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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 5 OTTOBRE" (3051)(= 3.22% of all 94691 celebs)

Daniel Baldwin (*Oct 5, 1960) actor United States US
Karen Allen (*Oct 5, 1951) actress United States US
Jennifer Jason Leigh (*Feb 5, 1962) actress United States US
Kate Winslet (*Oct 5, 1975) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Michael Keaton (*Sep 5, 1951) actor, director United States US
Robert Duvall (*Jan 5, 1931) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Diane Keaton (*Jan 5, 1946) actress, director, singer United States US
Dean Stockwell (*Mar 5, 1936) actor United States US
Lance Henriksen (*May 5, 1940) actor United States US
Sam Shepard (*Nov 5, 1943) writer, actor, director United States US
Barbara Hershey (*Feb 5, 1948) actress United States US
Bette Davis (*Apr 5, 1908) actress United States US
Alice Faye (*May 5, 1912) actress, singer United States US
Rex Harrison (*Mar 5, 1908) actor United Kingdom GB
Vivien Leigh (*Nov 5, 1913) actress India IN
Joel McCrea (*Nov 5, 1905) actor United States US
Gregory Peck (*Apr 5, 1916) actor United States US
Guy Pearce (*Oct 5, 1967) actor United Kingdom GB
Tyrone Power (*May 5, 1914) actor United States US
Robert Taylor (*Aug 5, 1911) actor United States US
Spencer Tracy (*Apr 5, 1900) actor United States US
Mark Wahlberg (*Jun 5, 1971) singer, actor United States US
Raquel Welch (*Sep 5, 1940) actress, model United States US
Jane Wyman (*Jan 5, 1917) actress United States US
Jean Cocteau (*Jul 5, 1889) actor, director, cameraman, scriptwriter France FR
Michael Palin (*May 5, 1943) actor, comedian, writer, member of Monty Python United Kingdom GB
Clive Barker (*Oct 5, 1952) writer of horror and dark fantasy, director, actor United Kingdom GB
Peter Greenaway (*Apr 5, 1942) actor, director, cameraman, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Michael Mann (*Feb 5, 1943) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Pier Paolo Pasolini (*Mar 5, 1922) writer, director, scriptwriter, poet Italy IT
Walt Disney (*Dec 5, 1901) actor, director United States US
Hayao Miyazaki (*Jan 5, 1941) Japanese anime creator, director, animator, founder of Studio Ghibli, writer Japan JP
Eva Mendes (*Mar 5, 1974) actress, model United States US
Louis Lumière (*Oct 5, 1864) director, cameraman, one of the first filmmakers France FR
Jeff Chandler (*Dec 5, 1918) actor, singer United States US
Eva Green (*Jul 5, 1980) actress, model France FR
Bryan Adams (*Nov 5, 1959) actor, singer Canada CA
Marie Laforêt (*Oct 5, 1939) actress, singer France FR
Marilyn Manson (*Jan 5, 1969) singer United States US
Freddie Mercury (*Sep 5, 1946) composer, singer Tanzania TZ
RZA (*Jul 5, 1969) composer, singer, actor United States US
Pharrell Williams (*Apr 5, 1973) composer, singer United States US
Kajol (*Aug 5, 1974) actress India IN
Václav Havel (*Oct 5, 1936) 1st President of the Czech Republic, writer, philosopher, political dissident Czech Republic CZ
William S. Burroughs (*Feb 5, 1914) writer United States US
Adele (*May 5, 1988) singer United Kingdom GB
H. R. Giger (*Feb 5, 1940) painter, sculptor, designer, author of the Alien Switzerland CH
Nicolae Ceauşescu (*Feb 5, 1918) politician Romania RO
Al Kooper (*Feb 5, 1944) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Chris Brown (*May 5, 1989) singer, actor, dancer United States US
Henryk Sienkiewicz (*May 5, 1846) writer, journalist Poland PL
Umberto Eco (*Jan 5, 1932) writer, esthetician, semiology and literary scholar Italy IT
Guy de Maupassant (*Aug 5, 1850) writer France FR
Neil Armstrong (*Aug 5, 1930) astronaut United States US
Mario Lemieux (*Oct 5, 1965) ice hockey player Canada CA
Denis Diderot (*Oct 5, 1713) writer, philosopher France FR
Soeren Kierkegaard (*May 5, 1813) novelist, theologian, philosopher Denmark DK
John Boyd Dunlop (*Feb 5, 1840) veterinarian, inventor of Dunlop tires United Kingdom GB
André Citroën (*Feb 5, 1878) industrialist, automotive pioneer France FR
Clay Regazzoni (*Sep 5, 1939) F1 racing driver Switzerland CH
DJ Bobo (*Jan 5, 1968) singer, songwriter, dancer, DJ Switzerland CH
Marine Le Pen (*Aug 5, 1968) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Paddy Kelly (*Dec 5, 1977) singer, composer, songwriter, former member of The Kelly Family Ireland IE
