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Celebrities - "FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 8 DICEMBRE" (3097)(= 3.27% of all 94686 celebs)

Anjelica Huston (*Jul 8, 1951) actress United States US
Jack Lemmon (*Feb 8, 1925) actor United States US
Nick Nolte (*Feb 8, 1941) actor United States US
David Bowie (*Jan 8, 1947) composer, singer United Kingdom GB
Sigourney Weaver (*Oct 8, 1949) actress United States US
Kim Basinger (*Dec 8, 1953) actress, model United States US
John Gavin (*Apr 8, 1931) actor, politician United States US
Patricia Arquette (*Apr 8, 1968) actress, director United States US
Keith Carradine (*Aug 8, 1949) actor United States US
Kevin Bacon (*Jul 8, 1958) singer, actor, director United States US
Matt Damon (*Oct 8, 1970) actor, scriptwriter United States US
David Carradine (*Dec 8, 1936) actor United States US
Chevy Chase (*Oct 8, 1943) actor United States US
Dustin Hoffman (*Aug 8, 1937) actor, director United States US
Paul Hogan (*Oct 8, 1939) actor Australia AU
Peter Sellers (*Sep 8, 1925) actor United Kingdom GB
Sammy Davis Jr. (*Dec 8, 1925) actor, director United States US
James Dean (*Feb 8, 1931) actor United States US
Michael Dudikoff (*Oct 8, 1954) actor United States US
Teri Hatcher (*Dec 8, 1964) actress United States US
Mary Pickford (*Apr 8, 1892) actress, director Canada CA
Elvis Presley (*Jan 8, 1935) singer United States US
Robert Preston (*Jun 8, 1918) actor United States US
Lana Turner (*Feb 8, 1921) actress United States US
Tara Reid (*Nov 8, 1975) actress United States US
Alain Delon (*Nov 8, 1935) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Lex Barker (*May 8, 1919) actor United States US
Ian Somerhalder (*Dec 8, 1978) actor United States US
Oleg Menshikov (*Nov 8, 1960) actor Russia RU
Michel Gondry (*May 8, 1963) actor, director, scriptwriter France FR
Pink (*Sep 8, 1979) singer, actress United States US
Sylvia Sidney (*Aug 8, 1910) actress United States US
Frédéric Back (*Apr 8, 1924) artist, film director, animator, illustrator, author of The Man Who Planted Trees Germany DE
Jacques Brel (*Apr 8, 1929) singer, writer, actor, director, poet Belgium BE
The Edge (*Aug 8, 1961) composer, musician, singer United Kingdom GB
Andrew Fletcher (*Jul 8, 1961) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
Michael Nyqvist (*Nov 8, 1960) actor Sweden SE
Jim Morrison (*Dec 8, 1943) singer, writer, poet United States US
Enrique Iglesias (*May 8, 1975) composer, musician, singer, actor Spain ES
Kanye West (*Jun 8, 1977) singer United States US
Nancy Sinatra (*Jun 8, 1940) singer United States US
Stephen Hawking (*Jan 8, 1942) physicist, scientist, mathematician United Kingdom GB
Sinéad O'Connor (*Dec 8, 1966) singer Ireland IE
Gordon Ramsay (*Nov 8, 1966) chef, restaurateur, TV personality, presenter, businessman United Kingdom GB
Nicki Minaj (*Dec 8, 1982) singer, fashion designer Trinidad and Tobago TT
Lyle Talbot (*Feb 8, 1902) actor United States US
Jules Verne (*Feb 8, 1828) writer France FR
Frank Herbert (*Oct 8, 1920) writer United States US
Kofi Annan (*Apr 8, 1938) diplomat, 7th Secretary-General of the UN Ghana GH
Domenico Martucci (*Jul 8, 1976) actor, singer Italy IT
