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Celebrities born in "Italy/IT" (3593)

Greta Scacchi (*Feb 18, 1960) actress Italy IT
Isabella Rossellini (*Jun 18, 1952) actress Italy IT
Roberto Benigni (*Oct 27, 1952) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Sophia Loren (*Sep 20, 1934) actress Italy IT
Marcello Mastroianni (*Sep 26, 1924) actor Italy IT
Rudolph Valentino (*May 6, 1895) actor Italy IT
Alessandra Martines (*Sep 19, 1963) actress, dancer Italy IT
Monica Bellucci (*Sep 30, 1964) actress Italy IT
Lino Ventura (*Jul 14, 1919) actor Italy IT
Ornella Muti (*Mar 9, 1955) actress, model Italy IT
Terence Hill (*Mar 29, 1939) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Bud Spencer (*Oct 31, 1929) actor, swimmer, businessman Italy IT
Franco Nero (*Nov 23, 1941) actor Italy IT
Vittorio De Sica (*Jul 7, 1901) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Gina Lollobrigida (*Jul 4, 1927) actress Italy IT
Michelangelo Antonioni
(*Sep 29, 1912)
writer, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Bernardo Bertolucci (*Mar 16, 1941) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Frank Capra (*May 18, 1897) director, actor Italy IT
Federico Fellini (*Jan 20, 1920) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Sergio Leone (*Jan 3, 1929) director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Pier Paolo Pasolini (*Mar 5, 1922) writer, director, scriptwriter, poet Italy IT
Giuseppe Tornatore (*Mar 27, 1956) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Luchino Visconti (*Nov 2, 1906) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Franco Zeffirelli (*Feb 12, 1923) screenwriter, director, writer, actor Italy IT
Antonio De Curtis (*Feb 15, 1898) actor, singer Italy IT
Rocco Siffredi (*May 4, 1964) actor, director, scriptwriter, porn actor Italy IT
Ennio Morricone (*Nov 10, 1928) Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor Italy IT
Benito Mussolini (*Jul 29, 1883) Italy IT
Luciano Pavarotti (*Oct 12, 1935) singer, opera singer Italy IT
Giorgio Moroder (*Apr 26, 1940) composer, singer Italy IT
Mario Carotenuto (*Jun 29, 1915) actor Italy IT
Alessandro Manzoni (*Mar 7, 1785) poet, novelist Italy IT
Giacomo Casanova (*Apr 2, 1725) priest, writer, intriguer, spy, diplomat Italy IT
Umberto Eco (*Jan 5, 1932) writer, esthetician, semiology and literary scholar Italy IT
Guillaume Apollinaire
(*Aug 26, 1880)
writer, poet Italy IT
Domenico Martucci (*Jul 8, 1976) actor, singer Italy IT
Gioachino Rossini (*Feb 29, 1792) composer Italy IT
Giuseppe Verdi (*Oct 10, 1813) composer Italy IT
Pope Leo XII (*Aug 22, 1760) 252nd Pope Italy IT
Pope Gregory XVI (*Sep 18, 1765) 254th Pope Italy IT
Holy Roman Emperor Francis II
(*Feb 12, 1768)
Czech and Hungarian king, Roman and Austrian Emperor Italy IT
Pope Pius IX (*May 13, 1792) 255th Pope Italy IT
Pope Leo XIII (*Mar 2, 1810) 256th Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius X (*Jun 2, 1835) 257th Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius XI (*May 31, 1857) 259th Pope Italy IT
Pope John XXIII (*Nov 25, 1881) 261st Pope Italy IT
Pope Paul VI (*Sep 26, 1897) 262nd Pope Italy IT
Carlo Ponti (*Dec 11, 1912) actor Italy IT
Luciano Benetton (*May 13, 1935) entrepreneur, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benetton Italy IT
