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Charlie Chaplin (*Apr 16, 1889) actor, comedian, composer, writer, director United Kingdom GB
Fred Astaire (*May 10, 1899) singer, actor, dancer United States US
Humphrey Bogart (*Dec 25, 1899) actor United States US
Charles Boyer (*Aug 28, 1899) actor France FR
James Cagney (*Jul 17, 1899) actor United States US
Ronald Colman (*Feb 9, 1891) actor United Kingdom GB
Gary Cooper (*May 7, 1901) actor, singer United States US
Marlene Dietrich (*Dec 27, 1901) actress, singer Germany DE
Nelson Eddy (*Jun 29, 1901) actor United States US
Clark Gable (*Feb 1, 1901) actor United States US
Lillian Gish (*Oct 14, 1896) actress United States US
Helen Hayes (*Oct 10, 1900) actress United States US
Buster Keaton (*Oct 4, 1895) actor, comedian, star of silent film, director United States US
Charles Laughton (*Jul 1, 1899) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Jeanette MacDonald (*Jun 18, 1901) actress, singer United States US
Fredric March (*Aug 31, 1897) actor United States US
Paul Muni (*Oct 14, 1895) actor, Best Actor Oscar in 1937 Ukraine UA
Mary Pickford (*Apr 8, 1892) actress, director Canada CA
Edward G. Robinson (*Dec 12, 1893) actor, scriptwriter Romania RO
Norma Shearer (*Aug 10, 1900) actress Canada CA
Spencer Tracy (*Apr 5, 1900) actor United States US
Rudolph Valentino (*May 6, 1895) actor Italy IT
Mae West (*Aug 17, 1892) actress United States US
Rudolf Hrušínský nejst. (*Apr 14, 1897) actor RAUH UH
Vlasta Burian (*Apr 9, 1891) actor, singer, comedian, footballer, film director Czech Republic CZ
Jean Cocteau (*Jul 5, 1889) actor, director, cameraman, scriptwriter France FR
Vittorio De Sica (*Jul 7, 1901) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Ruth Gordon (*Oct 30, 1896) actress United States US
Oliver Hardy (*Jan 18, 1892) actor United States US
Frank Capra (*May 18, 1897) director, actor Italy IT
Alfred Hitchcock (*Aug 13, 1899) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Karel Plicka (*Oct 14, 1894) national artist, photographer, musician, director, cameraman and co-founder of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague Austria AT
Adolf Hitler (*Apr 20, 1889) politician, dictator, Nazi mass murderer Austria AT
Barbara La Marr (*Jul 28, 1896) actress United States US
Antonio De Curtis (*Feb 15, 1898) actor, singer Italy IT
Anny Ondra (*May 15, 1902) actress Poland PL
Duke Ellington (*Apr 29, 1899) composer, conductor United States US
Hans Frank (*May 23, 1900) lawyer, Nazi Germany DE
Joseph Goebbels (*Oct 29, 1897) Nazi war criminal, politician, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Germany DE
Hermann Goering (*Jan 12, 1893) politician, military leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) Germany DE
Rudolf Hess (*Apr 26, 1894) Nazi German politician Egypt EG
Emperor Shōwa (*Apr 29, 1901) Emperor of Japan Japan JP
Alfred Jodl (*May 10, 1890) Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command (OKW) Germany DE
Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (*Mar 9, 1890) politician, diplomat, Old Bolshevik Russia RU
Joachim von Ribbentrop (*Apr 30, 1893) politician Germany DE
Josef Skupa (*Jan 16, 1892) director, designer, puppeteer, creator of Spejbl and Hurvínek Czech Republic CZ
Nikita Khrushchev (*Apr 15, 1894) politician Russia RU
Josip Broz Tito (*May 7, 1892) 1st President of Yugoslavia Croatia HR
Dwight D. Eisenhower (*Oct 14, 1890) 34th President of the United States, general United States US
Tristan Tzara (*Apr 28, 1896) writer, director, poet Romania RO
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