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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 29 NOVEMBRE" (2795)(= 2.95% of all 94687 celebs)

Jude Law (*Dec 29, 1972) actor United Kingdom GB
Richard Dreyfuss (*Oct 29, 1947) actor United States US
Gary Busey (*Jun 29, 1944) actor, director United States US
Jon Voight (*Dec 29, 1938) actor United States US
Winona Ryder (*Oct 29, 1971) actress United States US
Uma Thurman (*Apr 29, 1970) actress United States US
Diane Ladd (*Nov 29, 1935) actress United States US
Tom Sizemore (*Nov 29, 1961) actor United States US
Daniel Day-Lewis (*Apr 29, 1957) actor United Kingdom GB
Tom Selleck (*Jan 29, 1945) actor United States US
Rebecca De Mornay (*Aug 29, 1959) actress United States US
Erika Eleniak (*Sep 29, 1969) actress United States US
Michelle Pfeiffer (*Apr 29, 1958) actress, singer United States US
Ingrid Bergman (*Aug 29, 1915) actress Sweden SE
Nelson Eddy (*Jun 29, 1901) actor United States US
W. C. Fields (*Jan 29, 1879) actor United States US
Bob Hope (*May 29, 1903) actor United Kingdom GB
Victor Mature (*Jan 29, 1913) actor, director United States US
Christopher Lambert (*Mar 29, 1957) actor United States US
Terence Hill (*Mar 29, 1939) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Eric Idle (*Mar 29, 1943) actor United Kingdom GB
Elliott Gould (*Aug 29, 1938) actor United States US
Michelangelo Antonioni
(*Sep 29, 1912)
writer, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Richard Attenborough (*Aug 29, 1923) actor, director United Kingdom GB
Joel Coen (*Nov 29, 1954) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Joel Schumacher (*Aug 29, 1939) director, actor United States US
Ki-duk Kim 1934 (*Sep 29, 1934) director, professor South Korea KR
Brendan Gleeson (*Mar 29, 1955) actor Ireland IE
Lucy Lawless (*Mar 29, 1968) singer, actress New Zealand NZ
Alexandra Paul (*Jul 29, 1963) actress, model United States US
Anita Ekberg (*Sep 29, 1931) actress Sweden SE
Ben Foster (*Oct 29, 1980) actor United States US
John F. Kennedy (*May 29, 1917) 35th President of the United States United States US
Duke Ellington (*Apr 29, 1899) composer, conductor United States US
Benito Mussolini (*Jul 29, 1883) Italy IT
Joseph Goebbels (*Oct 29, 1897) Nazi war criminal, politician, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Germany DE
Emperor Shōwa (*Apr 29, 1901) Emperor of Japan Japan JP
Michael Jackson (*Aug 29, 1958) singer, composer, choreographer, dancer, actor, screenwriter United States US
Danny Elfman (*May 29, 1953) composer United States US
Michèle Morgan (*Feb 29, 1920) actress France FR
Game (*Nov 29, 1979) singer, actor United States US
Adam Lambert (*Jan 29, 1982) singer, actor United States US
Nicole Scherzinger (*Jun 29, 1978) singer, actress, model, dancer United States US
Vangelis (*Mar 29, 1943) composer, musician Greece GR
Mario Carotenuto (*Jun 29, 1915) actor Italy IT
C. S. Lewis (*Nov 29, 1898) poet, novelist, theologian, literary scholar, author of The Chronicles of Narnia United Kingdom GB
Jo Nesbø (*Mar 29, 1960) writer Norway NO
Dexter Holland (*Dec 29, 1965) guitarist, singer United States US
Anton Chekhov (*Jan 29, 1860) writer Russia RU
Louisa May Alcott (*Nov 29, 1832) writer United States US
Lech Walesa (*Sep 29, 1943) actor Poland PL
Woodrow Wilson (*Dec 29, 1856) 28th President of the United States United States US
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(*Jun 29, 1900)
novelist, journalist, aviator France FR
Gioachino Rossini (*Feb 29, 1792) composer Italy IT
Mme de Pompadour (*Dec 29, 1721) Chief mistress to Louis XV France FR
Andrew Johnson (*Dec 29, 1808) 17th President of the United States United States US
Sam Walton (*Mar 29, 1918) entrepreneur, founder of retail chain Walmart United States US
John Mayall (*Nov 29, 1933) composer, singer, actor United Kingdom GB
John McCain (*Aug 29, 1936) politician, United States Senator Panama PA
Silvio Berlusconi (*Sep 29, 1936) politician, businessman Italy IT
James Hunt (*Aug 29, 1947) F1 racing driver United Kingdom GB
Gia Carangi (*Jan 29, 1960) supermodel United States US
Andre Agassi (*Apr 29, 1970) tennis player United States US
Ali Amiri (*Feb 29, 1980) actor, singer Iran IR
Fernando Alonso (*Jul 29, 1981) F1 racer, world champion 2005, 2006 Spain ES
Ludwig Beck (*Jun 29, 1880) general Germany DE
Georges Ernest Boulanger
(*Apr 29, 1837)
French general and politician France FR
Pierre Dumont (*Mar 29, 1884) painter France FR
Charles Goodyear (*Dec 29, 1800) chemist, inventor, developer of vulcanized rubber United States US
Jason Gould (*Dec 29, 1966) writer, singer, actor, director United States US
John D. Rockefeller Jr.
