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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 24 SETTEMBRE" (3150)(= 3.33% of all 94605 celebs)

Kevin Kline (*Oct 24, 1947) actor, director United States US
Anne Archer (*Aug 24, 1947) actress United States US
Billy Zane (*Feb 24, 1966) actor, director United States US
Kristin Scott Thomas (*May 24, 1960) actress United Kingdom GB
Edward James Olmos (*Feb 24, 1947) actor, director United States US
Peter Weller (*Jun 24, 1947) actor United States US
Nastassja Kinski (*Jan 24, 1961) actress Germany DE
Jennifer Lopez (*Jul 24, 1969) singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer United States US
Shirley MacLaine (*Apr 24, 1934) actress United States US
Ava Gardner (*Dec 24, 1922) actress United States US
Steve McQueen (*Mar 24, 1930) actor United States US
Alfred Molina (*May 24, 1953) actor United Kingdom GB
Barbra Streisand (*Apr 24, 1942) singer, actress, director United States US
Rupert Grint (*Aug 24, 1988) actor United Kingdom GB
Iain Glen (*Jun 24, 1961) actor United Kingdom GB
Kevin Sorbo (*Sep 24, 1958) actor United States US
Pedro Almodóvar (*Sep 24, 1951) actor, director, scriptwriter Spain ES
Emir Kusturica (*Nov 24, 1954) actor, director, scriptwriter Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Jiří Trnka (*Feb 24, 1912) artist, illustrator, sculptor, writer, puppeteer, co-founder of Czech animated film Czech Republic CZ
George Harrison (*Feb 24, 1943) composer, guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Howard Hughes (*Sep 24, 1905) director, aviator, founder and owner of Hughes Aircraft, one of the richest people in the 70s United States US
Bob Dylan (*May 24, 1941) singer, musician, poet United States US
Jean-Michel Jarre (*Aug 24, 1948) composer, singer France FR
Gilbert Bécaud (*Oct 24, 1927) actor, singer France FR
Harry Houdini (*Mar 24, 1874) master of escape, magician, illusionist, stunt flier Hungary HU
Diana Kobzanová (*Mar 24, 1982) model, presenter Germany DE
Ted Bundy (*Nov 24, 1946) serial killer, psychologist United States US
Pavel Telička (*Aug 24, 1965) politician, diplomat United States US
Drake (*Oct 24, 1986) rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, businessman Canada CA
Ricky Martin (*Dec 24, 1971) actor, singer United States US
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
(*Sep 24, 1896)
scriptwriter United States US
Alexandre Dumas père (*Jul 24, 1802) writer France FR
Wilhelm Grimm (*Feb 24, 1786) collector of fairy tales, linguist Germany DE
Adam Mickiewicz (*Dec 24, 1798) writer Belarus BY
Queen of England Victoria
(*May 24, 1819)
Queen of the United Kingdom, Empress of India United Kingdom GB
Zelda Fitzgerald (*Jul 24, 1900) writer United States US
Steve Jobs (*Feb 24, 1955) entrepreneur, co-founder of Apple and Pixar Companies United States US
Lionel Messi (*Jun 24, 1987) soccer player Argentina AR
Ernest Bloch (*Jul 24, 1880) composer Switzerland CH
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(*Mar 24, 1919)
writer, translator, poet United States US
Joachim Gauck (*Jan 24, 1940) politician, pastor, preacher, 11th German Federal President Germany DE
Kurt Huber (*Oct 24, 1893) psychology professor, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Switzerland CH
Markus Jehle (*Jul 24, 1958) astrologer Germany DE
Emmanuel Lasker (*Dec 24, 1868) German chess grandmaster, mathematician, philosopher Germany DE
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomenclature and Taxonomy Sweden SE
Cosima Wagner (*Dec 24, 1837) wife of Richard Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt Italy IT
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
(*Nov 24, 1864)
painter France FR
Franklin C. Mars (*Sep 24, 1884) business magnate, founder of Mars, Inc. (chocolate candy) United States US
Dale Carnegie (*Nov 24, 1888) writer, teacher United States US
Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
(*Dec 24, 1837)
Empress of Austria, wife of Francis Joseph I, the victim of assassination Germany DE
Maria Luisa of Spain (*Nov 24, 1745) Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany Italy IT
E. T. A. Hoffmann (*Jan 24, 1776) writer Russia RU
Gerrit Rietveld (*Jun 24, 1888) architect Netherlands NL
Rüdiger Dahlke (*Jul 24, 1951) doctor, psychotherapist, pioneer of psychosomatic medicine Germany DE
Tim Shieff (*Mar 24, 1988) stuntman United States US
Baruch Spinoza (*Nov 24, 1632) writer, philosopher Netherlands NL