Harry S. Truman (*May 8, 1884) 33rd President of the United States United States US
Bram Stoker (*Nov 8, 1847) writer, author of Dracula Ireland IE
Count Zeppelin (*Jul 8, 1838) general, aircraft manufacturer, founder of the Zeppelin airship company Germany DE
Neal Cassady (*Feb 8, 1926) writer, poet United States US
Giuliana Benetton (*Jul 8, 1937) businesswoman, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benetton Italy IT
Bonnie Tyler (*Jun 8, 1951) singer United Kingdom GB
Joan Osborne (*Jul 8, 1962) composer, singer United States US
C. J. Ramone (*Oct 8, 1965) singer, guitarist, bassist of the band The Ramones United States US
Roger Federer (*Aug 8, 1981) tennis player Switzerland CH
Bruno Mars (*Oct 8, 1985) singer United States US
Dino Alfieri (*Jul 8, 1886) politician Italy IT
Catherine Aubier (*Nov 8, 1941) astrologer France FR
Beck (*Jul 8, 1970) singer United States US
Tim Berners-Lee (*Jun 8, 1955) inventor of the World Wide Web, director of the W3C United Kingdom GB
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
(*Dec 8, 1832)
writer Norway NO
Ernst Bloch (*Jul 8, 1885) philosopher Germany DE
Martin Buber (*Feb 8, 1878) Jewish philosopher of religion, translator Austria AT
Joseph Chamberlain (*Jul 8, 1836) politician United Kingdom GB
Camille Claudel (*Dec 8, 1864) French sculptor, printmaker France FR
Louise Hay (*Oct 8, 1926) writer, American motivational author, founder of Hay House United States US
Kim Jong-Un (*Jan 8, 1983) supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, son of Kim Jong-il North Korea KP
Charles T. Kowal (*Nov 8, 1940) astronomer, discoverer of asteroids and centaurs Chiron United States US
Franz Marc (*Feb 8, 1880) German painter, co-founder of art group Der Blaue Reiter Germany DE
MacGregor Mathers (*Jan 8, 1854) occultist, Mason, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn United Kingdom GB
Dmitri Mendeleev (*Feb 8, 1834) Russian chemist, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements Russia RU
Hermann Meyer (*Mar 8, 1947) astrologer Germany DE
Diego Rivera (*Dec 8, 1886) artist, painter, active communist, husband of painter Frida Kahlo Mexico MX
Nelson Rockefeller (*Jul 8, 1908) politician United States US
John Ruskin (*Feb 8, 1819) painter United Kingdom GB
Bob Smith (*Aug 8, 1879) surgeon, Dr. Bob - co-founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) United States US
Frank Lloyd Wright (*Jun 8, 1867) one of the most important American architects United States US
Dave Farrell (*Feb 8, 1977) bassist United States US
Gas Lipstick (*Feb 8, 1971) drummer Sweden SE
Timo Boll (*Mar 8, 1981) table tennis player Germany DE
Pascal Lamy (*Apr 8, 1947) politician, businessman, Director General of WTO France FR
Clive Burr (*Mar 8, 1957) drummer United Kingdom GB
Martha Gellhorn (*Nov 8, 1908) journalist United States US
Chris Kyle (*Apr 8, 1974) US Navy SEAL veteran, American Sniper United States US
Aaron Swartz (*Nov 8, 1986) programmer, activist, Open Access supporter - free accessibility of information United States US
Maher al-Assad (*Dec 8, 1967) politician, military commander, brother of Syrian President Syria SY
Hans von Bülow (*Jan 8, 1830) composer, musician, conductor Germany DE
