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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 13 AGOSTO" (3057)(= 3.23% of all 94663 celebs)

Cheech Marin (*Jul 13, 1946) actor United States US
Harrison Ford (*Jul 13, 1942) actor United States US
Orlando Bloom (*Jan 13, 1977) actor United Kingdom GB
Whoopi Goldberg (*Nov 13, 1955) singer, actress United States US
Steve Buscemi (*Dec 13, 1957) actor United States US
Malcolm McDowell (*Jun 13, 1943) actor United Kingdom GB
Stellan Skarsgård (*Jun 13, 1951) actor Sweden SE
Kim Novak (*Feb 13, 1933) actress United States US
William Sadler (*Apr 13, 1950) actor United States US
Harvey Keitel (*May 13, 1939) actor United States US
Oliver Reed (*Feb 13, 1938) actor United Kingdom GB
Christopher Plummer (*Dec 13, 1929) actor Canada CA
George Segal (*Feb 13, 1934) actor United States US
Claudette Colbert (*Sep 13, 1903) actress France FR
Patrick Stewart (*Jul 13, 1940) theater and film director, actor who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek United Kingdom GB
Jamie Foxx (*Dec 13, 1967) actor, singer United States US
Alfred Hitchcock (*Aug 13, 1899) director, actor United Kingdom GB
Mary-Kate Olsen (*Jun 13, 1986) actress, model, fashion designer, twin United States US
Ashley Olsen (*Jun 13, 1986) actress, model, fashion designer, twin United States US
Chris Evans (*Jun 13, 1981) actor United States US
Robbie Williams (*Feb 13, 1974) singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Sacha Baron Cohen (*Oct 13, 1971) singer, actor, presenter United Kingdom GB
Stevie Wonder (*May 13, 1950) composer, singer United States US
Dick Van Dyke (*Dec 13, 1925) singer, actor, presenter, dancer United States US
Jan Saudek (*1935) photographer Czech Republic CZ
Robert Pattinson (*May 13, 1986) actor United Kingdom GB
Garry Kasparov (*Apr 13, 1963) chess grandmaster, writer, political activist Azerbaijan AZ
Taylor Swift (*Dec 13, 1989) musician, singer, actress United States US
Bruno Coulais (*Jan 13, 1954) composer France FR
Colton Haynes (*Jul 13, 1988) actor United States US
Peter Gabriel (*Feb 13, 1950) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Fidel Castro (*Aug 13, 1926) former Cuban president and prime minister, revolutionary Cuba CU
Mircea Eliade (*Mar 13, 1907) writer Romania RO
Robert Louis Stevenson
(*Nov 13, 1850)
writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Amy Lee (*Dec 13, 1981) singer United States US
Samuel Beckett (*Apr 13, 1906) writer Ireland IE
William Butler Yeats (*Jun 13, 1865) writer, poet Ireland IE
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II
(*Mar 13, 1741)
King of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor, Archduke of Austria Austria AT
Thomas Jefferson (*Apr 13, 1743) 3rd President of the United States United States US
Pope Pius IX (*May 13, 1792) 255th Pope Italy IT
Heinrich Heine (*Dec 13, 1797) poet Germany DE
Luciano Benetton (*May 13, 1935) entrepreneur, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benetton Italy IT
Scatman John (*Mar 13, 1942) singer, author of Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) United States US
Al Green (*Apr 13, 1946) singer, guitarist United States US
Hideto Matsumoto (*Dec 13, 1964) singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist Japan JP
Mark Greenway (*Jul 13, 1969) singer of Napalm Death United Kingdom GB
Lou Bega (*Apr 13, 1975) singer Germany DE
John Logie Baird (*Aug 13, 1888) engineer, inventor of the first television United Kingdom GB
Anders Breivik (*Feb 13, 1979) Norwegian mass murderer Norway NO
Pierluigi Collina (*Feb 13, 1960) former football referee, Financial advisor, UEFA Head of Referees Italy IT
Michel Gauquelin (*Nov 13, 1928) astrologer, birth data collector, psychologist, statistian, researcher France FR
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
(*Mar 13, 1911)
science fiction writer, founder of Dianetics and Scientology United States US
Antoine Lumière (*Mar 13, 1840) painter, photographer France FR
Holy Roman Empress Maria Therese
(*May 13, 1717)
Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Archduchess of Austria Austria AT
James Clerk Maxwell (*Jun 13, 1831) physicist United Kingdom GB
John Nash (*Jun 13, 1928) mathematician in differential geometry United States US
Camillo Olivetti (*Aug 13, 1868) entrepreneur, engineer, founder of Olivetti & Co Italy IT
Margaret Thatcher (*Oct 13, 1925) politician, President of the British government, The Iron Lady United Kingdom GB
