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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 10 DICEMBRE" (3193)(= 3.37% of all 94691 celebs)

Sharon Stone (*Mar 10, 1958) actress United States US
Roy Scheider (*Nov 10, 1932) actor United States US
Peter Coyote (*Oct 10, 1941) actor, director United States US
Chris Penn (*Oct 10, 1965) actor United States US
Kenneth Branagh (*Dec 10, 1960) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Laura Dern (*Feb 10, 1967) actress, scriptwriter United States US
Charles Dance (*Oct 10, 1946) actor United Kingdom GB
Ryan Phillippe (*Sep 10, 1974) actor United States US
Michael Clarke Duncan
(*Dec 10, 1957)
actor, voice actor United States US
Antonio Banderas (*Aug 10, 1960) composer, singer, actor, director Spain ES
Steven Seagal (*Apr 10, 1952) actor, director United States US
Max von Sydow (*Apr 10, 1929) actor Sweden SE
Rosanna Arquette (*Aug 10, 1959) actress, director United States US
Elizabeth Hurley (*Jun 10, 1965) actress, model United Kingdom GB
Paige O'Hara (*May 10, 1956) actress, singer United States US
Fred Astaire (*May 10, 1899) singer, actor, dancer United States US
Richard Burton (*Nov 10, 1925) actor United Kingdom GB
Judy Garland (*Jun 10, 1922) actress, singer United States US
Helen Hayes (*Oct 10, 1900) actress United States US
Chuck Norris (*Mar 10, 1940) actor, martial artist, film producer, air policeman United States US
Vincent Perez (*Jun 10, 1964) actor, director, scriptwriter Switzerland CH
Norma Shearer (*Aug 10, 1900) actress Canada CA
Colin Firth (*Sep 10, 1960) actor United Kingdom GB
Brittany Murphy (*Nov 10, 1977) actress, singer United States US
Omar Sharif (*Apr 10, 1932) actor Egypt EG
Roland Emmerich (*Nov 10, 1955) actor, director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Guy Ritchie (*Sep 10, 1968) director United Kingdom GB
Bono (*May 10, 1960) singer, vocalist of U2, songwriter, musician, activist Ireland IE
Charlie Hunnam (*Apr 10, 1980) actor United Kingdom GB
Osama bin Laden (*Mar 10, 1957) terrorist, founder of Al-Qaeda Saudi Arabia SA
James Clavell (*Oct 10, 1924) writer Australia AU
Ennio Morricone (*Nov 10, 1928) Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor Italy IT
Alfred Jodl (*May 10, 1890) Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command (OKW) Germany DE
Jessica Simpson (*Jul 10, 1980) actress, singer United States US
Olivia Wilde (*Mar 10, 1984) actress, screenwriter, director, model, designer United States US
George Foreman (*Jan 10, 1949) boxer United States US
Sofía Vergara (*Jul 10, 1972) actress, model Colombia CO
Manu Bennett (*Oct 10, 1969) actor, director New Zealand NZ
Zdeněk Pohlreich (*1957) chef, gastronome, presenter, businessman CZSK CE
Sid Vicious (*May 10, 1957) bassist, singer United Kingdom GB
Boris Leonidovich Pasternak
(*Feb 10, 1890)
poet, novelist Russia RU
Marcel Proust (*Jul 10, 1871) novelist France FR
Ronnie James Dio (*Jul 10, 1942) bassist, singer United States US
Herbert Hoover (*Aug 10, 1874) 31st President of the United States United States US
Giuseppe Verdi (*Oct 10, 1813) composer Italy IT
Friedrich von Schiller
(*Nov 10, 1759)
writer, poet Germany DE
Robert Maxwell (*Jun 10, 1923) journalist, billionaire, media mogul Ukraine UA
