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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 1 OTTOBRE" (3511)(= 3.71% of all 94691 celebs)

Dan Aykroyd (*Jul 1, 1952) actor Canada CA
Morgan Freeman (*Jun 1, 1937) actor, director United States US
Liv Tyler (*Jul 1, 1977) actress United States US
Sydney Pollack (*Jul 1, 1934) director, actor United States US
Richard Pryor (*Dec 1, 1940) actor United States US
Frank Langella (*Jan 1, 1938) actor United States US
Richard Harris (*Oct 1, 1930) actor Ireland IE
Woody Allen (*Dec 1, 1935) musician, actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Dirk Benedict (*Mar 1, 1945) actor, director United States US
Bette Midler (*Dec 1, 1945) actress, singer United States US
Julie Andrews (*Oct 1, 1935) singer, writer, actress United Kingdom GB
Olivia de Havilland (*Jul 1, 1916) actress Japan JP
Glenn Ford (*May 1, 1916) actor Canada CA
Clark Gable (*Feb 1, 1901) actor United States US
Charles Laughton (*Jul 1, 1899) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Toshirô Mifune (*Apr 1, 1920) actor China CN
Marilyn Monroe (*Jun 1, 1926) actress, singer, model United States US
Debbie Reynolds (*Apr 1, 1932) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Pamela Anderson (*Jul 1, 1967) actress, model Canada CA
Jennifer Coolidge (*Jun 1, 1961) actress United States US
Brandon Lee (*Feb 1, 1965) actor, son of Bruce Lee United States US
Jeremy Northam (*Dec 1, 1961) actor United Kingdom GB
Brian Cox (*Jun 1, 1946) actor United Kingdom GB
Karen Black (*Jul 1, 1939) actress United States US
Toni Collette (*Nov 1, 1972) actress Australia AU
Terry Jones (*Feb 1, 1942) actor, director, comedian, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Ron Howard (*Mar 1, 1954) director, scriptwriter United States US
Javier Bardem (*Mar 1, 1969) actor Spain ES
Wallace Beery (*Apr 1, 1886) actor, director United States US
Stephen Blackehart (*Dec 1, 1967) actor United States US
Heidi Klum (*Jun 1, 1973) singer, actress, model, fashion designer Germany DE
Rupert Friend (*Oct 1, 1981) actor United Kingdom GB
Method Man (*Apr 1, 1971) singer, actor United States US
Alanis Morissette (*Jun 1, 1974) singer Canada CA
Misdemeanor (*Jul 1, 1971) singer United States US
Verne Troyer (*Jan 1, 1969) actor, comedian, artist, stunt performer, one of the shortest men in the world United States US
Léa Seydoux (*Jul 1, 1985) actress France FR
Slávek Boura (*May 1, 1964) composer, presenter, businessman Ukraine UA
Princess Diana (*Jul 1, 1961) Princess of Wales, Duchess of Rothesay United Kingdom GB
Susan Boyle (*Apr 1, 1961) singer United Kingdom GB
Justin Bieber (*Mar 1, 1994) composer, singer, actor, dancer Canada CA
Joseph Heller (*May 1, 1923) writer, satirist, author of the novel Catch-22 United States US
Kesha (*Mar 1, 1987) singer United States US
Larry Flynt (*Nov 1, 1942) publisher, CEO of Larry Flynt Publications United States US
Glenn Miller (*Mar 1, 1904) jazz musician, bandleader, trombonist United States US
André Rieu (*Oct 1, 1949) composer, scriptwriter Netherlands NL
Manuel Ferrara (*Nov 1, 1975) pornactor, director France FR
Jimmy Carter (*Oct 1, 1924) 39th President of the United States United States US
Boris Yeltsin (*Feb 1, 1931) 1st President of Russia Russia RU
Milan Kundera (*Apr 1, 1929) writer, translator Czech Republic CZ
Sándor Petőfi (*Jan 1, 1823) poet Hungary HU
Debbie Harry (*Jul 1, 1945) actress, singer United States US
Barry Gibb (*Sep 1, 1946) singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, member of the Bee Gees Isle of Man IM
Lisa Marie Presley (*Feb 1, 1968) singer United States US
Tom Kaulitz (*Sep 1, 1989) guitarist, twin Germany DE
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
(*Aug 1, 1744)
naturalist, author of the first comprehensive theory of evolution France FR
Frédéric Chopin (*Mar 1, 1810) composer, musician Poland PL
Otto von Bismarck (*Apr 1, 1815) politician, statesman Germany DE
Adolphe Francois Appia
(*Sep 1, 1862)
architect, designer Switzerland CH
Fritjof Capra (*Feb 1, 1939) physicist, philosopher, author of The Tao of Physics Austria AT
Gabriel Dupont (*Mar 1, 1878) composer France FR
Pablo Escobar (*Dec 1, 1949) the biggest Colombian drug baron, the 7th richest man on the planet (in 1989) Colombia CO
