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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 6 FEBBRAIO" (3079)(= 3.25% of all 94691 celebs)

Ethan Hawke (*Nov 6, 1970) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
George Clooney (*May 6, 1961) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Sylvester Stallone (*Jul 6, 1946) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
François Truffaut (*Feb 6, 1932) actor, director France FR
Ned Beatty (*Jul 6, 1937) actor United States US
Elisabeth Shue (*Oct 6, 1963) actress United States US
Tom Arnold (*Mar 6, 1959) actor United States US
Janet Leigh (*Jul 6, 1927) actress United States US
Orson Welles (*May 6, 1915) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Rowan Atkinson (*Jan 6, 1955) actor, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Sally Field (*Nov 6, 1946) actress United States US
Carole Lombard (*Oct 6, 1908) actress United States US
Robert Mitchum (*Aug 6, 1917) actor United States US
Maria Montez (*Jun 6, 1920) actress Dominican Republic DO
Ronald Reagan (*Feb 6, 1911) 40th President of the United States, 33rd Governor of California United States US
Rudolph Valentino (*May 6, 1895) actor Italy IT
Loretta Young (*Jan 6, 1913) actress United States US
Michelle Yeoh (*Aug 6, 1962) actress, dancer Malaysia MY
Pierre Brice (*Feb 6, 1929) singer, actor, film representative of Winnetou France FR
Geoffrey Rush (*Jul 6, 1951) actor Australia AU
Andrzej Wajda (*Mar 6, 1926) director Poland PL
Andy Warhol (*Aug 6, 1928) painter, graphic artist, actor, writer, director, cinematographer United States US
Zsa Zsa Gabor (*Feb 6, 1917) actress Hungary HU
Ioan Gruffudd (*Oct 6, 1973) actor United Kingdom GB
W. Axl Rose (*Feb 6, 1962) singer United States US
Shaquille O'Neal (*Mar 6, 1972) actor, rapper, basketball player United States US
George W. Bush (*Jul 6, 1946) 43rd President of the United States United States US
Bob Marley (*Feb 6, 1945) composer, guitarist, singer Jamaica JM
Natalie Cole (*Feb 6, 1950) singer United States US
50 Cent (*Jul 6, 1975) singer, actor United States US
Dolores O'Riordan (*Sep 6, 1971) songwriter, guitarist, singer of The Cranberries Ireland IE
Robert Falcon Scott (*Jun 6, 1868) polar explorer United Kingdom GB
Geri Halliwell (*Aug 6, 1972) singer United Kingdom GB
Eva Braun (*Feb 6, 1912) actress Germany DE
Nancy Reagan (*Jul 6, 1921) actress United States US
Irina Shayk (*Jan 6, 1986) model Russia RU
Alexander Pushkin (*Jun 6, 1799) writer Russia RU
Tony Blair (*May 6, 1953) politician United Kingdom GB
Czar of Russia Nicholas I
(*Jul 6, 1796)
Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias Russia RU
Sigmund Freud (*May 6, 1856) doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis Czech Republic CZ
James Naismith (*Nov 6, 1861) educator, physician, innovator, inventor of basketball Canada CA
Paul Claudel (*Aug 6, 1868) writer, poet France FR
Siegfried Wagner (*Jun 6, 1869) composer, conductor, Richard Wagner's son and grandson of Franz Liszt Switzerland CH
Czarina of Russia Alexandra
(*Jun 6, 1872)
Princess of Hesse, the last Empress of Russia Germany DE
Louie Bellson (*Jul 6, 1924) composer, drummer United States US
Bill Haley (*Jul 6, 1925) singer, guitarist, one of the first rock and roll musicians United States US
