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Karen Allen (*Oct 5, 1951) actress United States US
Paul Newman (*Jan 26, 1925) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Al Pacino (*Apr 25, 1940) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Ed Harris (*Nov 28, 1950) actor, director United States US
Gary Busey (*Jun 29, 1944) actor, director United States US
Ben Stiller (*Nov 30, 1965) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Kate Winslet (*Oct 5, 1975) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
John Hurt (*Jan 22, 1940) actor United Kingdom GB
Isabella Rossellini (*Jun 18, 1952) actress Italy IT
Matt LeBlanc (*Jul 25, 1967) actor United States US
Patrick McGoohan (*Mar 19, 1928) actor United States US
Matthew Perry (*Aug 19, 1969) actor United States US
Sally Field (*Nov 6, 1946) actress United States US
Carrie Fisher (*Oct 21, 1956) actress United States US
Jennifer Lopez (*Jul 24, 1969) singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer United States US
Molly Ringwald (*Feb 18, 1968) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Charles Boyer (*Aug 28, 1899) actor France FR
Julie Christie (*Apr 14, 1941) actress India IN
James Dean (*Feb 8, 1931) actor United States US
Olivia de Havilland (*Jul 1, 1916) actress Japan JP
Leonardo DiCaprio (*Nov 11, 1974) actor United States US
Joan Fontaine (*Oct 22, 1917) actress Japan JP
Audrey Hepburn (*May 4, 1929) actress Belgium BE
Al Jolson (*Jun 7, 1886) actor Lithuania LT
Ida Lupino (*Feb 4, 1918) actress, director United Kingdom GB
Marcello Mastroianni (*Sep 26, 1924) actor Italy IT
Victor Mature (*Jan 29, 1913) actor, director United States US
Leslie Nielsen (*Feb 11, 1926) actor Canada CA
Peter O'Toole (*Aug 2, 1932) actor, director Ireland IE
Mickey Rooney (*Sep 23, 1920) actor United States US
Jane Wyman (*Jan 5, 1917) actress United States US
James Franco (*Apr 19, 1978) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Franco Nero (*Nov 23, 1941) actor Italy IT
Anne Hathaway (*Nov 12, 1982) actress, scriptwriter United States US
Brian Cox (*Jun 1, 1946) actor United Kingdom GB
Paul Walker (*Sep 12, 1973) actor United States US
Telly Savalas (*Jan 20, 1924) actor, director United States US
Karen Black (*Jul 1, 1939) actress United States US
Isabelle Huppert (*Mar 16, 1953) actress France FR
Akira Kurosawa (*Mar 23, 1910) actor, director, scriptwriter Japan JP
Martin Scorsese (*Nov 17, 1942) actor, director, scriptwriter, teacher United States US
Luchino Visconti (*Nov 2, 1906) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Zsa Zsa Gabor (*Feb 6, 1917) actress Hungary HU
Selma Blair (*Jun 23, 1972) actress United States US
Bourvil (*Jul 27, 1917) actor, singer France FR
Adolf Hitler (*Apr 20, 1889) politician, dictator, Nazi mass murderer Austria AT
Antonio De Curtis (*Feb 15, 1898) actor, singer Italy IT
Johnny Hallyday (*Jun 15, 1943) guitarist, singer, actor France FR
Chris Evans (*Jun 13, 1981) actor United States US
Hergé (*May 22, 1907) cartoonist, author of The Adventures of Tintin Belgium BE
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