Silvio Berlusconi (*Sep 29, 1936) politician, businessman Italy IT
Giuliana Benetton (*Jul 8, 1937) businesswoman, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benetton Italy IT
Carlo Benetton (*Dec 26, 1943) entrepreneur, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benetton Italy IT
Miuccia Prada (*May 10, 1948) Italian fashion designer and businesswoman Italy IT
Andrea Bocelli (*Sep 22, 1958) singer Italy IT
Eros Ramazzotti (*Oct 28, 1963) singer Italy IT
Antonio Salieri (*Aug 18, 1750) composer, teacher, conductor Italy IT
Dino Alfieri (*Jul 8, 1886) politician Italy IT
Italo Balbo (*Jun 5, 1896) pilot Italy IT
Umberto Boccioni (*Oct 19, 1882) Italian painter, sculptor, art critic, theorist of Futurism Italy IT
Pierluigi Collina (*Feb 13, 1960) former football referee, Financial advisor, UEFA Head of Referees Italy IT
Guccio Gucci (*Mar 26, 1881) businessman, fashion designer, founder of Gucci Italy IT
Lucia Joyce (*Jul 26, 1907) ballerina, daughter of James Joyce, schizophrenic Italy IT
Cosima Wagner (*Dec 24, 1837) wife of Richard Wagner, daughter of Franz Liszt Italy IT
Maria Montessori (*Aug 31, 1870) founder of modern pedagogy, philosopher, scientist Italy IT
Camillo Olivetti (*Aug 13, 1868) entrepreneur, engineer, founder of Olivetti & Co Italy IT
Giovanni Pascoli (*Dec 31, 1855) writer, poet Italy IT
Pope Benedict XV (*Nov 21, 1854) 258th Pope Italy IT
Pope Clement XIV (*Oct 31, 1705) 249th Pope Italy IT
Pope John Paul I (*Oct 17, 1912) 263rd Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius VI (*Dec 25, 1717) 250th Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius VII (*Aug 14, 1742) 251st Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius VIII (*Nov 20, 1761) 253rd Pope Italy IT
Pope Pius XII (*Mar 2, 1876) 260th Pope Italy IT
Giacomo Puccini (*Dec 22, 1858) Italian opera composer, important representative of verismo Italy IT
Carlo Rubbia (*Mar 31, 1934) physicist Italy IT
Coco (*Jul 29, 1990) musician, daughter of musician Sting and Trudie Styler actresses Italy IT
Ferruccio Tagliavini (*Aug 14, 1913) singer Italy IT
Donatella Versace (*May 2, 1955) fashion designer Italy IT
Gianni Versace (*Dec 2, 1946) fashion designer Italy IT
Dietrich von Hildebrand
(*Oct 12, 1889)
philosopher, theologian Italy IT
Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria
(*Aug 4, 1847)
writer, traveler, archduke, geographer Italy IT
Zita of Bourbon-Parma
(*May 9, 1892)
Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Queen of Bohemia Italy IT
Charles Felix (*Apr 6, 1765) King of Sardinia, Duke of Savoy Italy IT
Maria Luisa of Spain (*Nov 24, 1745) Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany Italy IT
Renzo Piano (*Sep 14, 1937) architect, winner of Pritzker Prize Italy IT
Aldo Rossi (*May 3, 1931) architect, journalist, teacher Italy IT
Benny Benassi (*Jul 13, 1967) musician Italy IT
Leonardo da Vinci (*Apr 23, 1452) Renaissance painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, musician, writer Italy IT
Michelangelo Buonarroti
(*Mar 15, 1475)
Renaissance sculptor, architect, painter, poet Italy IT
Galilei Galileo (*Feb 26, 1564) astronomer, philosopher, physicist, mathematician, scientist Italy IT
Queen Catherine de Medici