Neale Donald Walsch (*Sep 10, 1943) writer, spiritualist, author of Conversations with God United States US
Miuccia Prada (*May 10, 1948) Italian fashion designer and businesswoman Italy IT
Gustave Courbet (*Jun 10, 1819) painter France FR
Ada Lovelace (*Dec 10, 1815) mathematician, inventor of the machine programming United Kingdom GB
Owen Chamberlain (*Jul 10, 1920) physicist United States US
Mark David Chapman (*May 10, 1955) the murderer of John Lennon United States US
Winston S. Churchill (*Oct 10, 1940) politician, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill United Kingdom GB
Louise Huber (*May 10, 1924) astrologer Germany DE
Sultan Kösen (*Dec 10, 1982) Turkey TR
Karl Lagerfeld (*Sep 10, 1933) photographer, fashion designer Germany DE
Carl Orff (*Jul 10, 1895) composer Germany DE
Camille Pissarro (*Jul 10, 1830) painter U.S. Virgin Islands VI
Joseph Pulitzer (*Apr 10, 1847) journalist, publisher, initiator of the creation of Pulitzer Prize appreciation Hungary HU
Grand Duchess Tatiana
(*Jun 10, 1897)
the second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last monarch of Russia Russia RU
Nikola Tesla (*Jul 10, 1856) inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, futurist Croatia HR
Leo Fender (*Aug 10, 1909) manufacturer, inventor of guitars United States US
Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
(*Mar 10, 1776)
Queen consort of Prussia, wife of King Frederick William III. Germany DE
Daniel Defert (*Sep 10, 1937) philosopher, AIDS activist, co-founder of the organization AIDES France FR
Félix Wielemans (*Jan 10, 1863) Chief of Staff of the Belgian Army during the First World War Belgium BE
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
(*Jun 10, 1921)
Duke of Edinburgh Greece GR
Leo Moracchioli (*Oct 10, 1978) multi-instrumentalist, metal musician, producer, covers maker Norway NO
Lorenzo de Medici (*Jan 10, 1449) Italian statesman, ruler of the Florentine Republic, the patron of Renaissance culture in Italy Italy IT
William Willett (*Aug 10, 1856) British builder, promoter of daylight saving British Summer Time United Kingdom GB
Haley Joel Osment (*Apr 10, 1988) actor United States US
Mandy Moore (*Apr 10, 1984) actress, singer, model United States US
Tom Laughlin (*Aug 10, 1931) actor, director United States US
Philip Baker Hall (*Sep 10, 1931) actor United States US
George Arliss (*Apr 10, 1868) actor United Kingdom GB
Jim Abrahams (*May 10, 1944) director, scriptwriter United States US
Nia Peeples (*Dec 10, 1961) actress, singer United States US
Paget Brewster (*Mar 10, 1969) actress, singer United States US
Michael Pitt (*Apr 10, 1981) actor, singer United States US
Guillaume Canet (*Apr 10, 1973) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Eddie Fisher (*Aug 10, 1928) singer, actor United States US
Marie Versini (*Aug 10, 1940) actress France FR
Brian Molko (*Dec 10, 1972) singer, guitarist Belgium BE
Emma Roberts (*Feb 10, 1991) actress, singer United States US
Meg White (*Dec 10, 1974) musician, singer, actress United States US
Neil Gaiman (*Nov 10, 1960) writer, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Arlo Guthrie (*Jul 10, 1947) singer United States US
Harold Pinter (*Oct 10, 1930) writer United Kingdom GB
Neil Tennant (*Jul 10, 1954) musician, singer, songwriter, co-founder of the Pet Shop Boys United Kingdom GB
