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Celebrities born in "France/FR" (6823)

Alexandre Dumas père (*Jul 24, 1802) writer France FR
Alexandre Dumas fils (*Jul 27, 1824) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Jacques Prévert (*Feb 4, 1900) writer, scriptwriter, poet France FR
Victor Hugo (*Feb 26, 1802) writer, poet, novelist, dramatist France FR
Émile Zola (*Apr 2, 1840) writer France FR
Henri Charrière (*Nov 16, 1906) writer, criminal, author of the novel Papillon France FR
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(*Jun 29, 1900)
novelist, journalist, aviator France FR
Alfred de Musset (*Dec 11, 1810) writer, poet France FR
Honoré de Balzac (*May 20, 1799) writer France FR
King of France Louis XV
(*Feb 15, 1710)
King of France and Navarre France FR
Denis Diderot (*Oct 5, 1713) writer, philosopher France FR
Mme de Pompadour (*Dec 29, 1721) Chief mistress to Louis XV France FR
King of France Louis XVI
(*Aug 23, 1754)
King of France and Navarre France FR
Joachim Murat (*Mar 25, 1767) King of Naples France FR
Napoleon I Bonaparte (*Aug 15, 1769) Emperor of the French, King of Italy, military and political leader, general France FR
Stendhal (*Jan 23, 1783) writer, representative of critical realism and romanticism France FR
Charles Baudelaire (*Apr 9, 1821) translator, poet, essayist, critic France FR
Louis Vuitton (*Aug 4, 1821) fashion designer France FR
Gustave Flaubert (*Dec 12, 1821) writer France FR
Paul Verlaine (*Mar 30, 1844) poet, novelist France FR
Paul Claudel (*Aug 6, 1868) writer, poet France FR
André Citroën (*Feb 5, 1878) industrialist, automotive pioneer France FR
Coco Chanel (*Aug 19, 1883) designer France FR
Charles de Gaulle (*Nov 22, 1890) France FR
Simone de Beauvoir (*Jan 9, 1908) writer France FR
Jean-Marie Le Pen (*Jun 20, 1928) politician, MEP, founder of the National Front France FR
Jean-Claude Decaux (*Sep 15, 1937) entrepreneur, founder of advertising agency JCDecaux France FR
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
(*Apr 25, 1949)
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund France FR
François Hollande (*Aug 12, 1954) 24th President of France, politician France FR
Manu Chao (*Jun 21, 1961) singer France FR
Marine Le Pen (*Aug 5, 1968) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Alizée (*Aug 21, 1984) singer France FR
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
(*Aug 1, 1744)
naturalist, author of the first comprehensive theory of evolution France FR
Alfred de Vigny (*Mar 27, 1797) writer, poet France FR
Jean-Baptiste Dumas (*Jul 16, 1800) chemist France FR
Giuseppe Garibaldi (*Jul 4, 1807) general, politician, nationalist France FR
Honoré Daumier (*Feb 26, 1808) painter, sculptor, graphic artist France FR
Napoléon II Bonaparte
(*Mar 20, 1811)
successor of French Emperor Napoleon I. France FR
Gustave Courbet (*Jun 10, 1819) painter France FR
Catherine Aubier (*Nov 8, 1941) astrologer France FR
Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi
(*Aug 2, 1834)
French sculptor, architect France FR
Henri Bertrand (*Mar 28, 1773) French general, Grand Marshal of the Palace France FR
Pauline Borghese (*Oct 20, 1780) sister of Napoleon I, nymphomaniac France FR
Georges Ernest Boulanger
(*Apr 29, 1837)
French general and politician France FR
Louis Braille (*Jan 4, 1809) educator, inventor of braille France FR
Louis Breguet (*Jan 2, 1880) architect, designer France FR
