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Celebrities - Surname "H" (5686)

Howes, Hans (*Feb 18, 1943) actor United States US
Howes, Oliver (*Mar 29, 1940) United Kingdom GB
Howes, Reed (*Jul 5, 1900) United States US
Howes, Sally Ann (*Jul 20, 1930) actress United Kingdom GB
Howeton, Jayanna (*Jun 15, 1968) actress Unknown XX
Howey, Steve (*Jul 12, 1977) actor United States US
Howick, Jim (*May 17, 1979) actor, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Howison, Del (*Jun 3, 1953) United States US
Howitt, Peter (*May 5, 1957) actor, director, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Howitt, Richard (*Apr 5, 1961) Member of the European Parliament, MEP United Kingdom GB
Howland, Beth (*May 28, 1941) actress United States US
Howland, Chris (*Jul 30, 1928) United Kingdom GB
Howland, Ronald W. (*Nov 8, 1942) astrologer United Kingdom GB
Howlett, Jeff (*Nov 5, 1969) director United States US
Howlett, Liam (*Aug 21, 1971) musician, producer, songwriter, co-founder and leader of the band The Prodigy United Kingdom GB
Howlin Wolf, (*Jun 10, 1910) singer, guitarist United States US
Hoy, Sir Chris (*Mar 23, 1976) United Kingdom GB
Hoyer, Dore (*Dec 12, 1911) Germany DE
Hoyer, Justin (*Jan 31, 1982) Unknown XX
Hoyos, Carolina (*Feb 24, 1978) Unknown XX
Hoyos, Jimena (*Dec 31, 1977) actress Colombia CO
Hoyt, Harry O. (*Aug 6, 1885) director United States US
Hoyt, Henry H. (*Aug 10, 1927) United States US
Hoyt, John (*Oct 5, 1905) actor United States US
Hoyte, Justin (*Nov 20, 1984) soccer player United Kingdom GB
Hoza, Štefan (*Oct 20, 1906) actor RAUH UH
Hoziel, Eric (*Dec 3, 1959) actor Unknown XX
Hozová, Miroslava (*1944) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hozier, (*Mar 17, 1990) musician, singer, songwriter Ireland IE
Hrabák, Jakub (*1993) director Czech Republic CZ
Hrabal, Bohumil (*Mar 28, 1914) writer Czech Republic CZ
Hrabal, Gustav (*1931) actor Slovakia SK
Hrabal, Josef (*1985) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hrabal, Zdeněk (*Aug 12, 1962) actor Unknown XX
Hrabánek, Vladimír (*Jan 22, 1938) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrabě, Miroslav (*1981) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrabě, Václav (*Jun 13, 1940) writer, poet Czech Republic CZ
Hraběta, Jan (*1940) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hráchová, Lucie (*Jun 22, 1990) Unknown XX
Hrachovcová-Herčíková, Kateřina
actress, presenter Czech Republic CZ
Hrachovinová, Marta (*1955) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hradecká, Lucie (*1985) tennis player Czech Republic CZ
Hradecký, Otto (*Feb 25, 1920) actor, director Czech Republic CZ
Hradil, Bohuš (*Jun 27, 1905) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hradil, Vít (*1982) director Czech Republic CZ
Hradilák, Karel (*Jan 26, 1909) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hradilák, Zdeněk (*Aug 13, 1938) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hradilek, Ludvík (*1960) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hradilek, Vavřinec (*1987) Czech Republic CZ
Hradilová, Eva (*May 2, 1938) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hranáč, Martin (*1982) singer Czech Republic CZ
Hranický, Standa (*Jun 6, 1951) singer Czech Republic CZ
Hráská, Emilie (*May 4, 1900) actress RAUH UH
Hrbáček, Tomáš (*Jun 3, 1977) singer Unknown XX
Hrbata, Michael (*1971) Member of Parliament Czech Republic CZ
Hrbatý, Dominik (*1978) tennis player Slovakia SK
Hrčka, Juraj (*1980) actor Slovakia SK
Hrdina, Jiří (*1958) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hrdina, Miroslav (*1976) soccer player Czech Republic CZ
Hrdlička, Gustav (*Jul 27, 1908) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrdlička, Michal (*1988) presenter Czech Republic CZ
Hrdlička, Pavel (*May 15, 1911) actor, director, cameraman Czech Republic CZ
Hrdlička, Petr (*1973) singer CZSK CE
