Tippi Hedren (*Jan 19, 1930) actress, model, activist United States US
Ornella Muti (*Mar 9, 1955) actress, model Italy IT
Pierre Brice (*Feb 6, 1929) singer, actor, film representative of Winnetou France FR
Brent Spiner (*Feb 2, 1949) singer, actor, Lieutenant Commander Data in the TV series Star Trek United States US
Jessica Biel (*Mar 3, 1982) actress, singer, model United States US
Terry Jones (*Feb 1, 1942) actor, director, comedian, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Jon Bon Jovi (*Mar 2, 1962) composer, guitarist, singer, actor United States US
Daniel Craig (*Mar 2, 1968) actor United Kingdom GB
Michael Bay (*Feb 17, 1965) director, actor United States US
Pier Paolo Pasolini (*Mar 5, 1922) writer, director, scriptwriter, poet Italy IT
Jiří Trnka (*Feb 24, 1912) artist, illustrator, sculptor, writer, puppeteer, co-founder of Czech animated film Czech Republic CZ
Darren Aronofsky (*Feb 12, 1969) director, actor United States US
Ashton Kutcher (*Feb 7, 1978) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Eva Mendes (*Mar 5, 1974) actress, model United States US
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