Jean Schlumberger (*Jun 24, 1907) designer of jewelry for Tiffany & Co. France FR
Tycho Brahe (*Dec 24, 1546) astronomer, astrologer, alchemist Denmark DK
Nostradamus (*Dec 24, 1503) doctor, seer, astrologer, counselor of King Charles IX. France FR
Farinelli (*Jan 24, 1705) opera singer, singer, soprano castrato, musician Italy IT
Kristin Davis (*Feb 24, 1965) actress United States US
Daniel Auteuil (*Jan 24, 1950) actor Algeria DZ
Billy Connolly (*Nov 24, 1942) actor United Kingdom GB
Sharon Tate (*Jan 24, 1943) actress United States US
Stephen Fry (*Aug 24, 1957) actor United Kingdom GB
Dave Chappelle (*Aug 24, 1973) musician, actor United States US
Walter Buch (*Oct 24, 1883) lawyer Germany DE
Roscoe Arbuckle (*Mar 24, 1887) actor, director United States US
Kelly Clarkson (*Apr 24, 1982) singer, actress United States US
Claude Chabrol (*Jun 24, 1930) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Tatyana Ali (*Jan 24, 1979) actress, singer United States US
Vic Reeves (*Jan 24, 1959) actor United Kingdom GB
Jean-Claude Pascal (*Oct 24, 1927) actor, singer France FR
Aidan Gillen (*Apr 24, 1968) actor Ireland IE
Michael Parks (*Apr 24, 1940) actor and singer United States US
Adrienne Bailon (*Oct 24, 1983) actress, singer United States US
Lucky Luciano (*Nov 24, 1897) Italy IT
Neil Diamond (*Jan 24, 1941) composer, singer United States US
Ben Miller (*Feb 24, 1966) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Jim Parsons (*Mar 24, 1973) actor United States US
Solange Knowles (*Jun 24, 1986) composer, singer, actress, model United States US
Kristin Chenoweth (*Jul 24, 1968) actress, singer United States US
Jessica Chastain (*Mar 24, 1977) actress United States US
Nena (*Mar 24, 1960) singer Germany DE
Siedah Garrett (*Jun 24, 1960) composer, singer United States US
Jeff Beck (*Jun 24, 1944) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
Robert Lang (*Sep 24, 1934) actor United Kingdom GB
Michael Kessler (*Jun 24, 1967) actor Germany DE
Michel Legrand (*Feb 24, 1932) composer, conductor, pianist France FR
Josh Bernstein (*Feb 24, 1971) actor, presenter United States US
Léo Ferré (*Aug 24, 1916) composer, singer Monaco MC
Wilhelm Reich (*Mar 24, 1897) writer Ukraine UA
Brandon Thomas (*Dec 24, 1848) scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Lemmy (*Dec 24, 1945) bassist, singer United Kingdom GB
Scott Krinsky (*Nov 24, 1968) actor United States US
Clyde Barrow (*Mar 24, 1909) robber, murderer United States US
Louis Tomlinson (*Dec 24, 1991) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Frank Wedekind (*Jul 24, 1864) writer, scriptwriter Germany DE
Pierre Beaumarchais (*Jan 24, 1732) playwright, politician, inventor, musician, publisher France FR
Zachary Taylor (*Nov 24, 1784) 12th President of the United States United States US
Carlo Collodi (*Nov 24, 1826) writer, journalist Italy IT
Ambrose Bierce (*Jun 24, 1842) journalist United States US
Lilli Lehmann (*Nov 24, 1848) singer, opera singer Germany DE
Juan Ramón Jimenéz (*Dec 24, 1881) poet Spain ES
Robert Graves (*Jul 24, 1895) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Suzanne Lenglen (*May 24, 1899) tennis player France FR
Jorge Luis Borges (*Aug 24, 1899) poet, novelist Argentina AR
Robert Penn Warren (*Apr 24, 1905) writer, poet United States US
Mikhail Sholokhov (*May 24, 1905) writer Russia RU
Juan Manuel Fangio (*Jun 24, 1911) F1 racing driver Argentina AR
Big Bopper (*Oct 24, 1930) singer United States US
Philippe Morillon (*Oct 24, 1935) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Morocco MA
Patti LaBelle (*May 24, 1944) actress, singer United States US
Ken Hensley (*Aug 24, 1945) composer, guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Paulo Coelho (*Aug 24, 1947) writer Brazil BR
Plastic Bertrand (*Feb 24, 1954) singer Belgium BE
Captain Sensible (*Apr 24, 1954) bassist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, co-founder of the punk rock band The Damned United Kingdom GB
Alain Prost (*Feb 24, 1955) F1 racing driver France FR
Rosanne Cash (*May 24, 1955) singer United States US
Steve Ballmer (*Mar 24, 1956) CEO of Microsoft United States US
Michelle Shocked (*Feb 24, 1962) singer United States US
Danielle Spencer (*Jun 24, 1965) actress United States US
Michael Kiske (*Jan 24, 1968) singer Germany DE
Sharon Corr (*Mar 24, 1970) singer Ireland IE
Julieta Venegas (*Nov 24, 1970) singer United States US
