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Celebrities born in "Germany/DE" (4659)

Wilhelm Röntgen (*Mar 27, 1845) physicist Germany DE
Hans Scholl (*Sep 22, 1918) German student, co-founder of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Germany DE
Alexander von Humboldt
(*Sep 14, 1769)
naturalist, traveler Germany DE
Timo Boll (*Mar 8, 1981) table tennis player Germany DE
Willy Brandt (*Dec 18, 1913) politician Germany DE
Fritz Knöchlein (*May 27, 1911) Germany DE
Sophie Scholl (*May 9, 1921) German student, Christian pacifist, member of the non-violent anti-Nazi group White Rose Germany DE
Teresa Benedicta (*Oct 12, 1891) catholic philosopher, canonized as a martyr and saint Germany DE
Hugo Junkers (*Feb 3, 1859) engineer, aerospace engineer, inventor, industrialist Germany DE
Sophie, Duchess von Hohenberg
(*Mar 1, 1868)
Duchess, wife of Franz Ferdinand d'Este, the victim of assassination Germany DE
Tom Kaulitz (*Sep 1, 1989) guitarist, twin Germany DE
Robert Bosch (*Sep 23, 1861) inventor, entrepreneur, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH Germany DE
Johann Sebastian Bach
(*Mar 31, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Friedrich Engels (*Nov 28, 1820) political philosopher, economist, co-founder of Marxism Germany DE
Ulrike von Levetzow (*Feb 4, 1804) Germany DE
Carl von Linde (*Jun 11, 1842) inventor Germany DE
Doro Pesch (*Jun 3, 1964) singer, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock Germany DE
Heinrich Mann (*Mar 27, 1871) writer, journalist Germany DE
Gustav Hertz (*Jul 22, 1887) experimental physicist, Nobel Prize winner Germany DE
Heinrich Hertz (*Feb 22, 1857) physicist Germany DE
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
(*Feb 3, 1809)
composer Germany DE
Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
(*Dec 24, 1837)
Empress of Austria, wife of Francis Joseph I, the victim of assassination Germany DE
Maria Josepha (*Mar 30, 1739) Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Poland Germany DE
Duke Ludwig Wilhelm in Bavaria
(*Jun 21, 1831)
Duke in Bavaria Germany DE
Roman Herzog (*Apr 5, 1934) 7th Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany Germany DE
Günter Schabowski (*Jan 4, 1929) Germany DE
Jacques Offenbach (*Jun 20, 1819) composer Germany DE
Eckhart Tolle (*Feb 16, 1948) teacher, philosopher Germany DE
Gershon Kingsley (*Oct 28, 1922) composer, pianist, songwriter of Popcorn Germany DE
Ludwig van Beethoven (*Dec 16, 1770) composer Germany DE
Karl von Habsburg (*Jan 11, 1961) politician, grandson of the last Austrian Emperor Charles I. Germany DE
Czarina of Russia Alexandra
(*Jun 6, 1872)
Princess of Hesse, the last Empress of Russia Germany DE
Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine
(*Dec 14, 1864)
Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia Germany DE
Theodor Heuss (*Jan 31, 1884) President of the Federal Republic of Germany Germany DE
August Horch (*Oct 12, 1868) designer, founder of the company Horch and Audi Germany DE
Heinrich Goebel (*Apr 20, 1818) watchmaker, inventor, co-inventor of bulb Germany DE
Steffi Graf (*Jun 14, 1969) tennis player Germany DE
Anne Frank (*Jun 12, 1929) German Jewish girl, the author of the diary Germany DE
Karl Lagerfeld (*Sep 10, 1933) photographer, fashion designer Germany DE
Adi Dassler (*Nov 3, 1900) entrepreneur, designer, founder of Adidas Germany DE
Jacob Grimm (*Jan 4, 1785) lawyer, linguist, collector of legends and fairy tales Germany DE
Max Weber (*Apr 21, 1864) Germany DE
Wilhelm Grimm (*Feb 24, 1786) collector of fairy tales, linguist Germany DE
Duchess Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
(*Mar 10, 1776)
Queen consort of Prussia, wife of King Frederick William III. Germany DE
Wolfgang Wagner (*Aug 30, 1919) director, opera singer Germany DE
Friedrich Bayer (*Jun 6, 1825) chemist, entrepreneur, founder of company Bayer AG Germany DE
Hans von Bülow (*Jan 8, 1830) composer, musician, conductor Germany DE
Udo Dirkschneider (*Apr 6, 1952) singer, founder of the band U.D.O., former member of the band Accept Germany DE
Angela Merkel (*Jul 17, 1954) politician Germany DE