(*Apr 23, 1519)
Queen of France, wife of King Henry II. Italy IT
Dante Alighieri (*Jun 6, 1265) poet, linguist, author of The Divine Comedy Italy IT
Masaccio (*Dec 30, 1401) painter, founder of Renaissance painting Italy IT
Petrarch (*Jul 28, 1304) philosopher, poet, translator, writer, traveler Italy IT
Farinelli (*Jan 24, 1705) opera singer, singer, soprano castrato, musician Italy IT
Antonio Vivaldi (*Mar 4, 1678) Baroque musical composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher, cleric Italy IT
Lorenzo de Medici (*Jan 10, 1449) Italian statesman, ruler of the Florentine Republic, the patron of Renaissance culture in Italy Italy IT
Asia Argento (*Sep 20, 1975) actress Italy IT
Paolo Villaggio (*Dec 30, 1932) writer, actor Italy IT
Massimo Troisi (*Feb 19, 1953) actor, director Italy IT
Yves Montand (*Oct 13, 1921) actor, singer Italy IT
Giulietta Masina (*Feb 22, 1921) actress Italy IT
Valeria Golino (*Oct 22, 1965) actress Italy IT
Dario Argento (*Sep 7, 1940) actor, director, scriptwriter Italy IT
Mario Bava (*Jul 30, 1914) actor, director, cameraman Italy IT
Damiano Damiani (*Jul 23, 1922) director, actor Italy IT
Rose McGowan (*Sep 5, 1973) actress, singer, model Italy IT
Violante Placido (*May 1, 1976) actress, singer Italy IT
Monica Vitti (*Nov 3, 1931) actress Italy IT
Anita Pallenberg (*Jan 25, 1944) actress Italy IT
Valeria Fabrizi (*Oct 20, 1936) actress, singer Italy IT
Fosco Giachetti (*Mar 28, 1904) actor Italy IT
Wanda Capodaglio (*Jan 1, 1889) actress Italy IT
Dalila Di Lazzaro (*Jan 29, 1953) actress, writer, model Italy IT
Francesca Bertini (*May 2, 1896) actress Italy IT
Lucky Luciano (*Nov 24, 1897) Italy IT
Alessandro Preziosi (*Apr 19, 1973) actor, singer Italy IT
Alessandra Mussolini (*Dec 30, 1962) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Serge Reggiani (*May 2, 1922) singer, actor, painter Italy IT
Massimo Ghini (*Oct 22, 1954) actor Italy IT
Carla Bruni (*Dec 23, 1967) model Italy IT
Vittorio Mussolini (*Sep 27, 1916) Italy IT
Reinhold Messner (*Sep 17, 1944) mountaineer, adventurer, explorer Italy IT
Riccardo Bacchelli (*Apr 19, 1891) writer, scriptwriter Italy IT
Beppe Fenoglio (*Mar 1, 1922) writer Italy IT
Ignazio Silone (*May 1, 1900) writer Italy IT
Cecilia Bartoli (*Jun 4, 1966) singer, opera singer Italy IT
Arturo Bragaglia (*Jan 9, 1897) actor Italy IT
Anna Rusticano (*Nov 5, 1954) singer Italy IT
Rafael Sabatini (*Apr 29, 1875) writer, scriptwriter Italy IT
Diego Fabbri (*Jul 2, 1911) scriptwriter Italy IT
Cesare Zavattini (*Jul 20, 1902) writer, scriptwriter, journalist Italy IT
Alberto Moravia (*Nov 28, 1907) writer Italy IT
Alessandro Cicognini (*Jan 25, 1906) composer Italy IT
Rita Pavone (*Aug 23, 1945) singer Italy IT
Luigi Pirandello (*Jun 28, 1867) writer, poet Italy IT
Edoardo Costa (*Aug 7, 1967) actor Italy IT
Isabella Biagini (*Dec 8, 1940) actress Italy IT
Walter Veltroni (*Jul 3, 1955) writer, scriptwriter Italy IT
Giacomo Leopardi (*Jun 29, 1798) poet, novelist Italy IT
Carlo Collodi (*Nov 24, 1826) writer, journalist Italy IT
Giosue Carducci (*Jul 27, 1835) writer, poet Italy IT
Tazio Nuvolari (*Nov 16, 1892) racer Italy IT
Curzio Malaparte (*Jun 9, 1898) writer, journalist Italy IT
Nicola Abbagnano (*Jul 15, 1901) philosopher Italy IT