Mehmed the Conqueror (*Apr 8, 1432) Turkish sultan of the Ottoman dynasty Turkey TR
Sadiq Khan (*Oct 8, 1970) politician, lawyer, the first Muslim in the role of the Mayor of London United Kingdom GB
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
(*Dec 8, 1708)
Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany France FR
Daniel Bernoulli (*Feb 8, 1700) mathematician, physicist Netherlands NL
David Arquette (*Sep 8, 1971) actor, director United States US
Freddie Prinze Jr. (*Mar 8, 1976) actor, scriptwriter United States US
Richard Anderson (*Aug 8, 1926) actor United States US
José Ferrer (*Jan 8, 1912) actor, director Puerto Rico PR
Mario Adorf (*Sep 8, 1930) actor Switzerland CH
King Vidor (*Feb 8, 1894) actor, director, cameraman, scriptwriter United States US
Maximilian Schell (*Dec 8, 1930) actor, director, scriptwriter Austria AT
Nancy Meyers (*Dec 8, 1949) actress, director, scriptwriter United States US
Ricky Nelson (*May 8, 1940) actor, singer United States US
Thomas Kretschmann (*Sep 8, 1962) actor, swimmer Germany DE
Mathilda May (*Feb 8, 1965) actress, singer France FR
Emma Caulfield (*Apr 8, 1973) actress, singer United States US
Claude Jade (*Oct 8, 1948) actress France FR
Nick Cannon (*Oct 8, 1980) singer, actor, scriptwriter United States US
AnnaSophia Robb (*Dec 8, 1993) actress, singer United States US
Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo
(*Feb 8, 1974)
musician France FR
Sid Caesar (*Sep 8, 1922) composer, actor United States US
Jaden Smith (*Jul 8, 1998) singer, actor, dancer United States US
Gary Glitter (*May 8, 1944) singer United Kingdom GB
Claire Keim (*Jul 8, 1975) actress, singer France FR
Travis Pastrana (*Oct 8, 1983) United States US
Nora Arnezeder (*May 8, 1989) actress France FR
Darren Hayes (*May 8, 1972) singer Australia AU
Bella Thorne (*Oct 8, 1997) singer, actress, model, dancer, voice actress United States US
Zhanna Friske (*Jul 8, 1974) actress, singer Russia RU
Matthias Schoenaerts (*Dec 8, 1977) actor Belgium BE
Adela Popescu (*Oct 8, 1986) actress, singer Romania RO
Stephen Amell (*May 8, 1981) actor Canada CA
George Antheil (*Jul 8, 1900) composer United States US
Kate Voegele (*Dec 8, 1986) actress, singer United States US
Margaret Mitchell (*Nov 8, 1900) writer United States US
Jean Giraud (*May 8, 1938) writer France FR
Avicii (*Sep 8, 1989) musician, DJ, remixer and record producer Sweden SE
Tech N9ne (*Nov 8, 1971) singer United States US
Isabella Biagini (*Dec 8, 1940) actress Italy IT
Deborra-Lee Furness (*Dec 8, 1955) actress, director Australia AU
Frédéric Mistral (*Sep 8, 1830) poet France FR
Georges Feydeau (*Dec 8, 1862) playwright France FR
Alfred Jarry (*Sep 8, 1873) writer, poet France FR
Gary Snyder (*May 8, 1930) poet United States US
Patsy Cline (*Sep 8, 1932) singer United States US
Jean Gol (*Feb 8, 1942) Member of the European Parliament, MEP United Kingdom GB
Maryla Rodowicz (*Dec 8, 1945) singer Poland PL
Randy Meisner (*Mar 8, 1946) composer, guitarist, singer United States US
Julie Driscoll (*Jun 8, 1947) singer United Kingdom GB
Antonello Venditti (*Mar 8, 1949) singer Italy IT
Bonnie Raitt (*Nov 8, 1949) musician, singer United States US
