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Julia Roberts (*Oct 28, 1967) actress United States US
Christopher Reeve (*Sep 25, 1952) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Robert De Niro (*Aug 17, 1943) actor United States US
John Malkovich (*Dec 9, 1953) actor, director United States US
Kevin Costner (*Jan 18, 1955) composer, singer, actor, director United States US
Ian Holm (*Sep 12, 1931) actor United Kingdom GB
Virginia Madsen (*Sep 11, 1961) actress United States US
Oliver Reed (*Feb 13, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Derek Jacobi (*Oct 22, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Jim Carrey (*Jan 17, 1962) actor Canada CA
David Morse (*Oct 11, 1953) actor United States US
Robert Beltran (*Nov 19, 1953) actor United States US
Beau Bridges (*Dec 9, 1941) actor United States US
Matt LeBlanc (*Jul 25, 1967) actor United States US
Bridget Fonda (*Jan 27, 1964) actress United States US
Marcia Gay Harden (*Aug 14, 1959) actress United States US
Sophie Marceau (*Nov 17, 1966) actress, director, scriptwriter France FR
Jack Barrymore (*Feb 14, 1882) actor United States US
John Cleese (*Oct 27, 1939) actor, comedian, writer, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Montgomery Clift (*Oct 17, 1920) actor United States US
Alice Faye (*May 5, 1912) actress, singer United States US
Errol Flynn (*Jun 20, 1909) actor Australia AU
George C. Scott (*Oct 18, 1927) actor United States US
Frank Sinatra (*Dec 12, 1915) actor, singer United States US
Mae West (*Aug 17, 1892) actress United States US
Jennifer Love Hewitt (*Feb 21, 1979) actress, singer, director, dancer, screenwriter, lyricist United States US
Annie Girardot (*Oct 25, 1931) actress France FR
Horst Buchholz (*Dec 4, 1933) actor Germany DE
Tim Burton (*Aug 25, 1958) director, screenwriter, writer, artist, actor United States US
Stephen King (*Sep 21, 1947) author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy United States US
David Lynch (*Jan 20, 1946) director, scriptwriter United States US
Jon Hall (*Feb 26, 1915) actor United States US
Howard Hughes (*Sep 24, 1905) director, aviator, founder and owner of Hughes Aircraft, one of the richest people in the 70s United States US
Thomas A. Edison (*Feb 11, 1847) inventor of the phonograph and the light bulb United States US
Lindsay Lohan (*Jul 2, 1986) singer, actress, model United States US
Bono (*May 10, 1960) singer, vocalist of U2, songwriter, musician, activist Ireland IE
Usher (*Oct 14, 1978) composer, singer, actor, dancer United States US
Ryan Reynolds (*Oct 23, 1976) actor Canada CA
Jacques Dutronc (*Apr 28, 1943) singer, actor, composer, guitarist France FR
Norah Jones (*Mar 30, 1979) singer United States US
Freddie Mercury (*Sep 5, 1946) composer, singer Tanzania TZ
Annie Lennox (*Dec 25, 1954) singer United Kingdom GB
Joseph Goebbels (*Oct 29, 1897) Nazi war criminal, politician, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Germany DE
Jay-Z (*Dec 4, 1969) singer United States US
Václav Klaus (*1941) economist, politician, president of the Czech Republic Czech Republic CZ
Garry Kasparov (*Apr 13, 1963) chess grandmaster, writer, political activist Azerbaijan AZ
Tristan Tzara (*Apr 28, 1896) writer, director, poet Romania RO
Nick Jonas (*Sep 16, 1992) composer, guitarist, actor United States US
Lech Kaczyński (*Jun 18, 1949) politician, president of Poland, twin brother Jarosła Kaczynski Poland PL
Ivana Trump (*Feb 20, 1949) model, businesswoman, first wife of Donald Trump Czech Republic CZ
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