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Julia Roberts (*Oct 28, 1967) actress United States US
Peter Jackson (*Oct 31, 1961) actor, director, scriptwriter New Zealand NZ
Clint Eastwood (*May 31, 1930) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Renée Zellweger (*Apr 25, 1969) actress United States US
Tom Cruise (*Jul 3, 1962) actor United States US
Jack Lemmon (*Feb 8, 1925) actor United States US
Patrick Swayze (*Aug 18, 1952) actor, dancer United States US
David Bowie (*Jan 8, 1947) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Wesley Snipes (*Jul 31, 1962) actor United States US
Sean Bean (*Apr 17, 1959) actor United Kingdom GB
Kyle MacLachlan (*Feb 22, 1959) actor United States US
Dean Stockwell (*Mar 5, 1936) actor United States US
Patricia Arquette (*Apr 8, 1968) actress, director United States US
Helena Bonham Carter (*May 26, 1966) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Forest Whitaker (*Jul 15, 1961) actor, director United States US
Oliver Reed (*Feb 13, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Rene Russo (*Feb 17, 1954) actress, model United States US
Tom Hanks (*Jul 9, 1956) actor, director United States US
Michael Clarke Duncan (*Dec 10, 1957) actor, voice actor United States US
Charlize Theron (*Aug 7, 1975) actress, model South Africa ZA
Beau Bridges (*Dec 9, 1941) actor United States US
Josh Brolin (*Feb 12, 1968) actor, director United States US
Mark Hamill (*Sep 25, 1951) actor United States US
Paul Hogan (*Oct 8, 1939) actor Australia AU
Anthony Quinn (*Apr 23, 1915) actor Mexico MX
Tom Selleck (*Jan 29, 1945) actor United States US
Martin Sheen (*Aug 3, 1940) actor United States US
Halle Berry (*Aug 14, 1966) actress, model United States US
Catherine Deneuve (*Oct 22, 1943) actress France FR
Faye Dunaway (*Jan 14, 1941) actress United States US
Linda Kozlowski (*Jan 7, 1958) actress United States US
Miranda Richardson (*Mar 3, 1958) actress United Kingdom GB
Lionel Barrymore (*Apr 12, 1878) actor, director United States US
Bing Crosby (*May 3, 1903) actor, singer United States US
Marlene Dietrich (*Dec 27, 1901) actress, singer Germany DE
Jane Fonda (*Dec 21, 1937) actress United States US
Al Jolson (*Jun 7, 1886) actor Lithuania LT
Hedy Kiesler (*Nov 9, 1914) actress Austria AT
Peter O'Toole (*Aug 2, 1932) actor, director Ireland IE
George C. Scott (*Oct 18, 1927) actor United States US
Barbra Streisand (*Apr 24, 1942) singer, actress, director United States US
Kirsten Dunst (*Apr 30, 1982) actress United States US
Michael York (*Mar 27, 1942) actor United Kingdom GB
Monica Bellucci (*Sep 30, 1964) actress Italy IT
Frédéric Diefenthal (*Jul 26, 1968) actor France FR
Geoffrey Rush (*Jul 6, 1951) actor Australia AU
Katie Holmes (*Dec 18, 1978) actress United States US
Hans Matheson (*Aug 7, 1975) singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Kris Kristofferson (*Jun 22, 1936) actor, singer United States US
Ruth Gordon (*Oct 30, 1896) actress United States US
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