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Sharon Stone (*Mar 10, 1958) actress United States US
Bruce Willis (*Mar 19, 1955) actor, singer Germany DE
Peter Jackson (*Oct 31, 1961) actor, director, scriptwriter New Zealand NZ
Liam Neeson (*Jun 7, 1952) actor Ireland IE
Sylvester Stallone (*Jul 6, 1946) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Clint Eastwood (*May 31, 1930) composer, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Bela Lugosi (*Oct 20, 1882) actor Hungary HU
Sean Connery (*Aug 25, 1930) actor United Kingdom GB
Anjelica Huston (*Jul 8, 1951) actress United States US
Isabella Rossellini (*Jun 18, 1952) actress Italy IT
Balthazar Getty (*Jan 22, 1975) actor United States US
Gwyneth Paltrow (*Sep 27, 1972) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Meat Loaf (*Sep 27, 1947) actor, singer United States US
Daryl Hannah (*Dec 3, 1960) actress United States US
Ryan Phillippe (*Sep 10, 1974) actor United States US
Sam Shepard (*Nov 5, 1943) writer, actor, director United States US
Don Ameche (*May 31, 1908) actor United States US
Richard Crenna (*Nov 30, 1926) actor United States US
James Garner (*Apr 7, 1928) actor United States US
Dustin Hoffman (*Aug 8, 1937) actor, director United States US
Dudley Moore (*Apr 19, 1935) actor United Kingdom GB
Debra Winger (*May 16, 1955) actress United States US
Jean-Marc Barr (*Sep 27, 1960) actor Germany DE
Warren Beatty (*Mar 30, 1937) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Charles Boyer (*Aug 28, 1899) actor France FR
Richard Burton (*Nov 10, 1925) actor United Kingdom GB
W. C. Fields (*Jan 29, 1879) actor United States US
Katharine Hepburn (*May 12, 1907) actress United States US
Jennifer Jones (*Mar 2, 1919) actress United States US
Carole Lombard (*Oct 6, 1908) actress United States US
Tyrone Power (*May 5, 1914) actor United States US
Debbie Reynolds (*Apr 1, 1932) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Omar Sharif (*Apr 10, 1932) actor Egypt EG
Iain Glen (*Jun 24, 1961) actor United Kingdom GB
Janet Jackson (*May 16, 1966) composer, singer, actress, dancer United States US
Adolf Hitler (*Apr 20, 1889) politician, dictator, Nazi mass murderer Austria AT
Frank Lloyd (*Sep 23, 1886) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Jane Birkin (*Dec 14, 1946) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (*Jul 27, 1977) actor Ireland IE
Chris Evans (*Jun 13, 1981) actor United States US
The Rock - Dwayne Johnson (*May 2, 1972) actor, wrestler United States US
Auguste Lumière (*Oct 19, 1862) director, actor, one of the first filmmakers France FR
Robert F. Kennedy (*Nov 20, 1925) politician, brother of JFK United States US
Miley Cyrus (*Nov 23, 1992) singer, actress United States US
Nico (*Oct 16, 1938) composer, actress Germany DE
Dolores O'Riordan (*Sep 6, 1971) songwriter, guitarist, singer of The Cranberries Ireland IE
Jan Saudek (*1935) photographer Czech Republic CZ
Enrique Iglesias (*May 8, 1975) composer, musician, singer, actor Spain ES
James Hetfield (*Aug 3, 1963) singer, songwriter, guitarist, co-founder of the band Metallica United States US
H. R. Giger (*Feb 5, 1940) painter, sculptor, designer, author of the Alien Switzerland CH
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