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Alessandro Manzoni (*Mar 7, 1785) poet, novelist Italy IT
Jacob Grimm (*Jan 4, 1785) lawyer, linguist, collector of legends and fairy tales Germany DE
Wilhelm Grimm (*Feb 24, 1786) collector of fairy tales, linguist Germany DE
Gioachino Rossini (*Feb 29, 1792) composer Italy IT
Stendhal (*Jan 23, 1783) writer, representative of critical realism and romanticism France FR
Washington Irving (*Apr 3, 1783) United States US
Lord Byron (*Jan 22, 1788) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
James Fenimore Cooper (*Sep 15, 1789) novelist, historian, US Navy sailor United States US
James Buchanan (*Apr 23, 1791) 15th President of the United States United States US
Pope Pius IX (*May 13, 1792) 255th Pope Italy IT
Percy Bysshe Shelley (*Aug 4, 1792) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Ferdinand I of Austria (*Apr 19, 1793) Emperor of Austria, President of the German Confederation, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia Austria AT
Czar of Russia Nicholas I (*Jul 6, 1796) Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias Russia RU
Heinrich Heine (*Dec 13, 1797) poet Germany DE
Adam Mickiewicz (*Dec 24, 1798) writer Belarus BY
Thomas Moore (*May 28, 1779) poet, lawyer, songwriter, composer, novelist Ireland IE
Carl Maria von Weber (*Nov 18, 1786) composer, bandleader, pianist and conductor Germany DE
Arthur Schopenhauer (*Feb 22, 1788) philosopher Poland PL
Georg Ohm (*Mar 16, 1789) physicist Germany DE
Michael Faraday (*Sep 22, 1791) physicist, chemist United Kingdom GB
James Stirling (*Jan 28, 1791) British naval officer and colonial administrator United Kingdom GB
Franz Schubert (*Jan 31, 1797) composer Austria AT
Alfred de Vigny (*Mar 27, 1797) writer, poet France FR
Pauline Borghese (*Oct 20, 1780) sister of Napoleon I, nymphomaniac France FR
Carl Friedrich Gauss (*Apr 30, 1777) mathematician, physicist Germany DE
John Keats (*Oct 31, 1795) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
René Laennec (*Feb 17, 1781) physician, inventor of the stethoscope France FR
Samuel F. B. Morse (*Apr 27, 1791) inventor of Morse code and the telegraph, sculptor, painter United States US
Adam Sedgwick (*Mar 22, 1785) geologist, founder of modern geology United Kingdom GB
Karl Friedrich Schinkel (*Mar 13, 1781) architect, painter, designer Germany DE
Daniel Webster (*Jan 18, 1782) lawyer United States US
Miguel de Cervantes (*Oct 9, 1547) Spanish soldier, poet, writer, author of Don Quixote Spain ES
Augustus d'Este (*Jan 3, 1794) illegitimate son of Prince Augustus Frederick and Augusta Murray United Kingdom GB
Tycho Brahe (*Dec 24, 1546) astronomer, astrologer, alchemist Denmark DK
King of France Charles IX (*Jul 7, 1550) King of France France FR
Petrarch (*Jul 28, 1304) philosopher, poet, translator, writer, traveler Italy IT
George Everest (*Jul 4, 1790) traveler, explorer, geographer, surveyor United Kingdom GB
Martin Van Buren (*Dec 5, 1782) 8th President of the United States United States US
Zachary Taylor (*Nov 24, 1784) 12th President of the United States United States US
John Tyler (*Mar 29, 1790) 10th President of the United States United States US
James K. Polk (*Nov 2, 1795) 11th President of the United States United States US
Ferdinand Schubert (*Oct 18, 1794) composer Austria AT
William Amcotts-Ingilby (*Jun 20, 1783) politician United Kingdom GB
Charles Babbage (*Dec 26, 1791) mathematician United Kingdom GB
Friedrich Bessel (*Jun 21, 1784) mathematician Germany DE
Simon Bolívar (*Jul 24, 1783) Venezuelan military and political leader Venezuela VE
David Brewster (*Dec 11, 1781) physicist United Kingdom GB
William Cullen Bryant (*Nov 3, 1794) writer United States US
Thomas Carlyle (*Dec 4, 1795) writer United Kingdom GB
Jean-Francois Champollion (*Dec 23, 1790) French archaeologist and founder of Egyptology France FR