Akron (*May 1, 1948) astrologer, occultist, artist, musician Switzerland CH
Walther Gerlach (*Aug 1, 1889) physicist Germany DE
Stanislav Grof (*1931) psychiatrist, psychologist, co-founder of the field of transpersonal psychology Czech Republic CZ
Morris (*Dec 1, 1923) writer, painter Belgium BE
Yitzhak Rabin (*Mar 1, 1922) politician, soldier, diplomat Israel IL
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
(*May 1, 1881)
religious thinker, scientist, geologist, member of the Society of Jesus France FR
Zabine (*Jan 1, 1974) musician, singer, actress Austria AT
Ip Man (*Oct 1, 1893) teacher and master of martial art Wing Chun China CN
Sophie, Duchess von Hohenberg
(*Mar 1, 1868)
Duchess, wife of Franz Ferdinand d'Este, the victim of assassination Germany DE
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(*Jul 1, 1646)
philosopher, scientist, mathematician, theologian, polymath Germany DE
Herbert Masaryk (*May 1, 1880) painter, child of celebrity Austria AT
Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi
(*Sep 1, 1945)
politician, the 2nd president of Yemen Yemen YE
Woo-ping Yuen (*Jan 1, 1945) director, choreographer of fight scenes in movies - The Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill 2 China CN
Theresa May (*Oct 1, 1956) politician United Kingdom GB
Chris Brennan (*Nov 1, 1984) astrologer, author of The Astrology Podcast, former President of AYA (the Association for Young Astrologers) United States US
Petr Pavel (*1961) army general, candidate in the 2023 Czech presidential election Czech Republic CZ
Treat Williams (*Dec 1, 1951) actor, director United States US
Tim Daly (*Mar 1, 1956) actor, director United States US
Jonathan Pryce (*Jun 1, 1947) actor United Kingdom GB
David Niven (*Mar 1, 1909) actor, writer United Kingdom GB
Marta Kubišová (*1942) singer Czech Republic CZ
Andrey Khalimon (*Jan 1, 1990) actor Russia RU
Emily Mortimer (*Dec 1, 1971) actress United Kingdom GB
Lily Tomlin (*Sep 1, 1939) actress United States US
Philippe Noiret (*Oct 1, 1930) actor France FR
Michèle Mercier (*Jan 1, 1939) actress France FR
James Whitmore (*Oct 1, 1921) actor United States US
Harry Belafonte (*Mar 1, 1927) actor, singer United States US
Lon Chaney (*Apr 1, 1883) actor United States US
Esai Morales (*Oct 1, 1962) actor United States US
Pierre Arditi (*Dec 1, 1944) actor France FR
Jean-Jacques Annaud (*Oct 1, 1943) writer, actor, director France FR
Erle C. Kenton (*Aug 1, 1896) director United States US
David Gulpilil (*Jul 1, 1953) actor Australia AU
Violante Placido (*May 1, 1976) actress, singer Italy IT
Wanda Capodaglio (*Jan 1, 1889) actress Italy IT
Laurence Harvey (*Oct 1, 1928) actor, director Lithuania LT
Danielle Darrieux (*May 1, 1917) actress, singer France FR
Alain Bashung (*Dec 1, 1947) composer, singer, actor France FR
Julee Cruise (*Dec 1, 1956) actress, singer United States US
Jimmy Cliff (*Apr 1, 1948) composer, singer, actor Jamaica JM
Bijou Phillips (*Apr 1, 1980) actress, singer, model United States US
Anthony Kiedis (*Nov 1, 1962) singer United States US
Alan Wilder (*Jun 1, 1959) musician United Kingdom GB
Drew Sidora (*May 1, 1985) actress, singer United States US
Tim McGraw (*May 1, 1967) actor, singer United States US
Zach Galifianakis (*Oct 1, 1969) actor, director United States US
Gloria Estefan (*Sep 1, 1957) singer Cuba CU
Brie Larson (*Oct 1, 1989) actress, singer United States US
Heather Morris (*Feb 1, 1987) singer, actress, dancer United States US
Bill Kaulitz (*Sep 1, 1989) singer, twin, composer Germany DE
Zendaya (*Sep 1, 1996) singer, actress, model, dancer United States US
Pat Boone (*Jun 1, 1934) actor, singer United States US
Sufjan Stevens (*Jul 1, 1975) composer, singer United States US
Jamie Dornan (*May 1, 1982) actor Ireland IE
Edgar Rice Burroughs (*Sep 1, 1875) writer United States US
Jason Donovan (*Jun 1, 1968) actor, singer Australia AU
Beppe Fenoglio (*Mar 1, 1922) writer Italy IT
Ignazio Silone (*May 1, 1900) writer Italy IT
Randy Orton (*Apr 1, 1980) actor, wrestler United States US
Hans Werner Henze (*Jul 1, 1926) composer Germany DE
Harry Styles (*Feb 1, 1994) singer, dancer United Kingdom GB
