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Judi Dench (*Dec 9, 1934) actress, director United Kingdom GB
Sylvester Stallone (*Jul 6, 1946) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Boris Karloff (*Nov 23, 1887) actor United Kingdom GB
Jude Law (*Dec 29, 1972) actor United Kingdom GB
Goldie Hawn (*Nov 21, 1945) actress, director United States US
Teri Garr (*Dec 11, 1944) actress United States US
Susan Sarandon (*Oct 4, 1946) actress United States US
Julianne Moore (*Dec 3, 1960) actress United States US
Kenneth Branagh (*Dec 10, 1960) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
David Bowie (*Jan 8, 1947) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Alicia Silverstone (*Oct 4, 1976) actress United States US
Martin Balsam (*Nov 4, 1919) actor United States US
Derek Jacobi (*Oct 22, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Johnny Depp (*Jun 9, 1963) guitarist, actor, director United States US
Woody Allen (*Dec 1, 1935) musician, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Beau Bridges (*Dec 9, 1941) actor United States US
Gabriel Byrne (*May 12, 1950) actor, director, cultural ambassador, narrator Ireland IE
Danny DeVito (*Nov 17, 1944) actor, director United States US
River Phoenix (*Aug 23, 1970) guitarist, singer, actor United States US
Terence Stamp (*Jul 22, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Isabelle Adjani (*Jun 27, 1955) actress France FR
Michelle Pfeiffer (*Apr 29, 1958) actress, singer United States US
Richard Burton (*Nov 10, 1925) actor United Kingdom GB
Sammy Davis Jr. (*Dec 8, 1925) actor, director United States US
Peter Finch (*Sep 28, 1916) actor United Kingdom GB
Melanie Griffith (*Aug 9, 1957) actress United States US
Teri Hatcher (*Dec 8, 1964) actress United States US
Ruby Keeler (*Aug 25, 1904) actress Canada CA
Burt Lancaster (*Nov 2, 1913) actor United States US
Vanessa Paradis (*Dec 22, 1972) composer, singer, actress, model France FR
Barbara Stanwyck (*Jul 16, 1907) actress United States US
Natalie Wood (*Jul 20, 1938) actress United States US
Hilary Swank (*Jul 30, 1974) actress United States US
Tara Reid (*Nov 8, 1975) actress United States US
Pierre Richard (*Aug 16, 1934) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Vince Vaughn (*Mar 28, 1970) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Frédéric Diefenthal (*Jul 26, 1968) actor France FR
Aaliyah (*Jan 16, 1979) actress, singer United States US
Colin Farrell (*May 31, 1976) actor Ireland IE
Brigitte Nielsen (*Jul 15, 1963) singer, actress, model, presenter Denmark DK
Oliver Hardy (*Jan 18, 1892) actor United States US
Tim Burton (*Aug 25, 1958) director, screenwriter, writer, artist, actor United States US
Ron Howard (*Mar 1, 1954) director, scriptwriter United States US
Pier Paolo Pasolini (*Mar 5, 1922) writer, director, scriptwriter, poet Italy IT
Javier Bardem (*Mar 1, 1969) actor Spain ES
Ryan Gosling (*Nov 12, 1980) actor, singer Canada CA
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (*Jul 27, 1977) actor Ireland IE
Claudia Schiffer (*Aug 25, 1970) actress, model Germany DE
Jeff Chandler (*Dec 5, 1918) actor, singer United States US
Diana Ross (*Mar 26, 1944) singer United States US
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