Udo Dirkschneider (*Apr 6, 1952) singer, founder of the band U.D.O., former member of the band Accept Germany DE
Jerry Yang (*Nov 6, 1968) co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc. China CN
Adolphe Sax (*Nov 6, 1814) musical instrument designer, inventor of the saxophone Belgium BE
Stephen Arroyo (*Oct 6, 1946) astrologer United States US
Andreas Baader (*May 6, 1943) anarchist, activist, terrorist, co-founder and leader of the Red Army Faction Germany DE
Friedrich Bayer (*Jun 6, 1825) chemist, entrepreneur, founder of company Bayer AG Germany DE
Marc Chagall (*Jul 6, 1887) painter Russia RU
Camilo Cienfuegos (*Feb 6, 1932) famous Cuban revolutionary Cuba CU
Gordon Cooper (*Mar 6, 1927) American military pilot, astronaut of the first space flights United States US
Tenzin Gyatso - 14th Dalai Lama
(*Jul 6, 1935)
14th Dalai Lama China CN
Edwin Fischer (*Oct 6, 1886) conductor Switzerland CH
Fabian Forte (*Feb 6, 1943) singer, actor United States US
Ian Frazer (*Jan 6, 1953) scientist United Kingdom GB
Kahlil Gibran (*Jan 6, 1883) writer, painter, poet Lebanon LB
Victor Horta (*Jan 6, 1861) architect Belgium BE
Eugen Jonáš (*1928) doctor, psychiatrist, gynecologist, astrologer Slovakia SK
Frida Kahlo (*Jul 6, 1907) painter Mexico MX
Le Corbusier (*Oct 6, 1887) Swiss architect, urban planner, theorist, painter Switzerland CH
Helen Wills Moody (*Oct 6, 1905) tennis player United States US
Philip M. Morse (*Aug 6, 1903) physicist United States US
Nadar (*Apr 6, 1820) photographer, portrait photography pioneer, journalist, writer France FR
Robert Edwin Peary (*May 6, 1856) admiral, engineer, scientist, explorer United States US
Maximilien Robespierre
(*May 6, 1758)
politician France FR
Alan Watts (*Jan 6, 1915) writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Lars Larsen (*Aug 6, 1948) founder of Jysk Denmark DK
Laurene Powell Jobs (*Nov 6, 1963) manager, heiress and founder of Emerson Collective, wife of Steve Jobs United States US
Rabíndranáth Thákur (*May 6, 1861) composer, writer, painter, philosopher India IN
Charles Felix (*Apr 6, 1765) King of Sardinia, Duke of Savoy Italy IT
Conchita Wurst (*Nov 6, 1988) singer, gay drag queen performer Austria AT
Martha Beck (*May 6, 1920) serial murderess from pair - The Lonely Hearts Killers United States US
Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
(*May 6, 1918)
politician, the first president of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates AE
Hafez al-Assad (*Oct 6, 1930) statesman, politician, general, president of Syria Syria SY
Johannes Kepler (*Jan 6, 1572) astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, writer Germany DE
Moshe ben Maimon (*Apr 6, 1135) rabbi, Jewish philosopher, doctor Spain ES
Dante Alighieri (*Jun 6, 1265) poet, linguist, author of The Divine Comedy Italy IT
Billy Dee Williams (*Apr 6, 1937) actor United States US
Christian Clavier (*May 6, 1952) actor, scriptwriter France FR
Jason Isaacs (*Jun 6, 1963) actor United Kingdom GB
Rip Torn (*Feb 6, 1931) actor United States US
Nathalie Baye (*Jul 6, 1948) actress France FR
Janet Gaynor (*Oct 6, 1906) actress United States US
Michael Rooker (*Apr 6, 1955) actor United States US
