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Sean Connery (*Aug 25, 1930) actor United Kingdom GB
Orlando Bloom (*Jan 13, 1977) actor United Kingdom GB
Fred Ward (*Dec 30, 1942) actor United States US
Ed Harris (*Nov 28, 1950) actor, director United States US
Kim Novak (*Feb 13, 1933) actress United States US
Robert Duvall (*Jan 5, 1931) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Jim Carrey (*Jan 17, 1962) actor Canada CA
Bruce Dern (*Jun 4, 1936) actor United States US
Dustin Hoffman (*Aug 8, 1937) actor, director United States US
Paul Hogan (*Oct 8, 1939) actor Australia AU
Leonard Nimoy (*Mar 26, 1931) actor, director United States US
Charlie Sheen (*Sep 3, 1965) actor United States US
Vincent Spano (*Oct 18, 1962) actor, director United States US
Terence Stamp (*Jul 22, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Sarah Jessica Parker (*Mar 25, 1965) actress United States US
John Cleese (*Oct 27, 1939) actor, comedian, writer, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Claudette Colbert (*Sep 13, 1903) actress France FR
Gary Cooper (*May 7, 1901) actor, singer United States US
Buster Keaton (*Oct 4, 1895) actor, comedian, star of silent film, director United States US
Robert Mitchum (*Aug 6, 1917) actor United States US
Vanessa Paradis (*Dec 22, 1972) composer, singer, actress, model France FR
Guy Pearce (*Oct 5, 1967) actor United Kingdom GB
Jane Wyman (*Jan 5, 1917) actress United States US
Tippi Hedren (*Jan 19, 1930) actress, model, activist United States US
Joan Allen (*Aug 20, 1956) actress United States US
Toni Collette (*Nov 1, 1972) actress Australia AU
Annie Girardot (*Oct 25, 1931) actress France FR
Horst Buchholz (*Dec 4, 1933) actor Germany DE
Alfred Hitchcock (*Aug 13, 1899) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Franco Zeffirelli (*Feb 12, 1923) screenwriter, director, writer, actor Italy IT
Claudia Schiffer (*Aug 25, 1970) actress, model Germany DE
Bono (*May 10, 1960) singer, vocalist of U2, songwriter, musician, activist Ireland IE
Eva Green (*Jul 5, 1980) actress, model France FR
Gwen Stefani (*Oct 3, 1969) singer, actress, fashion designer United States US
John McEnroe (*Feb 16, 1959) tennis player, actor Germany DE
Vladimir Vysotsky (*Jan 25, 1938) composer, actor, poet, writer Russia RU
Bill Clinton (*Aug 19, 1946) 42nd President of the United States United States US
Margaux Hemingway (*Feb 16, 1955) actress, model United States US
Paris Hilton (*Feb 17, 1981) actress, singer, model United States US
Joachim von Ribbentrop (*Apr 30, 1893) politician Germany DE
Jessica Simpson (*Jul 10, 1980) actress, singer United States US
Zac Efron (*Oct 18, 1987) singer, actor, dancer United States US
Johnny Cash (*Feb 26, 1932) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Jim Reeves (*Aug 20, 1923) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Geri Halliwell (*Aug 6, 1972) singer United Kingdom GB
Tony Hawk (*May 12, 1968) professional skateboarder, actor United States US
Carl Sagan (*Nov 9, 1934) writer, actor, scriptwriter United States US
Nick Vujicic (*Dec 4, 1982) Australian Christian evangelist, motivational speaker born with phocomelia (absence of legs and arms) Australia AU
Nicole Scherzinger (*Jun 29, 1978) singer, actress, model, dancer United States US
George Orwell (*Jun 25, 1903) writer, essayist, satirist, anticommunist India IN
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