Alejandro Fernández (*Apr 24, 1971) singer United States US
Ruslana Lyzhicko (*May 24, 1973) composer, singer, dancer Ukraine UA
Órla Fallon (*Aug 24, 1974) singer Ireland IE
Torrie Wilson (*Jul 24, 1975) model, fitness competitor, actress, retired wrestler United States US
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (*Feb 24, 1977) boxer United States US
Monica Denise Arnold (*Oct 24, 1980) singer, actress United States US
Lleyton Hewitt (*Feb 24, 1981) tennis player Australia AU
Dima Bilan (*Dec 24, 1981) singer Unknown XX
Park Bom (*Mar 24, 1984) singer, dancer South Korea KR
Lumidee (*Aug 24, 1984) singer United States US
Kaera Kimura (*Oct 24, 1984) singer, model Japan JP
Maria Riesch (*Nov 24, 1984) skier Germany DE
Wayne Rooney (*Oct 24, 1985) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Jade Ewen (*Jan 24, 1988) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Alexandre Becquerel (*Mar 24, 1820) physicist, president of the Academy of Sciences France FR
James G. Abourezk (*Feb 24, 1931) politician United States US
Brooks Adams (*Jun 24, 1848) writer United States US
Susanna Agnelli (*Apr 24, 1922) Italy IT
Lawrence Hugh Aller (*Sep 24, 1913) United States US
José Argüelles (*Jan 24, 1939) New Age writer, founder of Planet Art Network United States US
Thomas Dickson Armour
(*Sep 24, 1896)
golfer United Kingdom GB
Augusta Melville‏ (*Aug 24, 1821) United States US
Roselyne Bachelot (*Dec 24, 1946) politician France FR
James Baigre (*Sep 24, 1951) murderer United Kingdom GB
Clint Ballard (*May 24, 1931) writer United States US
Max-Michael Baltin (*Oct 24, 1954) astrologer Germany DE
René Barjavel (*Jan 24, 1911) writer France FR
Alben Barkley (*Nov 24, 1877) 35th Vice President of the United States United States US
Marie Bashkirtseff (*Nov 24, 1858) artist Ukraine UA
Andre Bauchant (*Apr 24, 1873) painter France FR
Luciano Berio (*Oct 24, 1925) composer Italy IT
Hendrik Berlage (*Feb 24, 1856) architect Netherlands NL
Ethan Blackaby (*Jul 24, 1940) baseball player United States US
Simon Bolívar (*Jul 24, 1783) Venezuelan military and political leader Venezuela VE
Barry Bonds (*Jul 24, 1964) baseball player United States US
Yves Jean Bonnefoy (*Jun 24, 1923) writer, poet France FR
Henri Bornier (*Dec 24, 1825) writer France FR
Rosangela Bosenbecker
(*May 24, 1972)
twin, model Brazil BR
Rosimari Bosenbecker (*May 24, 1972) twin, model Brazil BR
Robert Bouchet (*Sep 24, 1962) murderer France FR
Bruno Brel (*Sep 24, 1951) singer, writer Belgium BE
Joseph Brodsky (*May 24, 1940) writer, poet Russia RU
Jim Brosnan (*Oct 24, 1929) baseball player United States US
William F. Buckley Jr.
(*Nov 24, 1925)
writer United States US
Harold Budd (*May 24, 1936) composer, musician United States US
Franz Burda (*Feb 24, 1903) businessman Germany DE
Esther Edwards Burr (*Feb 24, 1732) writer United States US
Judith Butler (*Feb 24, 1956) United States US
José Cabanis (*Mar 24, 1922) politician France FR
Natacha Canoletti (*Sep 24, 1972) model Brazil BR
Kit Carson (*Dec 24, 1809) general United States US
George Washington Carver
(*May 24, 1864)
inventor United States US
Rosalia de Castro (*Feb 24, 1837) writer, poet Spain ES
Paul Cellucci (*Apr 24, 1948) politician United States US
Catherine Cesarsky (*Feb 24, 1943) France FR
Jean Charest (*Jun 24, 1958) politician Canada CA
Giorgio Chinaglia (*Jan 24, 1947) soccer player Italy IT
Willy Claes (*Nov 24, 1938) politician Belgium BE
Marjorie Claprood (*Sep 24, 1949) politician United States US
Maurice Constantin-Weyer
(*Apr 24, 1881)
writer France FR
Dean Corll (*Dec 24, 1939) serial killer United States US
George Crabbe (*Dec 24, 1754) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Bettino Craxi (*Feb 24, 1934) politician Italy IT
Carroll Dale (*Apr 24, 1938) soccer player United States US
Richard M. Daley (*Apr 24, 1942) politician United States US
Horia Damian (*Feb 24, 1922) artist Romania RO
André Darrigade (*Apr 24, 1929) France FR
Alexandra David-Néel (*Oct 24, 1868) France FR
Willem De Kooning (*Apr 24, 1904) painter, sculptor Netherlands NL
Mariano Jose de Larra
(*Mar 24, 1809)
writer Spain ES
Louis de Wohl (*Jan 24, 1903) astrologer Germany DE
Peter Debye (*Mar 24, 1884) physicist, chemist Netherlands NL
Elaine Defico (*Sep 24, 1950) go-go dancer, victim of murder United States US
Abdelhakim Dekhar (*Sep 24, 1965) France FR
Yvan Delporte (*Jun 24, 1928) writer Belgium BE
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