Chuck Yeager (*Feb 13, 1923) USAF pilot, first pilot confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound United States US
Karel Klostermann (*Feb 13, 1848) writer Austria AT
Ivan Andrejevič Krylov
(*Feb 13, 1769)
poet, fabulist, playwright, satirist, translator Russia RU
Alastair Reynolds (*Mar 13, 1966) physicist United Kingdom GB
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
(*Mar 13, 1781)
architect, painter, designer Germany DE
Grigori Perelman (*Jun 13, 1966) quirky mathematician Russia RU
Big Mama (*Mar 13, 1905) United States US
Ryszard Kukliński (*Jun 13, 1930) colonel, spy during the Cold War, Communism pest Poland PL
Benny Benassi (*Jul 13, 1967) musician Italy IT
Antoine Louis (*Feb 13, 1723) surgeon, inventor and creator of the execution apparatus Guillotine France FR
Ronald Ross (*May 13, 1857) doctor, parasitologist, one of the founders of modern epidemiology, Nobel Prize in 1902 for malaria research India IN
Geike Arnaert (*Sep 13, 1979) Belgian musician, former singer of Hooverphonic Belgium BE
Henry Rollins (*Feb 13, 1961) singer United States US
Richard Thomas (*Jun 13, 1951) actor United States US
Basil Rathbone (*Jun 13, 1892) actor South Africa ZA
Penelope Ann Miller (*Jan 13, 1964) actress United States US
Ally Sheedy (*Jun 13, 1962) actress United States US
Yves Montand (*Oct 13, 1921) actor, singer Italy IT
Heike Makatsch (*Aug 13, 1971) actress, presenter Germany DE
Patrick Dempsey (*Jan 13, 1966) actor, model, racing driver United States US
Neal McDonough (*Feb 13, 1966) actor United States US
Moritz Bleibtreu (*Aug 13, 1971) actor Germany DE
Catherine Breillat (*Jul 13, 1948) actress, director, scriptwriter France FR
Samantha Morton (*May 13, 1977) actress United Kingdom GB
Garry Marshall (*Nov 13, 1934) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Cameron Crowe (*Jul 13, 1957) actor, director, scriptwriter, journalist United States US
Jacques Perrin (*Jul 13, 1941) actor France FR
Dennis Rodman (*May 13, 1961) basketball player United States US
Cezary Pazura (*Jun 13, 1962) singer, actor Poland PL
Kelly Preston (*Oct 13, 1962) actress, model United States US
Nita Naldi (*Nov 13, 1894) silent film actress United States US
Jean Seberg (*Nov 13, 1938) actress United States US
Kelly Chen (*Sep 13, 1972) actress, singer Hong Kong HK
Richard Kiel (*Sep 13, 1939) actor United States US
Chris Noth (*Nov 13, 1954) actor United States US
Christo Javacheff (*Jun 13, 1935) artist Bulgaria BG
Jeanne-Claude (*Jun 13, 1935) artist Morocco MA
Ashanti (*Oct 13, 1980) actress, singer United States US
Thomas DeLonge (*Dec 13, 1975) singer, guitarist United States US
Mirjam Landa (*Apr 13, 1969) actress, director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Common (*Mar 13, 1972) singer, actor United States US
Monique Coleman (*Nov 13, 1980) actress, dancer, businesswoman United States US
Debby Ryan (*May 13, 1993) singer, actress United States US
Joe E. Tata (*Sep 13, 1936) actor United States US
Phyllis Fraser (*Apr 13, 1916) actress, writer United States US
Bill Monroe (*Sep 13, 1911) singer United States US
Candice Accola (*May 13, 1987) actress, singer United States US
Trevor Rabin (*Jan 13, 1954) composer, guitarist, singer South Africa ZA
Leslie Feist (*Feb 13, 1976) actress, singer Canada CA
Allison Williams (*Apr 13, 1988) actress, singer, model United States US
Paul Simon (*Oct 13, 1941) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
A. B. Guthrie Jr. (*Jan 13, 1901) scriptwriter, writer United States US
Toni Ribas (*Jun 13, 1975) actor, director, porn actor Spain ES
Niall Horan (*Sep 13, 1993) guitarist, singer Ireland IE
Jean Sarment (*Jan 13, 1897) scriptwriter France FR
Katherine Schwarzenegger
(*Dec 13, 1989)
actress United States US
Isaak Emmanuelovič Babel
(*Jul 13, 1894)
writer, scriptwriter Ukraine UA
Jean Borotra (*Aug 13, 1898) tennis player France FR
Joe Louis (*May 13, 1914) boxer United States US
Alberto Ascari (*Jul 13, 1918) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Raymond Kopa (*Oct 13, 1931) soccer player France FR
Roger Zelazny (*May 13, 1937) writer United States US
Neil Sedaka (*Mar 13, 1939) composer, singer United States US
Ritchie Valens (*May 13, 1941) singer, guitarist United States US
Gérard Deprez (*Aug 13, 1943) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Belgium BE
Ted Nugent (*Dec 13, 1948) singer, guitarist United States US