Giovanni Guareschi (*May 1, 1908) painter, journalist Italy IT
Alberto Ascari (*Jul 13, 1918) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Giorgio Napolitano (*Jun 29, 1925) 11th President of Italy Italy IT
Marco Pannella (*May 2, 1930) politician Italy IT
Giorgio Armani (*Jul 11, 1934) fashion designer Italy IT
Leonardo Del Vecchio (*May 22, 1935) businessman Italy IT
Achille Occhetto (*Mar 3, 1936) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Paolo Cirino Pomicino
(*Sep 3, 1939)
Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Mario Andretti (*Feb 28, 1940) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Oliviero Toscani (*Feb 28, 1942) photographer Italy IT
Pierangelo Bertoli (*Nov 5, 1942) singer Italy IT
Arturo Merzario (*Mar 11, 1943) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Toto Cutugno (*Jul 7, 1943) composer, singer Italy IT
Claudia Mori (*Feb 12, 1944) actress, singer Italy IT
Francesco Musotto (*Feb 1, 1947) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Drupi (*Aug 10, 1947) singer Italy IT
Riccardo Fogli (*Oct 21, 1947) singer Italy IT
Gigliola Cinquetti (*Dec 20, 1947) singer Italy IT
Antonello Venditti (*Mar 8, 1949) singer Italy IT
Massimo D'alema (*Apr 20, 1949) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Angela Brambati (*Oct 20, 1947) singer Italy IT
Flavio Briatore (*Apr 12, 1950) businessman Italy IT
Renato Zero (*Sep 30, 1950) singer Italy IT
Umberto Tozzi (*Mar 4, 1952) composer, singer Italy IT
Antonella Ruggiero (*Nov 15, 1952) singer Italy IT
Riccardo Patrese (*Apr 17, 1954) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Umberto Guidoni (*Aug 18, 1954) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Alice Visconti (*Sep 26, 1954) singer Italy IT
Zucchero (*Sep 25, 1955) composer, singer Italy IT
Gianna Nannini (*Jun 14, 1954) composer, singer Italy IT
Nino D'Angelo (*Jun 21, 1957) singer Italy IT
Andrea de Cesaris (*May 31, 1959) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Anna Oxa (*Apr 28, 1961) singer Italy IT
Den Harrow (*Jun 4, 1962) singer Italy IT
Valerie Dore (*May 28, 1963) singer Italy IT
Enrico Letta (*Aug 20, 1966) Member of the European Parliament, MEP Italy IT
Sabrina Salerno (*Mar 15, 1968) singer Italy IT
Paolo Maldini (*Jun 26, 1968) soccer player Italy IT
Marco Pantani (*Jan 13, 1970) Italy IT
Luca Badoer (*Jan 25, 1971) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Giancarlo Fisichella (*Jan 14, 1973) F1 racing driver Italy IT
Chiara Iezzi (*Feb 27, 1973) composer, singer Italy IT
Filippo Inzaghi (*Aug 9, 1973) soccer player Italy IT
Valentina Vezzali (*Feb 14, 1974) Italy IT
Paola Iezzi (*Mar 30, 1974) singer, photographer Italy IT
Laura Pausini (*May 16, 1974) singer Italy IT
Maurizio Margaglio (*Nov 16, 1974) figure skater Italy IT
Francesco Totti (*Sep 27, 1976) soccer player Italy IT
Elisa Toffoli (*Dec 19, 1977) singer Italy IT
Gianluigi Buffon (*Jan 28, 1978) soccer player Italy IT
In-Grid (*Sep 11, 1978) composer, singer Italy IT
Chiara Grilli (*Jan 16, 1979) musician, singer Italy IT
Valentino Rossi (*Feb 16, 1979) motorcycle racer Italy IT
Vincenzo Iaquinta (*Nov 21, 1979) soccer player Italy IT
Tiziano Ferro (*Feb 21, 1980) singer Italy IT
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