Rebecca Romijn (*Nov 6, 1972) actress, model United States US
Rob Reiner (*Mar 6, 1947) actor, director, scriptwriter United States US
Frank Finlay (*Aug 6, 1926) actor United Kingdom GB
Paul Giamatti (*Jun 6, 1967) actor United States US
Anne Parillaud (*May 6, 1960) actress France FR
Robert Englund (*Jun 6, 1947) actor United States US
Marek Wlodarczyk (*Oct 6, 1954) actor Poland PL
Moira Kelly (*Mar 6, 1968) actress United States US
Trudie Styler (*Jan 6, 1954) actress, director United Kingdom GB
Amy Jo Johnson (*Oct 6, 1970) actress, singer United States US
Marc Lavoine (*Aug 6, 1962) actor, singer France FR
Taryn Manning (*Nov 6, 1978) singer, actress, fashion designer United States US
David Gilmour (*Mar 6, 1946) composer, guitarist, singer United Kingdom GB
Joseph P. Kennedy (*Sep 6, 1888) businessman United States US
Macy Gray (*Sep 6, 1967) actress, singer United States US
Nina Persson (*Sep 6, 1974) singer Sweden SE
Sunhwa (*Oct 6, 1990) singer, actress South Korea KR
Emma Stone (*Nov 6, 1988) actress United States US
Levi Eshkol (*Nov 6, 1895) Ukraine UA
Syd Barrett (*Jan 6, 1946) composer, guitarist, singer, actor United Kingdom GB
Aracely Arámbula (*Mar 6, 1975) actress, singer, model Mexico MX
Steve Vai (*Jun 6, 1960) singer, guitarist United States US
Lolita Flores (*May 6, 1958) actress, singer Spain ES
Naomi Scott (*May 6, 1993) actress, singer United Kingdom GB
Alicia Machado (*Dec 6, 1976) actress, singer, model Venezuela VE
Dulce María (*Dec 6, 1985) composer, singer, actress Mexico MX
Aram Khachaturyan (*Jun 6, 1903) composer, conductor Georgia GE
Julie Chen (*Jan 6, 1970) presenter United States US
Yael Naim (*Feb 6, 1978) composer, singer France FR
Guy Kibbee (*Mar 6, 1882) actor United States US
Ana Ivanovic (*Nov 6, 1987) tennis player Serbia RS
Philippe Bouvard (*Dec 6, 1929) writer France FR
E. L. Doctorow (*Jan 6, 1931) writer United States US
Eugène Labiche (*May 6, 1815) scriptwriter France FR
Norman Wexler (*Aug 6, 1926) writer, scriptwriter United States US
Federico García Lorca
(*Jun 6, 1898)
writer, actor, scriptwriter Spain ES
William Schallert (*Jul 6, 1922) actor United States US
Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam
(*Jul 6, 1859)
poet, novelist Sweden SE
Christian Morgenstern
(*May 6, 1871)
writer, journalist, poet Germany DE
Thomas Mann (*Jun 6, 1875) writer Germany DE
Kirk Kerkorian (*Jun 6, 1917) businessman, investor, philanthropist, CEO of Tracinda Corporation United States US
Pauline Betz (*Aug 6, 1919) tennis player United States US
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
(*Nov 6, 1919)
writer, poet Portugal PT
Gabriel García Márquez
(*Mar 6, 1927)
writer, scriptwriter Colombia CO
Doris Troy (*Jan 6, 1937) singer United States US
Merle Haggard (*Apr 6, 1937) composer, singer United States US
Philippe Busquin (*Jan 6, 1941) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Belgium BE
Alan Stivell (*Jan 6, 1944) singer France FR
Bob Seger (*May 6, 1945) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Sylvester (*Sep 6, 1947) singer United States US
Kiki Dee (*Mar 6, 1947) singer United Kingdom GB
Nanci Griffith (*Jul 6, 1953) singer United States US
Björn Borg (*Jun 6, 1956) tennis player Sweden SE
Kathy Sledge (*Jan 6, 1959) singer United States US