Dan Fogelberg (*Aug 13, 1951) singer United States US
Thierry Boutsen (*Jul 13, 1957) F1 racing driver Belgium BE
Alison Goldfrapp (*May 13, 1966) singer United Kingdom GB
Melanie Thornton (*May 13, 1967) singer United States US
Stephen Hendry (*Jan 13, 1969) United Kingdom GB
Marco Pantani (*Jan 13, 1970) Italy IT
Alan Shearer (*Aug 13, 1970) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Espen Lind (*May 13, 1971) singer Norway NO
Goran Ivanišević (*Sep 13, 1971) tennis player Croatia HR
Bic Runga (*Jan 13, 1976) singer New Zealand NZ
Fiona Apple (*Sep 13, 1977) singer United States US
Mala Rodríguez (*Feb 13, 1979) singer Spain ES
Sarah Connor (*Jun 13, 1980) singer Germany DE
Nellie McKay (*Apr 13, 1982) singer, actress United Kingdom GB
Kenenisa Bekele (*Jun 13, 1982) athlete, runner Ethiopia ET
Soraya (*Sep 13, 1982) singer Spain ES
Ian Thorpe (*Oct 13, 1982) swimmer Australia AU
Kumi Koda (*Nov 13, 1982) singer Japan JP
Grégory Lemarchal (*May 13, 1983) singer France FR
Victoria (*Nov 13, 1983) actress, singer South Africa ZA
Ida Maria (*Jul 13, 1984) musician, singer Norway NO
Rose Elinor Dougall (*Mar 13, 1986) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Alexander Rybak (*May 13, 1986) singer Belarus BY
Eva Rivas (*Jul 13, 1987) singer, model Russia RU
Dave Days (*Aug 13, 1991) musician, singer United States US
Luis Walter Alvarez (*Jun 13, 1911) physicist United States US
Edmond Aman-Jean (*Nov 13, 1858) painter France FR
Giuliano Amato (*May 13, 1938) politician Italy IT
Claudie Andre-Deshays
(*May 13, 1957)
doctor, astronaut, politician France FR
Walter H. Annenberg (*Mar 13, 1908) United States US
Lizzy Ansingh (*Mar 13, 1875) painter Netherlands NL
Christine Arron (*Sep 13, 1973) athlete Guadeloupe GP
John Jacob IV Astor (*Jul 13, 1864) inventor United States US
Albert Ayler (*Jul 13, 1936) musician United States US
Gonzalo Torrente Ballester
(*Jun 13, 1910)
writer Spain ES
Lester Bangs (*Dec 13, 1948) singer, journalist United States US
Mike Barnicle (*Oct 13, 1943) journalist United States US
Dana Barros (*Apr 13, 1967) basketball player United States US
Kathleen Battle (*Aug 13, 1948) singer United States US
Francois Bazaine (*Feb 13, 1811) Marshal of France France FR
Stefania Belmondo (*Jan 13, 1969) cross country skier Italy IT
Ole von Beust (*Apr 13, 1955) politician Germany DE
Michael A. Bilandic (*Feb 13, 1923) politician United States US
Joh Bjelke-Peterson (*Jan 13, 1911) politician New Zealand NZ
Hans Blumenberg (*Jul 13, 1920) philosopher Germany DE
Chico Bouchikhi (*Oct 13, 1954) musician France FR
Desi Bouterse (*Oct 13, 1945) 9th President of Suriname, politician Germany DE
Georges Braque (*May 13, 1882) painter, sculptor France FR
Brent Brede (*Sep 13, 1971) baseball player United States US
Leo Brewer (*Jun 13, 1919) scientist United States US
Jim Brideweser (*Feb 13, 1927) baseball player United States US
Tommaso Buscetta (*Jul 13, 1928) Italy IT
Lazare Carnot (*May 13, 1753) politician, scientist general, builder France FR
Emily Carr (*Dec 13, 1871) artist Canada CA
Randolph Churchill (*Feb 13, 1849) politician United Kingdom GB
Natália Correia (*Sep 13, 1923) writer Portugal PT
Phillip Crosby (*Jul 13, 1934) singer United States US
Paul Dassault (*Jan 13, 1882) general France FR
Alphonse Daudet (*May 13, 1840) writer France FR
Victor de Laprade (*Jan 13, 1812) writer, poet France FR
Dulcie Deamer (*Dec 13, 1890) writer New Zealand NZ
Mike Dejan (*Jan 13, 1915) baseball player United States US
Julies-Elie Delaunay (*Jun 13, 1828) painter France FR
Paul Deschanel (*Feb 13, 1855) president Belgium BE
Roger Desormiere (*Sep 13, 1898) composer France FR
Domenico Dolce (*Aug 13, 1958) fashion designer Italy IT
Sidney Drell (*Sep 13, 1926) physicist United States US
William Henry Drummond
(*Apr 13, 1854)
poet Ireland IE
Alain Ducasse (*Sep 13, 1956) cook France FR
Marc Emery (*Feb 13, 1958) Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, politician Canada CA
James Ensor (*Apr 13, 1860) painter Belgium BE
Carl Erskine (*Dec 13, 1926) baseball player United States US
Paul Feyerabend (*Jan 13, 1924) Austrian philosopher of science, founder of epistemological anarchism Austria AT
Sonny Fisher (*Nov 13, 1931) musician United States US
Pierre Flamion (*Mar 13, 1923) soccer player France FR
Andre Francois-Poncet
(*Jun 13, 1887)
diplomat France FR
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