Stefan Johansson (*Sep 8, 1956) F1 racing driver Sweden SE
Ricardo Montaner (*Sep 8, 1957) singer Argentina AR
Gary Numan (*Mar 8, 1958) singer United Kingdom GB
Rickie Lee Jones (*Nov 8, 1954) singer United States US
Mick Hucknall (*Jun 8, 1960) singer United Kingdom GB
Aimee Mann (*Sep 8, 1960) composer, musician, singer United States US
Vince Neil (*Feb 8, 1961) singer United States US
Izzy Stradlin (*Apr 8, 1962) singer, guitarist United States US
Nick Rhodes (*Jun 8, 1962) musician United Kingdom GB
Julian Lennon (*Apr 8, 1963) singer, guitarist United Kingdom GB
Carola Häggkvist (*Sep 8, 1966) actress, singer Sweden SE
R. Kelly (*Jan 8, 1967) singer, composer United States US
John Kelly (*Mar 8, 1967) singer Spain ES
Abra Moore (*Jun 8, 1969) composer, singer United States US
Diana King (*Nov 8, 1970) singer Jamaica JM
Candice Night (*May 8, 1971) singer United States US
Anneke van Giersbergen
(*Mar 8, 1973)
singer Netherlands NL
Sébastien Chabal (*Dec 8, 1977) France FR
Erin McCarley (*Jan 8, 1979) singer United States US
Adrian Mutu (*Jan 8, 1979) soccer player Romania RO
Ingrid Michaelson (*Dec 8, 1979) composer, singer United States US
Jodie Connor (*May 8, 1981) singer United Kingdom GB
Alex Band (*Jun 8, 1981) singer United States US
Anastasia Myskina (*Jul 8, 1981) tennis player Russia RU
Vanessa Amorosi (*Aug 8, 1981) composer, singer Australia AU
Kaori Iida (*Aug 8, 1981) actress, singer Japan JP
Irina Lazareanu (*Jun 8, 1982) singer, model Romania RO
Aura Dione (*Jan 8, 1985) composer, singer Denmark DK
Ewa Sonnet (*Mar 8, 1985) singer, model Poland PL
Kenza Farah (*Jul 8, 1986) singer Algeria DZ
Carolina Kostner (*Feb 8, 1987) figure skater Italy IT
Angel Faith (*Jan 8, 1988) singer United States US
Kristinia Debarge (*Mar 8, 1990) singer United States US
Asuka Hinoi (*Jan 8, 1991) singer, model, dancer Japan JP
Antonella Trapani (*Nov 8, 1991) singer Switzerland CH
Sky Ferreira (*Jul 8, 1992) singer United States US
Nikki Yanofsky (*Feb 8, 1994) singer Canada CA
Malin Reitan (*Aug 8, 1995) singer Norway NO
Robert Schumann (*Jun 8, 1810) composer Germany DE
Achille Van Acker (*Apr 8, 1898) politician Belgium BE
Evangeline Adams (*Feb 8, 1868) astrologer United States US
Scott Adams (*Jun 8, 1957) writer United States US
Shmuel Yosef Agnon (*Aug 8, 1887) writer Ukraine UA
Jacques Anquetil (*Jan 8, 1934) France FR
Inessa Armand (*May 8, 1874) politician France FR
Martine Aubry (*Aug 8, 1950) politician France FR
Emily Greene Balch (*Jan 8, 1867) United States US
Théodore Ballu (*Jun 8, 1817) architect France FR
Franco Baresi (*May 8, 1960) soccer player Italy IT
Christiaan Barnard (*Nov 8, 1922) doctor South Africa ZA
Rona Barrett (*Oct 8, 1936) writer United States US
Luigi Bartolini (*Feb 8, 1892) writer Italy IT
Shirley Bassey (*Jan 8, 1937) singer United Kingdom GB
Jules Aime Battandier
(*Jan 8, 1848)
France FR
Gret Baumann-Jung (*Feb 8, 1906) astrologer, C. G. Jung's daughter Switzerland CH
Arnold Bax (*Nov 8, 1883) composer United Kingdom GB
Robert Kool Bell (*Oct 8, 1950) singer, bassist, founder of Kool & the Gang United States US
Paul Belmondo (*Aug 8, 1898) artist Algeria DZ
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