Jeanne Calment (*Feb 21, 1875) woman considered as the longest living person, only verified person to live to 120 years or beyond France FR
Paul Cézanne (*Jan 19, 1839) painter France FR
Ferdinand Cheval (*Apr 19, 1836) architect France FR
Camille Claudel (*Dec 8, 1864) French sculptor, printmaker France FR
André Courrèges (*Mar 9, 1923) fashion designer France FR
Pierre Curie (*May 15, 1859) physicist, chemist France FR
Georges Danton (*Oct 26, 1759) politician, lawyer France FR
Claude Debussy (*Aug 22, 1862) composer France FR
Edgar Degas (*Jul 19, 1834) painter France FR
Gilles Deleuze (*Jan 18, 1925) writer, teacher, philosopher France FR
Rudolf Diesel (*Mar 18, 1858) inventor France FR
Christian Dior (*Jan 21, 1905) fashion designer France FR
Alfred Dreyfus (*Oct 9, 1859) French officer, falsely accused and convicted of high treason France FR
Charles Dumont (*Mar 26, 1929) writer France FR
Pierre Dumont (*Mar 29, 1884) painter France FR
Gabriel Dupont (*Mar 1, 1878) composer France FR
Marcel Dupre (*May 3, 1886) organist, composer, pedagogue France FR
Pierre Durand (*Feb 16, 1955) lawyer France FR
Michel Foucault (*Oct 15, 1926) avant-garde philosopher, psychologist, Professor at the Collège de France France FR
Paul Gauguin (*Jun 7, 1848) painter France FR
Michel Gauquelin (*Nov 13, 1928) astrologer, birth data collector, psychologist, statistian, researcher France FR
Georges-Eugène Haussmann
(*Mar 27, 1809)
architect France FR
Bernard Hinault (*Nov 14, 1954) France FR
René Laennec (*Feb 17, 1781) physician, inventor of the stethoscope France FR
Henri Desire Landru (*Apr 12, 1869) French serial killer France FR
Antoine Lumière (*Mar 13, 1840) painter, photographer France FR
Claude Monet (*Nov 14, 1840) painter France FR
Nadar (*Apr 6, 1820) photographer, portrait photography pioneer, journalist, writer France FR
Napoléon III (*Apr 20, 1808) Emperor of the French, 1st President of France France FR
Gérard de Nerval (*May 22, 1808) writer, poet France FR
Louis Pasteur (*Dec 27, 1822) French biologist, chemist, doctor France FR
Auguste Renoir (*Feb 25, 1841) painter France FR
Maximilien Robespierre
(*May 6, 1758)
politician France FR
Pierre Schaeffer (*Aug 14, 1910) composer France FR
Georges Seurat (*Dec 2, 1859) painter France FR
Paul Signac (*Nov 11, 1863) painter France FR
Annick de Souzenelle (*Nov 4, 1922) writer, psychotherapist inspired by Jungian psychology France FR
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
(*May 1, 1881)
religious thinker, scientist, geologist, member of the Society of Jesus France FR
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
(*Jan 2, 1873)
Catholic saint, virgin, mystic France FR
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
(*Nov 24, 1864)
painter France FR
Valérie Trierweiler (*Feb 16, 1965) journalist France FR
Edgar Varèse (*Dec 22, 1883) composer France FR
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
(*Jan 27, 1814)
architect France FR
Pascal Lamy (*Apr 8, 1947) politician, businessman, Director General of WTO France FR
Louis Renault (*Feb 12, 1877) automotive pioneer, co-founder of Renault France FR
Élisa Bonaparte (*Jan 3, 1777) Napoleon's sister, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Princess of Lucca and Piombino France FR
Daniel Defert (*Sep 10, 1937) philosopher, AIDS activist, co-founder of the organization AIDES France FR
Georges Bizet (*Oct 25, 1838) composer France FR
Frenchy (*Sep 21, 1975) French reality TV personality, film actress, model France FR