Cristiano Ronaldo (*Feb 5, 1985) soccer player Portugal PT
Karl Marx (*May 5, 1818) philosopher, political journalist, communist Germany DE
Anti-Christ (*Feb 5, 1962) Egypt EG
Italo Balbo (*Jun 5, 1896) pilot Italy IT
Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale
(*Oct 5, 1895)
amateur singer, aunt of Jacqueline Kennedy, Big Edie from the movie Grey Gardens United States US
Eddie Edwards (*Dec 5, 1963) British athlete, skier United Kingdom GB
Robert Hand (*Dec 5, 1942) astrologer United States US
Werner Heisenberg (*Dec 5, 1901) nuclear physicist, creator of quantum mechanics Germany DE
Roman Herzog (*Apr 5, 1934) 7th Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany Germany DE
Ray Kroc (*Oct 5, 1902) businessman, founder of McDonald's Corporation United States US
Ike Turner (*Nov 5, 1931) guitarist United States US
Wieland Wagner (*Jan 5, 1917) director, opera singer Germany DE
Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
(*May 5, 1747)
Holy Roman Emperor, King in Germany, Archduke of Austria Austria AT
Louis Kahn (*Mar 5, 1901) architect Estonia EE
Jesse James (*Sep 5, 1847) felon, robber, murderer United States US
J. B. S. Haldane (*Nov 5, 1892) geneticist, evolutionary biologist, founder of population genetics United Kingdom GB
George Frideric Handel
(*Mar 5, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Natashya Hawley (*Sep 5, 2000) singer, child of celebrity United States US
Louis XIV of France (*Sep 5, 1638) monarch of the House of Bourbon, King of France and Navarre France FR
Curtis Manwaring (*Aug 5, 1961) astrologer, programmer, author of the Delphic Oracle astrology software United States US
John Rhys-Davies (*May 5, 1944) actor United Kingdom GB
Tom Wilkinson (*Feb 5, 1948) actor United Kingdom GB
Jeff Conaway (*Oct 5, 1950) actor United States US
Nigel Hawthorne (*Apr 5, 1929) actor United Kingdom GB
Sam Rockwell (*Nov 5, 1968) actor United States US
Tim Holt (*Feb 5, 1919) actor United States US
Roger Corman (*Apr 5, 1926) actor, director United States US
Fritz Lang (*Dec 5, 1890) actor, director, scriptwriter Austria AT
Roger Michell (*Jun 5, 1956) director, actor South Africa ZA
Vinnie Jones (*Jan 5, 1965) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Rose McGowan (*Sep 5, 1973) actress, singer, model Italy IT
Josie Bissett (*Oct 5, 1970) actress United States US
Patricia Kaas (*Dec 5, 1966) singer France FR
Jessica Boehrs (*Mar 5, 1980) actress, singer Germany DE
Pruitt Taylor Vince (*Jul 5, 1960) actor United States US
Duff McKagan (*Feb 5, 1964) composer, bassist, singer United States US
Craig David (*May 5, 1981) singer United Kingdom GB
Bob Geldof (*Oct 5, 1951) actor Ireland IE
John Frusciante (*Mar 5, 1970) guitarist, singer, actor, scriptwriter United States US
Carice van Houten (*Sep 5, 1976) actress Netherlands NL
America Olivo (*Jan 5, 1978) actress, singer, model United States US
Devin Townsend (*May 5, 1972) bassist, singer Canada CA
Darren Criss (*Feb 5, 1987) actor, singer United States US
Laurie Anderson (*Jun 5, 1947) composer, singer United States US
Vladimír Polívka (*Jul 5, 1989) actor Switzerland CH
Agnetha Fältskog (*Apr 5, 1950) singer Sweden SE
Brooke Hogan (*May 5, 1988) singer, dancer United States US
Anna Rusticano (*Nov 5, 1954) singer Italy IT
Amanda Lepore (*Dec 5, 1967) actress, singer, model United States US
Mark Anthony (*Jun 5, 1970) actor United States US
Angela Gossow (*Nov 5, 1974) singer Germany DE
BoA (*Nov 5, 1986) singer, dancer South Korea KR
Pierre Bost (*Sep 5, 1901) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Friedrich Dürrenmatt (*Jan 5, 1921) playwright Switzerland CH
Étienne-Jules Marey (*Mar 5, 1830) scientist, doctor, physiologist, chronophotographer France FR
Martin Van Buren (*Dec 5, 1782) 8th President of the United States United States US
Chester A. Arthur (*Oct 5, 1829) 21st President of the United States United States US
Rudolf Christoph Eucken
(*Jan 5, 1846)
philosopher Germany DE
Konrad Adenauer (*Jan 5, 1876) politician Germany DE
John Maynard Keynes (*Jun 5, 1883) economist United Kingdom GB
Sonny Boy Williamson (*Dec 5, 1899) singer United States US
Paul Vergès (*Mar 5, 1925) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Thailand TH
