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Bruce Willis (*Mar 19, 1955) actor, singer Germany DE
Brad Pitt (*Dec 18, 1963) actor United States US
Denzel Washington (*Dec 28, 1954) actor, director United States US
Jessica Lange (*Apr 20, 1949) actress United States US
Jeremy Irons (*Sep 19, 1948) actor United Kingdom GB
Danny Trejo (*May 16, 1944) actor United States US
Arnold Schwarzenegger (*Jul 30, 1947) actor, politician, bodybuilder Austria AT
Clint Eastwood (*May 31, 1930) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Bela Lugosi (*Oct 20, 1882) actor Hungary HU
Drew Barrymore (*Feb 22, 1975) actress, director United States US
Liv Tyler (*Jul 1, 1977) actress United States US
Nicolas Cage (*Jan 7, 1964) actor United States US
John Malkovich (*Dec 9, 1953) actor, director United States US
Anne Archer (*Aug 24, 1947) actress United States US
Kevin Costner (*Jan 18, 1955) composer, singer, actor, director United States US
Milla Jovovich (*Dec 17, 1975) actress, singer, model, fashion designer Ukraine UA
James Stewart (*May 20, 1908) actor United States US
Anthony Hopkins (*Dec 31, 1937) actor United Kingdom GB
Anne Bancroft (*Sep 17, 1931) actress United States US
Richard Pryor (*Dec 1, 1940) actor United States US
Jodie Foster (*Nov 19, 1962) actress, director United States US
Geena Davis (*Jan 21, 1956) actress United States US
Richard Harris (*Oct 1, 1930) actor Ireland IE
Lloyd Bridges (*Jan 15, 1913) actor United States US
Albert Brooks (*Jul 22, 1947) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Yul Brynner (*Jul 11, 1920) actor Russia RU
Alec Guinness (*Apr 2, 1914) actor United Kingdom GB
Harry Hamlin (*Oct 30, 1951) actor United States US
Dustin Hoffman (*Aug 8, 1937) actor, director United States US
Sidney Poitier (*Feb 20, 1927) actor United States US
Judge Reinhold (*May 21, 1957) actor United States US
Jean Reno (*Jul 30, 1948) actor Morocco MA
Kiefer Sutherland (*Dec 21, 1966) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Peter Weller (*Jun 24, 1947) actor United States US
Joan Cusack (*Oct 11, 1962) actress United States US
Bridget Fonda (*Jan 27, 1964) actress United States US
Helen Mirren (*Jul 26, 1945) actress United Kingdom GB
Meryl Streep (*Jun 22, 1949) actress United States US
Meg Tilly (*Feb 14, 1960) actress, dancer United States US
Alan Alda (*Jan 28, 1936) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Brigitte Bardot (*Sep 28, 1934) actress, singer, model France FR
Jane Fonda (*Dec 21, 1937) actress United States US
Lillian Gish (*Oct 14, 1896) actress United States US
Rex Harrison (*Mar 5, 1908) actor United Kingdom GB
Rock Hudson (*Nov 17, 1925) actor United States US
Grace Kelly (*Nov 12, 1929) actress United States US
Vivien Leigh (*Nov 5, 1913) actress India IN
Sophia Loren (*Sep 20, 1934) actress Italy IT
Fredric March (*Aug 31, 1897) actor United States US
Gregory Peck (*Apr 5, 1916) actor United States US
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