André Glucksmann (*Jun 19, 1937) philosopher France FR
Léon Foucault (*Sep 18, 1819) physicist, inventor of the gyroscope and Foucault's Pendulum France FR
Woodkid (*Mar 16, 1983) singer, graphic designer, copywriter, director of music videos France FR
Joseph Ignace Guillotin
(*May 28, 1738)
physician, politician, mistakenly referred as inventor of execution apparatus Guillotine France FR
Antoine Louis (*Feb 13, 1723) surgeon, inventor and creator of the execution apparatus Guillotine France FR
Joan of Arc - The Maid of Orléans
(*Jan 15, 1413)
heroine of France, canonized as a Roman Catholic saint France FR
William the Conqueror
(*Oct 20, 1028)
Norman Duke, King, bastard of Robert I of Normandy France FR
Jean Schlumberger (*Jun 24, 1907) designer of jewelry for Tiffany & Co. France FR
René Descartes (*Mar 31, 1596) philosopher, mathematician, scientist France FR
Nostradamus (*Dec 24, 1503) doctor, seer, astrologer, counselor of King Charles IX. France FR
King of France Charles IX
(*Jul 7, 1550)
King of France France FR
King of England Henry II
(*Mar 12, 1133)
King of England France FR
Claude Lorius (*Feb 27, 1932) scientist, polar adventurer, glaciologist France FR
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
(*Dec 8, 1708)
Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany France FR
Louis XIV of France (*Sep 5, 1638) monarch of the House of Bourbon, King of France and Navarre France FR
Anna Gavalda (*Dec 9, 1970) writer France FR
Jacques Ibert (*Aug 15, 1890) composer France FR
Ariane Mnouchkine (*Mar 3, 1939) scriptwriter France FR
Boris Vian (*Mar 10, 1920) musician, writer, actor France FR
Keny Arkana (*Dec 20, 1982) singer France FR
Jean Giraud (*May 8, 1938) writer France FR
Louis Sclavis (*Feb 2, 1953) composer France FR
Juliette Gréco (*Feb 7, 1927) actress, singer France FR
Henri Dutilleux (*Jan 22, 1916) composer France FR
Georges Bernanos (*Feb 20, 1888) writer France FR
Jean-Paul Sartre (*Jun 21, 1905) writer France FR
Pierre Bost (*Sep 5, 1901) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Jean Sarment (*Jan 13, 1897) scriptwriter France FR
Alexandre Bisson (*Apr 9, 1848) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Jean Tardieu (*Nov 1, 1903) scriptwriter France FR
Anatole France (*Apr 16, 1844) writer, journalist, poet France FR
Jean Giraudoux (*Oct 29, 1882) scriptwriter France FR
Pierre Beaumarchais (*Jan 24, 1732) playwright, politician, inventor, musician, publisher France FR
Michel Sardou (*Jan 26, 1947) composer, singer France FR
Jules Romains (*Aug 26, 1885) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Dominique Aury (*Sep 23, 1907) writer France FR
Georges Courteline (*Jun 25, 1858) writer, scriptwriter France FR
Étienne-Jules Marey (*Mar 5, 1830) scientist, doctor, physiologist, chronophotographer France FR
Madame de Staël (*Apr 22, 1766) writer France FR
Francois Chateaubriand
(*Sep 4, 1768)
writer, diplomat France FR
Prosper Mérimée (*Sep 28, 1803) writer France FR
George Sand (*Jul 1, 1804) writer France FR
Alexis de Tocqueville
(*Jul 29, 1805)
France FR
Edmond About (*Feb 14, 1828) writer, journalist France FR
Frédéric Mistral (*Sep 8, 1830) poet France FR
Sully Prudhomme (*Mar 16, 1839) poet France FR
Stéphane Mallarmé (*Mar 18, 1842) writer, poet France FR
Maurice Barrés (*Aug 19, 1862) writer, journalist France FR
Georges Feydeau (*Dec 8, 1862) playwright France FR
Romain Rolland (*Jan 29, 1866) writer France FR