Alex Harvey (*Feb 5, 1935) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
Joe Dassin (*Nov 5, 1938) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
JJ Cale (*Dec 5, 1938) bassist, singer United States US
John Stewart (*Sep 5, 1939) composer, musician, singer United States US
Tammy Wynette (*May 5, 1942) composer, singer United States US
Pierangelo Bertoli (*Nov 5, 1942) singer Italy IT
Al Stewart (*Sep 5, 1945) guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Brian Connolly (*Oct 5, 1945) singer United Kingdom GB
José Carreras (*Dec 5, 1946) singer Spain ES
Peter Hammill (*Nov 5, 1948) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Bernard Arnault (*Mar 5, 1949) businessman France FR
Harpo (*Apr 5, 1950) composer, singer Sweden SE
Andy Gibb (*Mar 5, 1958) singer United Kingdom GB
Pete Burns (*Aug 5, 1959) singer United Kingdom GB
Karita Mattila (*Sep 5, 1960) singer Finland FI
Bertrand Cantat (*Mar 5, 1964) composer, singer France FR
Patrick Roy (*Oct 5, 1965) ice hockey player Canada CA
Terri Clark (*Aug 5, 1958) musician, singer Canada CA
Bobby Brown (*Feb 5, 1969) singer, actor, dancer United States US
John LeClair (*Jul 5, 1969) ice hockey player United States US
Fauziah Latiff (*Dec 5, 1970) composer, singer Malaysia MY
Sakis Rouvas (*Jan 5, 1972) actor, singer, model, athlete Greece GR
Sascha Schmitz (*Jan 5, 1972) composer, singer Germany DE
Róisín Murphy (*Jul 5, 1973) singer Ireland IE
Barbara Schöneberger (*Mar 5, 1974) singer, actress, presenter Germany DE
Lisa Scott-Lee (*Nov 5, 1975) singer United Kingdom GB
Ronnie O'Sullivan (*Dec 5, 1975) United Kingdom GB
Tereza Nekudová (*1979) actress, singer CZSK CE
David Bisbal (*Jun 5, 1979) singer Spain ES
Amélie Mauresmo (*Jul 5, 1979) tennis player France FR
Rebecca Rudolf (*May 5, 1980) singer Unknown XX
Julie Zenatti (*Feb 5, 1981) singer France FR
Linda Sundblad (*Jun 5, 1981) singer Sweden SE
Kou Shibasaki (*Aug 5, 1981) actress, singer Japan JP
Keri Hilson (*Dec 5, 1982) composer, singer United States US
Annie Villeneuve (*May 5, 1983) singer Canada CA
Dawn Richard (*Aug 5, 1983) singer United States US
Nicky Hilton Rothschild
(*Oct 5, 1983)
actress, model, fashion designer United States US
Helene Fischer (*Aug 5, 1984) singer Russia RU
Christine Ghawi (*Nov 5, 1984) actress, singer Palestine PS
Nicola Roberts (*Oct 5, 1985) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Pierre Casiraghi (*Sep 5, 1987) Monaco MC
Tina Parol (*Mar 5, 1988) singer United States US
Skye Sweetnam (*May 5, 1988) singer, actress Canada CA
Bahar Kizil (*Oct 5, 1988) singer Germany DE
Kejsi Tola (*Feb 5, 1992) singer Albania AL
Hank Aaron (*Feb 5, 1934) baseball player United States US
Joseph Abboud (*May 5, 1950) fashion designer United States US
Giorgio Abetti (*Oct 5, 1882) Italy IT
Alvin Ailey (*Jan 5, 1931) dancer United States US
Gottfried Angeli (*Aug 5, 1953) astrologer Germany DE
Robert Antelme (*Jan 5, 1917) writer France FR
Marcel Arland (*Jul 5, 1899) writer France FR
Alex Arredondo (*Aug 5, 1984) activist United States US
Rudolf Augstein (*Nov 5, 1923) journalist Germany DE
Jacqueline Auriol (*Nov 5, 1917) pilot France FR
Anthony Aveni (*Mar 5, 1938) United States US
Elisabeth Badinter (*Mar 5, 1944) writer France FR
Daniel Balavoine (*Feb 5, 1952) musician, singer France FR
Tony L. Banks (*Apr 5, 1973) soccer player United States US
Rui Barbosa (*Nov 5, 1849) politician, writer, lawyer Brazil BR
Lucio Battisti (*Mar 5, 1943) composer Italy IT
Amy Beach (*Sep 5, 1867) composer United States US
Giovanni Belzoni (*Nov 5, 1778) Italy IT
Nabilla Benattia (*Feb 5, 1992) model France FR
Hans Bender (*Feb 5, 1907) psychologist Germany DE
Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli
(*Jan 5, 1920)
musician Italy IT
Ali Zulfikar Bhutto (*Jan 5, 1928) politician Pakistan PK
Hal Blaine (*Feb 5, 1929) drummer United States US
Dennis Blair (*Jun 5, 1954) baseball player United States US
Marie-Claire Blais (*Oct 5, 1939) writer Canada CA
Alain de Boissieu (*Jul 5, 1914) general France FR
Michel Bon (*Jul 5, 1943) businessman, politician, CEO and Chairman of the Carrefour France FR
Roger Bordier (*Mar 5, 1923) writer France FR
George Henry Borrow (*Jul 5, 1803) writer United Kingdom GB
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