Hrdlička, Tomáš (*1982) soccer player Czech Republic CZ
Hrdý, Jindřich (*1956) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hřebejk, Jan (*1967) actor, director, scriptwriter Czech Republic CZ
Hřebejk, Štěpán (*1982) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hrebeň, Martin (*1976) actor Slovakia SK
Hřebíčková, Petra (*1979) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hřib, Karel (*1981) director Czech Republic CZ
Hríb, Štefan (*1965) actor Slovakia SK
Hríbal, Emanuel Hříbal (*Jun 1, 1886) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hribar, Hrvoje (*Jul 13, 1962) director Croatia HR
Hristov, Hristo (*Dec 10, 1955) Bulgaria BG
Hristov, Tonislav (*Dec 18, 1978) actor, director, scriptwriter Bulgaria BG
Hristov, Valentin (*Apr 15, 1933) Unknown XX
Hristow, Emil (*Aug 13, 1956) actor, director, cameraman Bulgaria BG
Hrivňák, Peter 'Kuko' (*1973) bassist, singer Slovakia SK
Hrivnáková, Tatiana (*1948) actress Slovakia SK
Hrňa, Erik (*1988) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hrnčíř, Pavel (*1961) Member of Parliament Czech Republic CZ
Hrnjakovic, Aleksandar
(*Apr 28, 1942)
actor Serbia RS
Hromada, Jiří (*1958) actor, voice actor Czech Republic CZ
Hromádka, Pavel (*1969) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hromas, Karel (*1986) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hromníková, Eva (*Oct 28, 1971) actress Unknown XX
Hron, Jiří (*Apr 18, 1904) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hron, Karel (*Nov 11, 1869) Czech Republic CZ
Hron, Martin (*1949) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hron, Vladimír (*1966) singer, presenter Czech Republic CZ
Hron Metánovský, Jakub
(*Jun 4, 1840)
writer, teacher, scientist, inventor and philosopher Czech Republic CZ
Hroncová, Eva (*1957) singer Czech Republic CZ
Hronek, Lukáš (*May 30, 1982) Unknown XX
Hronová, Nikola (*1997) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hrstková, Lucie (*1981) skier Czech Republic CZ
Hrubá, Ema (*May 13, 1903) Czech Republic CZ
Hrubá, Marta (*Feb 19, 1978) director Unknown XX
Hrubá, Vlasta (*1918) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hrubcová, Adéla (*1995) model Czech Republic CZ
Hrubec, Šimon (*1991) Czech Republic CZ
Hrubeš, Eduard (*1936) actor, director Czech Republic CZ
Hrubesch, Horst (*Apr 17, 1951) soccer player Germany DE
Hrubešová, Markéta (*1972) actress, model Czech Republic CZ
Hrubín, František (*Sep 17, 1910) writer, poet Czech Republic CZ
Hrubý, Aleš (*1985) Czech Republic CZ
Hruby, Anna (*Oct 19, 1960) actress Australia AU
Hrubý, Jan (*1948) actor, composer Czech Republic CZ
Hrubý, Jiří (*Jun 29, 1923) actor Unknown XX
Hrubý, Martin (*1969) singer, guitarist Czech Republic CZ
Hrubý, Vladimír (*Mar 23, 1924) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrubý, Zdeněk (*Aug 9, 1956) Czech Republic CZ
Hrušínská, Kristýna (*1985) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hrušinský, Jan Hrušínský (*1955) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrušínský, Rudolf (*Oct 17, 1920) actor, artist Czech Republic CZ
Hrušínský Jr., Rudolf (*1946) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrušínský nejml., Rudolf
actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrušínský nejst., Rudolf
(*Apr 14, 1897)
actor RAUH UH
Hruška, Aleš (*1985) soccer player CZSK CE
Hruška, David (*1977) hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hruška, Karel (*Jun 14, 1891) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hruška, Láďa (*1978) presenter, cook Czech Republic CZ
Hruška, Michal (*1988) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hruška, Ondřej (*Oct 4, 1985) ice hockey player Unknown XX
Hruška, Radim (*1984) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hrušková, Eva (*1952) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hrušovský, Laco (*1973) actor Slovakia SK
Hrůza, Michal (*1971) singer Czech Republic CZ