Alex Pettyfer (*Apr 10, 1990) actor United Kingdom GB
Marina Vlady (*May 10, 1938) singer, writer, actress France FR
Raven-Symoné (*Dec 10, 1985) actress, singer United States US
Emily Osment (*Mar 10, 1992) singer, actress United States US
Magnús Scheving (*Nov 10, 1964) actor, director, entrepreneur, writer, athlete Iceland IS
Grock (*Jan 10, 1880) composer, musician Switzerland CH
Robert Abel (*Mar 10, 1937) United States US
Carrie Underwood (*Mar 10, 1983) singer United States US
Georges Bataille (*Sep 10, 1897) writer France FR
Lorena Rojas (*Feb 10, 1971) actress, singer Mexico MX
Don Omar (*Feb 10, 1978) singer Puerto Rico PR
Sacha Vierny (*Aug 10, 1919) cameraman France FR
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (*Apr 10, 1979) singer United Kingdom GB
Alice Munro (*Jul 10, 1931) writer, scriptwriter Canada CA
Louis Couperus (*Jun 10, 1863) writer Netherlands NL
Joseph Kessel (*Feb 10, 1898) writer, scriptwriter Argentina AR
Pierre Louÿs (*Dec 10, 1870) writer Belgium BE
Celina Jade (*Jun 10, 1985) actress Hong Kong HK
Boris Vian (*Mar 10, 1920) musician, writer, actor France FR
Kaitlyn Maher (*Jan 10, 2004) actress, singer Unknown XX
Robin Thicke (*Mar 10, 1977) singer United States US
Günther Weisenborn (*Jul 10, 1902) writer, scriptwriter Germany DE
Rubén Darío (*Jan 10, 1867) writer, journalist, diplomat, poet Nicaragua NI
Jakob Wassermann (*Mar 10, 1873) writer Germany DE
Robinson Jeffers (*Jan 10, 1887) poet United States US
Nelly Sachs (*Dec 10, 1891) writer, translator, poet Germany DE
Ivo Andric (*Oct 10, 1892) novelist Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Howlin Wolf (*Jun 10, 1910) singer, guitarist United States US
Arnold Palmer (*Sep 10, 1929) golfer United States US
Roberta Flack (*Feb 10, 1937) composer, singer United States US
Bobby Hatfield (*Aug 10, 1940) singer United States US
Arthur Ashe (*Jul 10, 1943) tennis player United States US
Alain Lamassoure (*Feb 10, 1944) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Rod Stewart (*Jan 10, 1945) singer United Kingdom GB
José Feliciano (*Sep 10, 1945) singer, guitarist United States US
Georges Beller (*May 10, 1946) producer France FR
Donovan (*May 10, 1946) singer United Kingdom GB
Alaina Reed Hall (*Nov 10, 1946) singer, actress United States US
Bunny Wailer (*Apr 10, 1947) singer Jamaica JM
Ian Anderson (*Aug 10, 1947) guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Drupi (*Aug 10, 1947) singer Italy IT
Maxime Le Forestier (*Feb 10, 1949) composer, singer France FR
Pat Benatar (*Jan 10, 1953) actress, singer United States US
Midge Ure (*Oct 10, 1953) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
David Lee Roth (*Oct 10, 1954) singer United States US
Pervenche Berés (*Mar 10, 1957) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Siobhan Fahey (*Sep 10, 1958) musician, singer Ireland IE
Tanya Tucker (*Oct 10, 1958) musician, singer United States US
Brian Setzer (*Apr 10, 1959) singer, guitarist United States US
Kirsty MacColl (*Oct 10, 1959) musician, singer United Kingdom GB
Neneh Cherry (*Mar 10, 1964) singer Sweden SE
Haifa Wehbe (*Mar 10, 1970) actress, singer, model Lebanon LB
Loredana Groza (*Jun 10, 1970) actress, singer Romania RO
Imelda May (*Jul 10, 1970) singer Ireland IE
Doug Ardito (*Mar 10, 1971) bassist, singer United States US
