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Jane Austen (*Dec 16, 1775) writer United Kingdom GB
Ludwig van Beethoven (*Dec 16, 1770) composer Germany DE
Pope Gregory XVI (*Sep 18, 1765) 254th Pope Italy IT
Andrew Jackson (*Mar 15, 1767) 7th President of the United States United States US
Joachim Murat (*Mar 25, 1767) King of Naples France FR
Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (*Feb 12, 1768) Czech and Hungarian king, Roman and Austrian Emperor Italy IT
Napoleon I Bonaparte (*Aug 15, 1769) Emperor of the French, King of Italy, military and political leader, general France FR
Walter Scott (*Aug 15, 1771) poet, novelist United Kingdom GB
William Henry Harrison (*Feb 9, 1773) 9th President of the United States United States US
Henri Bertrand (*Mar 28, 1773) French general, Grand Marshal of the Palace France FR
J. M. W. Turner (*Apr 23, 1775) United Kingdom GB
Alexander von Humboldt (*Sep 14, 1769) naturalist, traveler Germany DE
Ivan Andrejevič Krylov (*Feb 13, 1769) poet, fabulist, playwright, satirist, translator Russia RU
Élisa Bonaparte (*Jan 3, 1777) Napoleon's sister, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Princess of Lucca and Piombino France FR
Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (*Mar 10, 1776) Queen consort of Prussia, wife of King Frederick William III. Germany DE
Charles Felix (*Apr 6, 1765) King of Sardinia, Duke of Savoy Italy IT
E. T. A. Hoffmann (*Jan 24, 1776) writer Russia RU
Josephine, Empress of France (*Jun 23, 1763) Empress of the French, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Martinique MQ
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (*May 2, 2015) Daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge United Kingdom GB
William the Conqueror (*Oct 20, 1028) Norman Duke, King, bastard of Robert I of Normandy France FR
Queen Catherine de Medici (*Apr 23, 1519) Queen of France, wife of King Henry II. Italy IT
Ludwig Tieck (*May 31, 1773) writer Germany DE
John Jacob Astor (*Jul 17, 1763) Germany DE
Madame de Staël (*Apr 22, 1766) writer France FR
John Quincy Adams (*Jul 11, 1767) 6th President of the United States United States US
Francois Chateaubriand (*Sep 4, 1768) writer, diplomat France FR
William Wordsworth (*Apr 7, 1770) poet United Kingdom GB
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (*Oct 21, 1772) writer, philosopher, poet United Kingdom GB
Harper Seven Beckham (*Jul 10, 2011) child of celebrity United States US
Giovanni Belzoni (*Nov 5, 1778) Italy IT
William Blanchard (*Jan 2, 1769) United Kingdom GB
Manuel M. Barbosa du Bocage (*Sep 15, 1765) poet Portugal PT
Baron Georges Cuvier (*Aug 23, 1769) French naturalist and zoologist France FR
Charles Fourier (*Apr 7, 1772) philosopher France FR
Caspar David Friedrich (*Sep 5, 1774) painter Germany DE
Gottlieb Graupner (*Oct 6, 1767) composer Germany DE
John Henning (*May 2, 1771) artist United Kingdom GB
Friedrich Hölderlin (*Mar 20, 1770) Germany DE
Paul Jean (*Mar 21, 1763) writer Germany DE
Heinrich Von Kleist (*Oct 18, 1777) writer Germany DE
Walter Savage Landor (*Jan 30, 1775) writer United Kingdom GB
Jack Lynch (*Sep 18, 2013) son of tennis player Kim Clijsters Belgium BE
Joseph Madersperger (*Oct 6, 1768) inventor Austria AT
Thomas Malthus (*Feb 14, 1766) United Kingdom GB
Baby Boy Matsuzaka (*Mar 15, 2008) baseball player United States US
Montana Newsom (*Sep 18, 2009) child of celebrity United States US
Novalis (*May 2, 1772) writer, philosopher, poet Germany DE
Georg Friedrich Parrot (*Jul 5, 1767) scientist France FR
Jean Paul (*Mar 21, 1763) writer Germany DE
Milan Piqué (*Jan 22, 2013) soccer player Spain ES