David Lovering (*Dec 6, 1961) drummer, singer United States US
Kathy Kelly (*Mar 6, 1963) singer United States US
Frank Black (*Apr 6, 1965) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Stéphane Peterhansel (*Aug 6, 1965) car racer France FR
Rick Astley (*Feb 6, 1966) singer United Kingdom GB
Heather Nova (*Jul 6, 1967) singer United Kingdom GB
Betty Boo (*Mar 6, 1970) singer United Kingdom GB
Leila K. (*Sep 6, 1971) singer Sweden SE
Martin Brodeur (*May 6, 1972) ice hockey player Canada CA
Donna Lewis (*Aug 6, 1973) singer United Kingdom GB
Romain Sardou (*Jan 6, 1974) writer France FR
Kerry Katona (*Sep 6, 1980) actress, singer, model United Kingdom GB
Mike Jones (*Jan 6, 1981) singer, actor United States US
Michaela Zemánková (*Apr 6, 1981) singer, actress Unknown XX
Alberto Contador (*Dec 6, 1982) Spain ES
Lisa Lavie (*May 6, 1983) singer Canada CA
Raquel Zimmerman (*May 6, 1983) model Brazil BR
Robin van Persie (*Aug 6, 1983) actor Netherlands NL
Piret Järvis (*Feb 6, 1984) singer, presenter Estonia EE
Joanna Pacitti (*Oct 6, 1984) actress, singer United States US
Leslie Carter (*Jun 6, 1986) actress, singer United States US
Kate Nash (*Jul 6, 1987) musician, singer United Kingdom GB
Agnes Carlsson (*Mar 6, 1988) singer Sweden SE
Ryan Higa (*Jun 6, 1990) actor United States US
Baekhyun (*May 6, 1992) South Korean actor, singer South Korea KR
Cleopatra Stratan (*Oct 6, 2002) singer Moldova MD
Jane Addams (*Sep 6, 1860) United States US
Sara Aldrete (*Sep 6, 1964) Satanist serial killer Mexico MX
Claudio Arrau (*Feb 6, 1903) musician Chile CL
Michele Bachmann (*Apr 6, 1956) politician United States US
Jürgen Bartsch (*Nov 6, 1946) serial killer Germany DE
Frédéric Bazille (*Dec 6, 1841) painter France FR
Bobby Beausoleil (*Nov 6, 1947) American murderer, Charles Manson's associate United States US
Georges Bidault (*Oct 6, 1899) politician France FR
Guillaume Bigourdan (*Apr 6, 1851) France FR
David Blunkett (*Jun 6, 1947) politician United Kingdom GB
Julio Bocca (*Mar 6, 1967) dancer Argentina AR
Kit Bond (*Mar 6, 1939) politician United States US
Isabelle Boulay (*Jul 6, 1972) singer Canada CA
Christine Boutin (*Feb 6, 1944) politician France FR
Karl Ferdinand Braun (*Jun 6, 1850) physicist Germany DE
Rory Bremner (*Apr 6, 1961) United Kingdom GB
John W. Bricker (*Sep 6, 1893) politician United States US
Tom Brokaw (*Feb 6, 1940) journalist United States US
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(*Mar 6, 1806)
writer, poet United Kingdom GB
Dave Brubeck (*Dec 6, 1920) musician United States US
Max Bruch (*Jan 6, 1838) composer, conductor Germany DE
Neville Bulwer-Lytton
(*Feb 6, 1879)
tennis player India IN
Aaron Burr (*Feb 6, 1756) lawyer United States US
Amos Cardarelli (*Mar 6, 1930) soccer player Italy IT
Lionel Cardon (*Jan 6, 1958) serial killer France FR
David Carpenter (*May 6, 1930) serial killer United States US
Lynne Carter (*Nov 6, 1924) United States US
Rubin Carter (*May 6, 1937) boxer United States US
Patti Catalano (*Apr 6, 1953) runner United States US
Patrick Cauvin (*Oct 6, 1932) writer France FR
Jean Cayrol (*Jun 6, 1910) poet France FR
André Chamson (*Jun 6, 1900) writer France FR
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