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Louis Lumière (*Oct 5, 1864) director, cameraman, one of the first filmmakers France FR
Auguste Lumière (*Oct 19, 1862) director, actor, one of the first filmmakers France FR
Harry Houdini (*Mar 24, 1874) master of escape, magician, illusionist, stunt flier Hungary HU
Edward S. Curtis (*Feb 16, 1868) photographer United States US
Robert Falcon Scott (*Jun 6, 1868) polar explorer United Kingdom GB
Erik Satie (*May 17, 1866) musician, composer France FR
Tsar Nicholas II (*May 18, 1868) Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias Russia RU
Vladimir Uljanov (*Apr 22, 1870) writer, politician Russia RU
H. G. Wells (*Sep 21, 1866) writer United Kingdom GB
Marcel Proust (*Jul 10, 1871) novelist France FR
Rudyard Kipling (*Dec 30, 1865) writer, journalist, poet India IN
Heinrich Mann (*Mar 27, 1871) writer, journalist Germany DE
King Haakon VII (*Aug 3, 1872) King of Norway Denmark DK
King Christian X (*Sep 26, 1870) King of Denmark Denmark DK
Mahatma Gandhi (*Oct 2, 1869) activist, spiritual leader, politician, philosopher India IN
Winston Churchill (*Nov 30, 1874) politician, prime minister, soldier United Kingdom GB
King George V (*Jun 3, 1865) King of the United Kingdom UK and Indian emperor United Kingdom GB
John Galsworthy (*Aug 14, 1867) writer United Kingdom GB
William Butler Yeats (*Jun 13, 1865) writer, poet Ireland IE
Maxim Gorky (*Mar 26, 1868) writer Russia RU
Benjamin Franklin (*Jan 17, 1706) statesman, diplomat, scientist, writer, publisher United States US
King of France Louis XV (*Feb 15, 1710) King of France and Navarre France FR
Henry Ford (*Jul 30, 1863) founder of Ford United States US
Paul Claudel (*Aug 6, 1868) writer, poet France FR
Siegfried Wagner (*Jun 6, 1869) composer, conductor, Richard Wagner's son and grandson of Franz Liszt Switzerland CH
Bertrand Russell (*May 18, 1872) writer, mathematician, philosopher United Kingdom GB
Czarina of Russia Alexandra (*Jun 6, 1872) Princess of Hesse, the last Empress of Russia Germany DE
Leonhard Euler (*Apr 15, 1707) mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician Switzerland CH
Alfred Adler (*Feb 7, 1870) doctor, psychotherapist, founder of the school of individual psychology Austria AT
Alois Alzheimer (*Jun 14, 1864) psychiatrist, physician, neuropathologist Germany DE
Roald Amundsen (*Jul 16, 1872) polar explorer Norway NO
Adolphe Francois Appia (*Sep 1, 1862) architect, designer Switzerland CH
Peter Behrens (*Apr 14, 1868) architect, designer Germany DE
Robert Bosch (*Sep 23, 1861) inventor, entrepreneur, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH Germany DE
Jeanne Calment (*Feb 21, 1875) woman considered as the longest living person, only verified person to live to 120 years or beyond France FR
Camille Claudel (*Dec 8, 1864) French sculptor, printmaker France FR
Marie Curie (*Nov 7, 1867) physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize in Physics (1903) Poland PL
Claude Debussy (*Aug 22, 1862) composer France FR
August Horch (*Oct 12, 1868) designer, founder of the company Horch and Audi Germany DE
Wassily Kandinsky (*Dec 16, 1866) painter Russia RU
Henri Desire Landru (*Apr 12, 1869) French serial killer France FR
Emmanuel Lasker (*Dec 24, 1868) German chess grandmaster, mathematician, philosopher Germany DE
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomenclature and Taxonomy Sweden SE
Charles Mackintosh (*Jun 7, 1868) architect, designer United Kingdom GB
Maria Montessori (*Aug 31, 1870) founder of modern pedagogy, philosopher, scientist Italy IT
Camillo Olivetti (*Aug 13, 1868) entrepreneur, engineer, founder of Olivetti & Co Italy IT
Pope Clement XIV (*Oct 31, 1705) 249th Pope Italy IT
Ludwig Prandtl (*Feb 4, 1875) physicist Germany DE
Grigori Rasputin (*Jan 22, 1869) Russian mystic, self-proclaimed holy man Russia RU
John D. Rockefeller Jr. (*Jan 29, 1874) businessman United States US
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