Hryc, Andrej (*Nov 30, 1949) actor Slovakia SK
Hryniak, Jan (*May 12, 1969) director, actor Poland PL
Hryniewicz, Mieczyslaw
(*Aug 31, 1949)
actor Poland PL
Hrytsyuk, Milan (*May 8, 1990) director Ukraine UA
Hrzal, Slávek (*May 2, 1954) actor Unknown XX
Hrzán, Jiří (*Mar 30, 1939) singer, actor Czech Republic CZ
Hrzánová, Barbora (*1964) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hsiao, Elva (*Aug 24, 1979) singer Taiwan TW
Hsiao, Jam (*Mar 30, 1987) actor Taiwan TW
Hsu, Art (*Jan 19, 1975) actor United States US
Hsu, Barbie (*Oct 6, 1976) actress, singer Taiwan TW
Hsu, Vivian (*Mar 19, 1975) actress Taiwan TW
Hu, Jun (*Mar 18, 1968) China CN
Hu, Ke (*Dec 8, 1974) actress China CN
Hu, Kelly (*Feb 13, 1968) actress, model United States US
Hu, King (*Apr 29, 1931) actor, director, scriptwriter China CN
Hu, Sibelle (*May 4, 1958) actress Taiwan TW
Huang, Shengyi (*Feb 11, 1983) actress China CN
Huang, Bo (*Aug 26, 1974) actor China CN
Huang, Hung-Sheng (*Nov 28, 1983) actor, singer Taiwan TW
Huang, Jack (*Jan 11, 1969) actor Taiwan TW
Huang, Jian-zhong (*Dec 29, 1941) Indonesia ID
Huang, Jianxin (*Jun 14, 1954) director China CN
Huang, Peter (*Jul 3, 1985) director China CN
Huang, Shuqin (*Sep 9, 1939) director Unknown XX
Huang, Xiaoming (*Nov 13, 1977) actor China CN
Huang, Xuan (*Mar 3, 1985) China CN
Huang, Yi (*Sep 13, 1979) actress China CN
Huard, Patrick (*Jan 2, 1969) actor, director Canada CA
Huat, Eugène (*Feb 8, 1907) boxer France FR
Huateng, Ma (*Oct 29, 1971) businessman China CN
Huba, Martin (*1943) actor, director Slovakia SK
Huba, Mikuláš (*Oct 12, 1919) actor, teacher, artist Slovakia SK
Hubač, Ivan (*1953) scriptwriter Czech Republic CZ
Hubač, Jiří (*Aug 27, 1929) writer, scriptwriter Czech Republic CZ
Hubáček, David (*1977) soccer player Czech Republic CZ
Hubáček, Karel (*Feb 23, 1924) Czech architect, author of the Ještěd Tower Czech Republic CZ
Hubáček, Jan (*1985) director, scriptwriter Czech Republic CZ
Hubáček, Miroslav (*Jun 25, 1921) director, scriptwriter Czech Republic CZ
Hubáček, Petr (*1979) ice hockey player Czech Republic CZ
Hubačíková, Slávka (*1936) actress Czech Republic CZ
Hubačka, Ondřej (*Dec 21, 1988) Unknown XX
Hubáčková, Gabriela (*Jan 28, 1975) Member of Parliament Unknown XX
Hubálek, Slavomil (*Jun 13, 1947) actor Czech Republic CZ
Hubbard, Elbert (*Jun 19, 1856) writer United States US
Hubbard, Erica (*Jan 2, 1979) actress United States US
Hubbard, Morgan Palmer
(*Jul 30, 1983)
United Kingdom GB
Hubbell V, Harvey (*Jun 8, 1959) United States US
Hubble, Edwin (*Nov 20, 1889) United States US
Hübchen, Henry (*Feb 20, 1947) actor Germany DE
Hübchen, Theresa (*Feb 20, 1971) actress Germany DE
Hubczenko, Roman (*Mar 23, 1878) actor Ukraine UA
Hübel, Wernfried (*Oct 15, 1920) director Czech Republic CZ
Hubeňáková, Svatava (*1928) actress Czech Republic CZ
Huber, Alexander (*Dec 30, 1968) actor Germany DE
Huber, Kurt (*Oct 24, 1893) psychology professor, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Switzerland CH
Huber, Anke (*Dec 4, 1974) tennis player Germany DE
Huber, Bruno (*Nov 29, 1930) astrologer Switzerland CH
Huber, Charles M. (*Dec 3, 1956) actor Germany DE
Huber, Guenther (*Oct 28, 1965) skier Italy IT
Huber, Harold (*Dec 5, 1909) actor United States US
Huber, Liezel (*Aug 21, 1976) tennis player South Africa ZA
Huber, Lotti (*Oct 16, 1912) actress Germany DE
Huber, Louise (*May 10, 1924) astrologer Germany DE
Huber, Margreth (*Aug 31, 1949) astrologer Switzerland CH
Huber, Michael (*Aug 9, 1955) astrologer Switzerland CH
Huber, Norbert (*Sep 3, 1964) Italy IT
Huber, Susanne (*Nov 9, 1958) actress Switzerland CH
Huber, Thomas (*Jul 11, 1963) actor Germany DE
Huber, Thomas (*Nov 18, 1966) actor Germany DE
Huber, Tomáš (*1985) soccer player Czech Republic CZ
Huber, Vladimír (*Mar 9, 1913) actor Czech Republic CZ
Huberman, Amy (*Mar 30, 1979) actress Ireland IE
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