(*Jan 29, 1874)
businessman United States US
Coco (*Jul 29, 1990) musician, daughter of musician Sting and Trudie Styler actresses Italy IT
Doreen Virtue (*Apr 29, 1958) writer, psychotherapist, motivational speaker United States US
Gerard Adriaan Heineken
(*Sep 29, 1841)
founder of Heineken beer brand Netherlands NL
John Flamsteed (*Aug 29, 1646) astronomer, founder of the observatory in Greenwich United Kingdom GB
Tsunku (*Oct 29, 1968) composer, songwriter, vocalist, producer of Hello Project, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute Japan JP
Hajime Isayama (*Aug 29, 1986) Japanese manga artist, author of Attack on Titan Japan JP
Mike Garson (*Jul 29, 1945) American pianist, who has worked with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, St. Vincent, Duran Duran, Free Flight and The Smashing Pumpkins United States US
Kate Mulgrew (*Apr 29, 1955) actress United States US
Vlasta Fabianová (*Jun 29, 1912) actress Ukraine UA
Elle Macpherson (*Mar 29, 1963) actress Australia AU
Ted Danson (*Dec 29, 1947) actor United States US
Jean Rochefort (*Apr 29, 1930) actor, director France FR
Rufus Sewell (*Oct 29, 1967) actor United Kingdom GB
Warner Baxter (*Mar 29, 1889) actor United States US
Rupert Everett (*May 29, 1959) singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Robert Benton (*Sep 29, 1932) director, scriptwriter United States US
William Friedkin (*Aug 29, 1935) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Lilly Wachowski (*Dec 29, 1967) actor/actress, writer, director, transgender male->female United States US
Michael Winterbottom (*Mar 29, 1961) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Ja Rule (*Feb 29, 1976) singer United States US
Maria Conchita Alonso
(*Jun 29, 1957)
actress, singer Cuba CU
Marián Varga (*Jan 29, 1947) actor, composer Slovakia SK
Yvonne Elliman (*Dec 29, 1951) singer United States US
Annabella Sciorra (*Mar 29, 1960) actress United States US
Dalila Di Lazzaro (*Jan 29, 1953) actress, writer, model Italy IT
Master P (*Apr 29, 1967) singer, actor United States US
Jerry Seinfeld (*Apr 29, 1954) actor United States US
Marianne Faithfull (*Dec 29, 1946) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Kate Nauta (*Apr 29, 1982) actress, singer, model United States US
Melanie Brown (*May 29, 1975) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Natalia Avelon (*Mar 29, 1980) actress, singer Poland PL
Noel Gallagher (*May 29, 1967) guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Jo O'Meara (*Apr 29, 1979) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Lea Michele (*Aug 29, 1986) actress, singer United States US
Leslie Jordan (*Apr 29, 1955) actor United States US
Lucas Cruikshank (*Aug 29, 1993) actor United States US
Janina Gavankar (*Nov 29, 1980) actress, singer, model United States US
George Sampson (*Jun 29, 1993) actor, dancer United Kingdom GB
David Icke (*Apr 29, 1952) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Kian Egan (*Apr 29, 1980) singer Ireland IE
Robert Merle (*Aug 29, 1908) writer, translator Algeria DZ
Rafael Sabatini (*Apr 29, 1875) writer, scriptwriter Italy IT
Melissa Etheridge (*May 29, 1961) composer, actress United States US
Cheb Khaled (*Feb 29, 1960) composer, singer Algeria DZ
Liam Payne (*Aug 29, 1993) actor, singer United Kingdom GB
Dag Hammarskjöld (*Jul 29, 1905) politician, diplomat, 2nd secretary-general of the UN Sweden SE
Jean Giraudoux (*Oct 29, 1882) scriptwriter France FR
John Tyler (*Mar 29, 1790) 10th President of the United States United States US
Giacomo Leopardi (*Jun 29, 1798) poet, novelist Italy IT
Alexis de Tocqueville
(*Jul 29, 1805)
France FR
William McKinley (*Jan 29, 1843) 25th President of the United States United States US
Maurice Maeterlinck (*Aug 29, 1862) writer, poet Belgium BE
Romain Rolland (*Jan 29, 1866) writer France FR
Leadbelly (*Jan 29, 1889) singer United States US
Giorgio Napolitano (*Jun 29, 1925) 11th President of Italy Italy IT
Omara Portuondo (*Oct 29, 1930) singer Cuba CU
Lonnie Donegan (*Apr 29, 1931) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