Timbaland (*Mar 10, 1971) singer United States US
Dilana Robichaux (*Aug 10, 1972) singer South Africa ZA
Sabrina Setlur (*Jan 10, 1974) actress, singer Germany DE
Keren Ann (*Mar 10, 1974) musician, singer Israel IL
Chris Pronger (*Oct 10, 1974) ice hockey player Canada CA
Jitka Charvátová (*1975) singer, actress, presenter CZSK CE
Barbara Schett (*Mar 10, 1976) tennis player Austria AT
Nick Heidfeld (*May 10, 1977) F1 racing driver Germany DE
Lee Hyori (*May 10, 1979) singer, actress, model, dancer South Korea KR
Mya Harrison (*Oct 10, 1979) actress, singer United States US
Liz McClarnon (*Apr 10, 1981) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Una Healy (*Oct 10, 1981) singer Ireland IE
Katrin Siska (*Dec 10, 1983) singer Estonia EE
Jean-Baptiste Grange (*Oct 10, 1984) skier France FR
Aya Kamiki (*Sep 10, 1985) singer Japan JP
Laurent Koscielny (*Sep 10, 1985) soccer player France FR
Vincent Kompany (*Apr 10, 1986) soccer player Belgium BE
Hayley Westenra (*Apr 10, 1987) singer New Zealand NZ
Gonzálo Higuaín (*Dec 10, 1987) soccer player France FR
Stefanie Heinzmann (*Mar 10, 1989) singer Switzerland CH
Anna Murphy (*Aug 10, 1989) musician, singer Switzerland CH
Teyana Taylor (*Dec 10, 1990) singer, dancer United States US
Gabriella Cilmi (*Oct 10, 1991) singer Australia AU
Mariana Espósito (*Oct 10, 1991) actress, singer Argentina AR
Charice Pempengco (*May 10, 1992) singer Philippines PH
Vivien Eileen Bauernschmidt
(*Nov 10, 1992)
singer Germany DE
Jessica Jarrell (*May 10, 1994) singer United States US
Robert Blum (*Nov 10, 1807) writer, politician Germany DE
Pat Ahearne (*Dec 10, 1969) baseball player United States US
Marie-Claire Alain (*Aug 10, 1926) France FR
Charles Albright (*Aug 10, 1933) serial killer United States US
Michèle Alliot-Marie (*Sep 10, 1946) politician France FR
Elijah Allman (*Jul 10, 1976) musician United States US
Paul Andreu (*Jul 10, 1938) architect France FR
Ludwig Aschoff (*Jan 10, 1866) doctor Germany DE
Uri Avnery (*Sep 10, 1923) politician Germany DE
Manuel Azana Y Diaz (*Jan 10, 1880) 7th President of the Spanish Republic Spain ES
F. Lee Bailey (*Jun 10, 1933) lawyer United States US
Piet Bakker (*Aug 10, 1897) journalist Netherlands NL
Marcel Barbeault (*Aug 10, 1941) serial killer France FR
Didier Barbelivien (*Mar 10, 1954) singer France FR
Karl Barth (*May 10, 1886) Swiss Protestant theologian Switzerland CH
Stephen Bechtel Jr. (*May 10, 1925) United States US
Harper Seven Beckham (*Jul 10, 2011) child of celebrity United States US
Bix Beiderbecke (*Mar 10, 1903) musician United States US
Marina Berlusconi (*Aug 10, 1966) Italy IT
Donato Bilancia (*Jun 10, 1951) serial killer Italy IT
Alfred Biolek (*Jul 10, 1934) artist Austria AT
Sepp Blatter (*Mar 10, 1936) football administrator, 8th President of FIFA Switzerland CH
Marcel Bonin (*Nov 10, 1904) ice hockey player France FR
William Booth (*Apr 10, 1829) founder and 1st General of The Salvation Army United Kingdom GB
Ferdinand Bordewijk (*Oct 10, 1884) writer Netherlands NL
Bernadette Brady (*Mar 10, 1950) astrologer Australia AU
Fritz Brandau (*Jan 10, 1911) astrologer Germany DE
Dorothy Brett (*Nov 10, 1883) artist United Kingdom GB
Rémy Bricka (*Apr 10, 1949) singer France FR
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