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Eddie Murphy (*Apr 3, 1961) singer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Will Smith (*Sep 25, 1968) singer, actor United States US
Orlando Bloom (*Jan 13, 1977) actor United Kingdom GB
Teri Garr (*Dec 11, 1944) actress United States US
Whoopi Goldberg (*Nov 13, 1955) singer, actress United States US
Ben Affleck (*Aug 15, 1972) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Greta Scacchi (*Feb 18, 1960) actress Italy IT
John Cusack (*Jun 28, 1966) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Owen Wilson (*Nov 18, 1968) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Elijah Wood (*Jan 28, 1981) actor United States US
Michael Keaton (*Sep 5, 1951) actor, director United States US
Ralph Fiennes (*Dec 22, 1962) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Gérard Depardieu (*Dec 27, 1948) actor, director France FR
James Caan (*Mar 26, 1940) actor, director United States US
Dana Carvey (*Jun 2, 1955) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Charlie Chaplin (*Apr 16, 1889) actor, comedian, composer, writer, director United Kingdom GB
James Garner (*Apr 7, 1928) actor United States US
Harry Hamlin (*Oct 30, 1951) actor United States US
Don Johnson (*Dec 15, 1949) actor, singer United States US
Steve Martin (*Aug 14, 1945) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Dudley Moore (*Apr 19, 1935) actor United Kingdom GB
Matthew Perry (*Aug 19, 1969) actor United States US
Alan Rickman (*Feb 21, 1946) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
John Wayne (*May 26, 1907) actor United States US
Rosanna Arquette (*Aug 10, 1959) actress, director United States US
Shannen Doherty (*Apr 12, 1971) actress, director United States US
Elizabeth Hurley (*Jun 10, 1965) actress, model United Kingdom GB
Lisa Kudrow (*Jul 30, 1963) actress United States US
Jennifer Lopez (*Jul 24, 1969) singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer United States US
Bette Midler (*Dec 1, 1945) actress, singer United States US
Molly Ringwald (*Feb 18, 1968) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Julie Andrews (*Oct 1, 1935) singer, writer, actress United Kingdom GB
Warren Beatty (*Mar 30, 1937) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
James Cagney (*Jul 17, 1899) actor United States US
Julie Christie (*Apr 14, 1941) actress India IN
James Dean (*Feb 8, 1931) actor United States US
Susan Hayward (*Jun 30, 1917) actress United States US
Bruce Lee (*Nov 27, 1940) actor, martial artist, philosopher, filmmaker, founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do United States US
Ida Lupino (*Feb 4, 1918) actress, director United Kingdom GB
Victor Mature (*Jan 29, 1913) actor, director United States US
Hayley Mills (*Apr 18, 1946) actress United Kingdom GB
Guy Pearce (*Oct 5, 1967) actor United Kingdom GB
Jean Simmons (*Jan 31, 1929) actress United Kingdom GB
Elizabeth Taylor (*Feb 27, 1932) actress United Kingdom GB
Mark Wahlberg (*Jun 5, 1971) singer, actor United States US
Raquel Welch (*Sep 5, 1940) actress, model United States US
Timothy Dalton (*Mar 21, 1946) actor United Kingdom GB
Louis de Funès (*Jul 31, 1914) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Claudia Cardinale (*Apr 15, 1938) actress Tunisia TN
Patrick Stewart (*Jul 13, 1940) theater and film director, actor who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek United Kingdom GB
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