Jacques Chirac (*Nov 29, 1932) politician France FR
Jerry Lee Lewis (*Sep 29, 1935) singer United States US
Jacques Toubon (*Jun 29, 1941) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Little Eva (*Jun 29, 1943) singer United States US
Peter Green (*Oct 29, 1946) composer, guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Tommy James (*Apr 29, 1947) singer, guitarist United States US
Rebbie Jackson (*May 29, 1950) singer United States US
Patti Scialfa (*Jul 29, 1953) singer United States US
Diamanda Galas (*Aug 29, 1955) composer, singer United States US
Amii Stewart (*Jan 29, 1956) singer United States US
La Toya Jackson (*May 29, 1956) singer, model United States US
Jim Reid (*Dec 29, 1961) singer United Kingdom GB
Renaud Hantson (*Mar 29, 1963) drummer, singer France FR
Martina Mcbride (*Jul 29, 1966) singer United States US
Brett Anderson (*Sep 29, 1967) singer United Kingdom GB
Carnie Wilson (*Apr 29, 1968) actress, singer United States US
Jonathan Knight (*Nov 29, 1968) singer United States US
Aleks Syntek (*Sep 29, 1969) composer, singer Mexico MX
Ninel Conde (*Sep 29, 1970) singer, actress, model, presenter Mexico MX
Amanda Marshall (*Aug 29, 1972) singer Canada CA
Robert Pirès (*Oct 29, 1973) soccer player France FR
Belle Perez (*Jan 29, 1976) singer Belgium BE
Debelah Morgan (*Sep 29, 1977) singer United States US
Bob Bryan (*Apr 29, 1978) tennis player United States US
Mike Bryan (*Apr 29, 1978) tennis player United States US
Kurt Nilsen (*Sep 29, 1978) singer Norway NO
Michaela Pobudová (*Nov 29, 1979) singer Unknown XX
Petek Dincöz (*May 29, 1980) actress, singer Turkey TR
Katherine Jenkins (*Jun 29, 1980) singer United Kingdom GB
Lene Alexandra (*Oct 29, 1981) singer, model Norway NO
Natalia Jiménez (*Dec 29, 1981) singer Spain ES
Wallis Bird (*Jan 29, 1982) musician, singer Ireland IE
Pilar Giménez García (*May 29, 1982) singer Spain ES
Ana Beatriz Barros (*May 29, 1982) model Brazil BR
Jessica Andrews (*Dec 29, 1983) singer United States US
Dani Pedrosa (*Sep 29, 1985) motorcycle racer Spain ES
Ana Free (*Jun 29, 1987) composer, singer Portugal PT
Jena Lee (*Jul 29, 1987) singer Unknown XX
Eric Saade (*Oct 29, 1990) singer Sweden SE
Courtney Stodden (*Aug 29, 1994) singer, model United States US
Nora Foss Al-Jabri (*Jan 29, 1996) singer Norway NO
William Gladstone (*Dec 29, 1809) politician United Kingdom GB
Amos Bronson Alcott (*Nov 29, 1799) writer United States US
Fred J. Ascani (*May 29, 1917) general United States US
Francisco Assis (*Nov 29, 1967) serial killer, sex offender Brazil BR
Michelle Bachelet (*Sep 29, 1951) 35th President of Chile Chile CL
Balthus (*Feb 29, 1908) painter France FR
James K. Baxter (*Jun 29, 1926) poet New Zealand NZ
Jim Baxter (*Sep 29, 1939) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Melvin Belli (*Jul 29, 1907) lawyer United States US
Emile Bergerat (*Apr 29, 1845) writer France FR
Bharathidasan (*Apr 29, 1891) writer India IN
George Boswell (*Sep 29, 1958) United States US
Tony Blackburn (*Jan 29, 1943) United Kingdom GB
Alan Blumlein (*Jun 29, 1903) United Kingdom GB
Emmanuel Bondeville (*Oct 29, 1898) composer France FR
Léon Bourgeois (*May 29, 1851) lawyer France FR
James Brady (*Aug 29, 1940) 17th White House Press Secretary United States US
Freddy Buache (*Dec 29, 1924) writer Switzerland CH
Joseph Buchler (*Sep 29, 1916) United States US
Mark Buoniconti (*Sep 29, 1966) child of celebrity United States US
F. C. Burnand (*Nov 29, 1836) writer United Kingdom GB
Earl Campbell (*Mar 29, 1955) American football player United States US
Jennifer Capriati (*Mar 29, 1976) tennis player United States US
Pablo Casals (*Dec 29, 1876) conductor Spain ES
Terence Cawthorne (*Sep 29, 1902) doctor United Kingdom GB
Jean-Martin Charcot (*Nov 29, 1825) French doctor, founder of Neurology and Psychiatry France FR
G. K. Chesterton (*May 29, 1874) writer United Kingdom GB
George Chisholm (*Mar 29, 1915) musician United Kingdom GB
Giovanni Ciccarelli (*Jan 29, 1927) soccer player Italy IT
Cixi (*Nov 29, 1835) China CN
Ronald Coase (*Dec 29, 1910) United Kingdom GB
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