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Kaiser Wilhelm II (*Jan 27, 1859) German Emperor, King of Prussia Germany DE
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (*Mar 7, 1850) Czech Republic CZ
Arthur Conan Doyle (*May 22, 1859) writer United Kingdom GB
Guy de Maupassant (*Aug 5, 1850) writer France FR
Anton Chekhov (*Jan 29, 1860) writer Russia RU
Oscar Wilde (*Oct 16, 1854) writer Ireland IE
Robert Louis Stevenson (*Nov 13, 1850) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
George Bernard Shaw (*Jul 26, 1856) playwright Ireland IE
King Gustaf V (*Jun 16, 1858) King of Sweden Sweden SE
Theodore Roosevelt (*Oct 27, 1858) 26rd President of the United States, writer, scientist United States US
Woodrow Wilson (*Dec 29, 1856) 28th President of the United States United States US
Sigmund Freud (*May 6, 1856) doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis Czech Republic CZ
Pope Pius XI (*May 31, 1857) 259th Pope Italy IT
James Naismith (*Nov 6, 1861) educator, physician, innovator, inventor of basketball Canada CA
Jerome Klapka Jerome (*May 2, 1859) writer United Kingdom GB
Lou Andreas-Salomé (*Feb 12, 1861) Russian-German writer and psychologist Russia RU
Billy the Kid (*Nov 23, 1859) United States US
Pierre Curie (*May 15, 1859) physicist, chemist France FR
Rudolf Diesel (*Mar 18, 1858) inventor France FR
Alfred Dreyfus (*Oct 9, 1859) French officer, falsely accused and convicted of high treason France FR
Wyatt Earp (*Mar 19, 1848) American farmer, bison hunter, guardian of the law, sheriff, miner United States US
Antoni Gaudí (*Jun 25, 1852) architect Spain ES
Paul Gauguin (*Jun 7, 1848) painter France FR
Heinrich Hertz (*Feb 22, 1857) physicist Germany DE
Victor Horta (*Jan 6, 1861) architect Belgium BE
Hugo Junkers (*Feb 3, 1859) engineer, aerospace engineer, inventor, industrialist Germany DE
MacGregor Mathers (*Jan 8, 1854) occultist, Mason, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn United Kingdom GB
Giovanni Pascoli (*Dec 31, 1855) writer, poet Italy IT
Robert Edwin Peary (*May 6, 1856) admiral, engineer, scientist, explorer United States US
Pope Benedict XV (*Nov 21, 1854) 258th Pope Italy IT
Giacomo Puccini (*Dec 22, 1858) Italian opera composer, important representative of verismo Italy IT
Georges Seurat (*Dec 2, 1859) painter France FR
Rudolf Steiner (*Feb 25, 1861) philosopher, artist, critic, founder of anthroposophy Croatia HR
Louis H. Sullivan (*Sep 3, 1856) architect United States US
Nikola Tesla (*Jul 10, 1856) inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, futurist Croatia HR
Vincent Van Gogh (*Mar 30, 1853) painter Netherlands NL
L. L. Zamenhof (*Dec 15, 1859) ophthalmologist, founder and creator of the language Esperanto Poland PL
Charlotte Garrigue Masaryk (*Nov 20, 1850) historically the first lady of the Czechoslovakia, the wife of T. G. Masaryk United States US
Ernest Thompson Seton (*Aug 14, 1860) writer United Kingdom GB
George Frideric Handel (*Mar 5, 1685) composer Germany DE
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (*May 2, 2015) Daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge United Kingdom GB
Johann Sebastian Bach (*Mar 31, 1685) composer Germany DE
Paul Rée (*Nov 21, 1849) philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche's friend Germany DE
Sofia Kovalevskaya (*Jan 15, 1850) mathematician Russia RU
Constance Lloyd (*Jan 2, 1859) writer, wife of Oscar Wilde Ireland IE
Ronald Ross (*May 13, 1857) doctor, parasitologist, one of the founders of modern epidemiology, Nobel Prize in 1902 for malaria research India IN
William Willett (*Aug 10, 1856) British builder, promoter of daylight saving British Summer Time United Kingdom GB
Pierre Loti (*Jan 14, 1850) writer France FR
Brandon Thomas (*Dec 24, 1848) scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
J. M. Barrie (*May 9, 1860) writer, scriptwriter, journalist United Kingdom GB
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