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Thomas A. Edison (*Feb 11, 1847) inventor of the phonograph and the light bulb United States US
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (*Mar 7, 1850) Czech Republic CZ
Henryk Sienkiewicz (*May 5, 1846) writer, journalist Poland PL
Thomas Hardy (*Jun 2, 1840) poet, novelist United Kingdom GB
Guy de Maupassant (*Aug 5, 1850) writer France FR
Bedřich Smetana (*Mar 2, 1824) composer Czech Republic CZ
Leo Tolstoy (*Sep 9, 1828) writer Russia RU
Jules Verne (*Feb 8, 1828) writer France FR
Alexandre Dumas fils (*Jul 27, 1824) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Robert Louis Stevenson (*Nov 13, 1850) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Henrik Ibsen (*Mar 20, 1828) writer, poet Norway NO
Louisa May Alcott (*Nov 29, 1832) writer United States US
Émile Zola (*Apr 2, 1840) writer France FR
Karl May (*Feb 25, 1842) writer, author of stories about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand Germany DE
Mark Twain (*Nov 30, 1835) writer United States US
Emperor Franz Josef (*Aug 18, 1830) Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia Austria AT
Bram Stoker (*Nov 8, 1847) writer, author of Dracula Ireland IE
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (*May 7, 1840) composer Russia RU
James Garfield (*Nov 19, 1831) 20th President of the United States United States US
Lewis Carroll (*Jan 27, 1832) writer, mathematician United Kingdom GB
Benjamin Harrison (*Aug 20, 1833) 23rd President of the United States United States US
Alfred Nobel (*Oct 21, 1833) inventor of dynamite, founder and benefactor of the Nobel Prize Sweden SE
Pope Pius X (*Jun 2, 1835) 257th Pope Italy IT
Count Zeppelin (*Jul 8, 1838) general, aircraft manufacturer, founder of the Zeppelin airship company Germany DE
John Boyd Dunlop (*Feb 5, 1840) veterinarian, inventor of Dunlop tires United Kingdom GB
Henry James (*Apr 15, 1843) United States US
Paul Verlaine (*Mar 30, 1844) poet, novelist France FR
Friedrich Nietzsche (*Oct 15, 1844) philosopher Germany DE
Karl Benz (*Nov 25, 1844) automotive designer, co-founder od Mercedes-Benz Germany DE
Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi (*Aug 2, 1834) French sculptor, architect France FR
Friedrich Bayer (*Jun 6, 1825) chemist, entrepreneur, founder of company Bayer AG Germany DE
Alexander Graham Bell (*Mar 3, 1847) inventor of the microphone and the first phone United Kingdom GB
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (*Dec 8, 1832) writer Norway NO
Helena Blavatsky (*Aug 12, 1831) psychic, philosopher, journalist, founder of the Theosophical Society Ukraine UA
Ludwig Boltzmann (*Feb 20, 1844) physicist Austria AT
Georges Ernest Boulanger (*Apr 29, 1837) French general and politician France FR
Johannes Brahms (*May 7, 1833) composer Germany DE
Paul Cézanne (*Jan 19, 1839) painter France FR
Joseph Chamberlain (*Jul 8, 1836) politician United Kingdom GB
Charubel (*Nov 9, 1826) astrologer United Kingdom GB
Ferdinand Cheval (*Apr 19, 1836) architect France FR
Father Joseph Damien (*Jan 3, 1840) priest, missionary, monk Belgium BE
Edgar Degas (*Jul 19, 1834) painter France FR
Wyatt Earp (*Mar 19, 1848) American farmer, bison hunter, guardian of the law, sheriff, miner United States US
Paul Gauguin (*Jun 7, 1848) painter France FR
Alois Hitler (*Jun 7, 1837) Austrian customs officer, father of Adolf Hitler Austria AT
Cosima Wagner (*Dec 24, 1837) wife of Richard Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt Italy IT
Antoine Lumière (*Mar 13, 1840) painter, photographer France FR
James Clerk Maxwell (*Jun 13, 1831) physicist United Kingdom GB
Dmitri Mendeleev (*Feb 8, 1834) Russian chemist, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements Russia RU
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