Tristan Bernard (*Sep 7, 1866) writer France FR
André Gide (*Nov 22, 1869) writer, journalist France FR
Henri Barbusse (*May 17, 1873) writer, politician, journalist France FR
Alfred Jarry (*Sep 8, 1873) writer, poet France FR
Roger Martin Du Gard (*Mar 23, 1881) novelist France FR
Marie Laurencin (*Oct 31, 1883) writer, painter, poet France FR
Gaston Bachelard (*Jun 26, 1884) philosopher France FR
André Maurois (*Jul 26, 1885) writer France FR
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
(*May 27, 1894)
writer France FR
Jean Borotra (*Aug 13, 1898) tennis player France FR
Suzanne Lenglen (*May 24, 1899) tennis player France FR
Benjamin Péret (*Jul 4, 1899) poet France FR
Robert Desnos (*Jul 4, 1900) writer, poet France FR
Henri Cochet (*Dec 14, 1901) tennis player France FR
Raymond Queneau (*Feb 21, 1903) writer, mathematician, poet France FR
René Lacoste (*Jul 2, 1904) tennis player France FR
François Mitterrand (*Oct 26, 1916) 21st President of France, politician France FR
Françoise d'Eaubonne (*Mar 12, 1920) writer France FR
Liliane Bettencourt (*Oct 21, 1922) businesswoman France FR
Michel Butor (*Sep 14, 1926) writer France FR
Cécile Aubry (*Aug 3, 1928) writer, scriptwriter, actress, director France FR
Guy Ligier (*Jul 12, 1930) F1 driver, rugby player, founder of the car company Ringier France FR
Michel Rocard (*Aug 23, 1930) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Raymond Kopa (*Oct 13, 1931) soccer player France FR
Jacques Chirac (*Nov 29, 1932) politician France FR
Jean-Luc Dehaene (*Aug 7, 1940) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Jacques Toubon (*Jun 29, 1941) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Nicole Fontaine (*Jan 16, 1942) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Jean-Claude Trichet (*Dec 20, 1942) politician France FR
Alan Stivell (*Jan 6, 1944) singer France FR
Françoise Hardy (*Jan 17, 1944) singer France FR
Alain Lamassoure (*Feb 10, 1944) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
François Cevert (*Feb 25, 1944) racer France FR
Patrick Depailler (*Aug 9, 1944) F1 racing driver France FR
Sheila (*Aug 16, 1945) singer France FR
Georges Beller (*May 10, 1946) producer France FR
Dominique Baudis (*Apr 14, 1947) politician, journalist France FR
Alain Lipietz (*Sep 19, 1947) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
France Gall (*Oct 9, 1947) singer France FR
Francis Wurtz (*Jan 3, 1948) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Daniel Guichard (*Nov 21, 1948) singer France FR
Laurent Voulzy (*Dec 18, 1948) composer, guitarist, singer France FR
Maxime Le Forestier (*Feb 10, 1949) composer, singer France FR
Bernard Arnault (*Mar 5, 1949) businessman France FR
Philippe de Villiers (*Mar 25, 1949) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Bruno Gollnisch (*Jan 28, 1950) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Michel Barnier (*Jan 9, 1951) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Jean-Jacques Goldman (*Oct 11, 1951) composer, guitarist, singer France FR
Didier Pironi (*Mar 26, 1952) F1 racing driver France FR
Desireless (*Dec 25, 1952) singer France FR
Rose Laurens (*Mar 4, 1953) singer France FR
Francis Cabrel (*Nov 23, 1953) singer France FR
Jean-Luc Bennahmias (*Dec 2, 1954) Member of the European Parliament, MEP France FR
Nicolas Sarkozy (*Jan 28, 1955) politician France FR
Alain Prost (*Feb 24, 1955) F1 racing driver France FR
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