Ronda Rousey (*Feb 1, 1987) actress, mixed martial artist, judoka United States US
Jean Tardieu (*Nov 1, 1903) scriptwriter France FR
George Sand (*Jul 1, 1804) writer France FR
Herman Melville (*Aug 1, 1819) writer, poet United States US
William Dean Howells (*Mar 1, 1837) writer, poet United States US
Giovanni Guareschi (*May 1, 1908) painter, journalist Italy IT
Willie Dixon (*Jul 1, 1915) composer, singer United States US
Jack Kramer (*Aug 1, 1921) tennis player United States US
Willem Frederik Hermans
(*Sep 1, 1921)
playwright, writer, scientist Netherlands NL
Rocky Marciano (*Sep 1, 1923) boxer United States US
Anne McCaffrey (*Apr 1, 1926) writer United States US
Conway Twitty (*Sep 1, 1933) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Don Everly (*Feb 1, 1937) singer United States US
Claude François (*Feb 1, 1939) singer Egypt EG
Dianne Lennon (*Dec 1, 1939) singer United States US
John Densmore (*Dec 1, 1944) composer United States US
Jacky Ickx (*Jan 1, 1945) F1 racing driver Belgium BE
Gilbert O'Sullivan (*Dec 1, 1946) composer, singer Ireland IE
Francesco Musotto (*Feb 1, 1947) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Tom Robinson (*Jun 1, 1950) bassist, singer United Kingdom GB
Tommy Bolin (*Aug 1, 1951) singer, guitarist United States US
Ronald Bell (*Nov 1, 1951) composer, singer United States US
Nik Kershaw (*Mar 1, 1958) composer, guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Youssou N'Dour (*Oct 1, 1959) singer Senegal SN
Thomas Anders (*Mar 1, 1963) singer Germany DE
Laurent Garnier (*Feb 1, 1966) France FR
Tina Arena (*Nov 1, 1967) composer, singer Australia AU
Sophie B. Hawkins (*Nov 1, 1967) singer United States US
Madeleine Peyroux (*Jan 1, 1973) composer, musician, singer United States US
Brody Dalle (*Jan 1, 1979) musician, singer Australia AU
Lisa Maffia (*Oct 1, 1979) singer United Kingdom GB
Olivia Ruiz (*Jan 1, 1980) singer France FR
Isabelle Geffroy (*May 1, 1980) singer France FR
Kim Lian (*Oct 1, 1980) singer Netherlands NL
Brandi Carlile (*Jul 1, 1981) singer United States US
Justine Henin (*Jun 1, 1982) tennis player Belgium BE
Sergey Lazarev (*Apr 1, 1983) singer, dancer Russia RU
Marit Larsen (*Jul 1, 1983) composer, singer Norway NO
Bastian Schweinsteiger
(*Aug 1, 1984)
soccer player Germany DE
Hannah Hindi (*Apr 1, 1986) actress, dancer United States US
Gaël Monfils (*Sep 1, 1986) tennis player France FR
Nami Tamaki (*Jun 1, 1988) actress, singer Japan JP
Léa Castel (*Dec 1, 1988) musician, singer France FR
Laura Marling (*Feb 1, 1990) musician, singer United Kingdom GB
Aaryn Doyle (*Jan 1, 1993) actress, singer Canada CA
Ilona Mitrecey (*Sep 1, 1993) singer France FR
Bianca Ryan (*Sep 1, 1994) singer United States US
Hervé Faye (*Oct 1, 1814) France FR
Armi Aavikko (*Sep 1, 1958) singer Finland FI
George Abell (*Mar 1, 1927) United States US
Susanne Albrecht (*Mar 1, 1951) Germany DE
Wendell Anderson (*Feb 1, 1933) guvernor United States US
Rachel Baes (*Aug 1, 1912) artist Belgium BE
John Barbata (*Apr 1, 1945) musician United States US
Jules Bastien-Lepage (*Nov 1, 1848) painter France FR
Carl Bechstein (*Jun 1, 1826) businessman Germany DE
Romeo Beckham (*Sep 1, 2002) child of celebrity United Kingdom GB
Maurice Béjart (*Jan 1, 1927) France FR
Jacques Benoist-Mechin
(*Jul 1, 1901)
politician France FR
David Berkowitz (*Jun 1, 1953) serial killer United States US
Alain Bernard (*May 1, 1983) swimmer France FR
Fulvio Bernardini (*Jan 1, 1906) soccer player Italy IT
Oliver Bierhoff (*May 1, 1968) soccer player Germany DE
Patrick Bissell (*Dec 1, 1957) dancer United States US
Jimmy Carl Black (*Feb 1, 1938) musician United States US
Ernest Blanc (*Nov 1, 1923) singer France FR
Arnaud Boetsch (*Apr 1, 1969) tennis player France FR
D. Boon (*Apr 1, 1958) musician United States US
Robert Bork (*Mar 1, 1927) United States US
Vital Borkelmans (*Jun 1, 1963) soccer player Belgium BE
Richard Boucher (*Jan 1, 1932) soccer player France FR
Clifford Bourland (*Jan 1, 1921) sprinter United States US
George Bowering (*Dec 1, 1935) writer Canada CA
Devol Brett (*Aug 1, 1923) general United States US
Wilhelm Bungert (*Apr 1, 1939) tennis player Germany DE
Phil Burton (*Jun 1, 1926) singer United States US
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