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Mel Gibson (*Jan 3, 1956) actor, director United States US
Edward Norton (*Aug 18, 1969) actor, director United States US
Jack Lemmon (*Feb 8, 1925) actor United States US
Vin Diesel (*Jul 18, 1967) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Sigourney Weaver (*Oct 8, 1949) actress United States US
Bob Gunton (*Nov 15, 1945) actor United States US
Kyle MacLachlan (*Feb 22, 1959) actor United States US
Dean Stockwell (*Mar 5, 1936) actor United States US
Diane Ladd (*Nov 29, 1935) actress United States US
Naomi Watts (*Sep 28, 1968) actress United Kingdom GB
Tchéky Karyo (*Oct 4, 1953) actor Turkey TR
Jim Caviezel (*Sep 26, 1968) actor United States US
Bruce Boxleitner (*May 12, 1950) actor United States US
James Caan (*Mar 26, 1940) actor, director United States US
Billy Crystal (*Mar 14, 1948) actor United States US
Paul Hogan (*Oct 8, 1939) actor Australia AU
Dudley Moore (*Apr 19, 1935) actor United Kingdom GB
Mickey Rourke (*Sep 16, 1952) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Barbara Hershey (*Feb 5, 1948) actress United States US
Helen Hunt (*Jun 15, 1963) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Shirley MacLaine (*Apr 24, 1934) actress United States US
Lionel Barrymore (*Apr 12, 1878) actor, director United States US
Dirk Bogarde (*Mar 28, 1921) actor United Kingdom GB
Marlene Dietrich (*Dec 27, 1901) actress, singer Germany DE
Katharine Hepburn (*May 12, 1907) actress United States US
Charles Laughton (*Jul 1, 1899) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Bruce Lee (*Nov 27, 1940) actor, martial artist, philosopher, filmmaker, founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do United States US
Jerry Lewis (*Mar 16, 1926) writer, actor, director United States US
Maureen O'Hara (*Aug 17, 1920) actress, singer Ireland IE
Rosalind Russell (*Jun 4, 1907) actress United States US
George C. Scott (*Oct 18, 1927) actor United States US
Gene Tierney (*Nov 19, 1920) actress United States US
Mae West (*Aug 17, 1892) actress United States US
Bill Cosby (*Jul 12, 1937) actor United States US
Jennifer Coolidge (*Jun 1, 1961) actress United States US
Christopher Lambert (*Mar 29, 1957) actor United States US
Richard Chamberlain (*Mar 31, 1934) actor United States US
Richard Dean Anderson (*Jan 23, 1950) actor in the television series MacGyver United States US
Heath Ledger (*Apr 4, 1979) actor, singer Australia AU
Alain Delon (*Nov 8, 1935) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Carmen Electra (*Apr 20, 1972) actress, singer, model United States US
Patrick Duffy (*Mar 17, 1949) actor United States US
Klaus Kinski (*Oct 18, 1926) actor, director Poland PL
Kris Kristofferson (*Jun 22, 1936) actor, singer United States US
Toni Collette (*Nov 1, 1972) actress Australia AU
Courtney Love (*Jul 9, 1964) musician, singer, actress United States US
Pedro Almodóvar (*Sep 24, 1951) actor, director, scriptwriter Spain ES
Giuseppe Tornatore (*Mar 27, 1956) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Franco Zeffirelli (*Feb 12, 1923) screenwriter, director, writer, actor Italy IT
Andy Warhol (*Aug 6, 1928) painter, graphic artist, actor, writer, director, cinematographer United States US
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