Otto Ohlendorf (*Feb 4, 1907) general, lawyer, war criminal, SS officer Germany DE
Walther Gerlach (*Aug 1, 1889) physicist Germany DE
Ludwig Prandtl (*Feb 4, 1875) physicist Germany DE
Gudrun Ensslin (*Aug 15, 1940) terrorist, co-founder and leader of the Red Army Faction Germany DE
Hermann Hesse (*Jul 2, 1877) writer Germany DE
Richard Wagner (*May 22, 1813) composer Germany DE
Wieland Wagner (*Jan 5, 1917) director, opera singer Germany DE
Elsbeth Ebertin (*May 14, 1880) graphic artist, writer, astrologer, mother of Reinhold Ebertin Germany DE
Reinhold Ebertin (*Feb 16, 1901) astrologer, author, school teacher, developer of Cosmobiology Germany DE
Paul Rée (*Nov 21, 1849) philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche's friend Germany DE
Franz Marc (*Feb 8, 1880) German painter, co-founder of art group Der Blaue Reiter Germany DE
Lou Bega (*Apr 13, 1975) singer Germany DE
Albert Kahn - architect
(*Mar 21, 1869)
architect Germany DE
Immanuel Kant (*Apr 22, 1724) philosopher Germany DE
Kim Dotcom (*Jan 21, 1974) internet entrepreneur, activist, founder of Megaupload Germany DE
Andreas Baader (*May 6, 1943) anarchist, activist, terrorist, co-founder and leader of the Red Army Faction Germany DE
Mayer Amschel Rotschild
(*Feb 23, 1743)
founder of banker Rothschild dynasty Germany DE
August Macke (*Jan 3, 1887) German expressionist painter, member of the group Der Blaue Reiter Germany DE
Regiomontanus (*Jun 15, 1436) astrologer Germany DE
Karl May (*Feb 25, 1842) writer, author of stories about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand Germany DE
Friedrich von Schiller
(*Nov 10, 1759)
writer, poet Germany DE
Princess Sophie of Saxony
(*Mar 15, 1845)
Princess Sophie of Saxony, Duchess in Bavaria Germany DE
Johannes Kepler (*Jan 6, 1572) astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, writer Germany DE
Alois Alzheimer (*Jun 14, 1864) psychiatrist, physician, neuropathologist Germany DE
Louise Huber (*May 10, 1924) astrologer Germany DE
Werner Heisenberg (*Dec 5, 1901) nuclear physicist, creator of quantum mechanics Germany DE
Heinrich Himmler (*Oct 7, 1900) policies, Nazi Reich leader of the SS, the Gestapo Chief Germany DE
Rudolf Dassler (*Mar 26, 1898) entrepreneur, founder of Puma, brother of Adidas founder Germany DE
Ludwig Beck (*Jun 29, 1880) general Germany DE
Carl Orff (*Jul 10, 1895) composer Germany DE
Alois Treindl (*Mar 7, 1950) astrologer, programmer, founder of the company Astrodienst - www.astro.com Germany DE
Franz Beckenbauer (*Sep 11, 1945) soccer player Germany DE
Hermann Meyer (*Mar 8, 1947) astrologer Germany DE
Fritz Wunderlich (*Sep 26, 1930) singer, opera singer Germany DE
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(*Jul 1, 1646)
philosopher, scientist, mathematician, theologian, polymath Germany DE
Martin Luther (*Nov 19, 1483) theologian, preacher, reformer, founder of Protestantism Germany DE
Heinrich Heine (*Dec 13, 1797) poet Germany DE
Bert Hellinger (*Dec 16, 1925) psychotherapist, founder of therapeutic method known as Family Constellations Germany DE
Richard Strauss (*Jun 11, 1864) composer Germany DE
Erich Fromm (*Mar 23, 1900) psychologist, humanistic philosopher and sociologist Germany DE
Marie d'Agoult (*Dec 31, 1805) writer Germany DE
Baron Munchausen (*May 11, 1720) soldier Germany DE
George Frideric Handel
(*Mar 5, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Rüdiger Dahlke (*Jul 24, 1951) doctor, psychotherapist, pioneer of psychosomatic medicine Germany DE
Marie-Louise von Franz
(*Jan 4, 1915)
psychologist, collaborator of C. G. Jung Germany DE
Peter Behrens (*Apr 14, 1868) architect, designer Germany DE
Erich Hoepner (*Sep 14, 1886) general Germany DE
Magda Goebbels (*Nov 11, 1901) wife of Nazis Joseph Goebbels Germany DE
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
(*Mar 13, 1781)
architect, painter, designer Germany DE
Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe
(*Mar 27, 1886)
architect Germany DE
Ludwig Feuerbach (*Jul 28, 1804) philosopher Germany DE
Johannes Brahms (*May 7, 1833) composer Germany DE
Andreas Lubitz (*Dec 18, 1987) pilot Germany DE
Peter Kürten (*May 26, 1883) serial killer Germany DE
Leopold Mozart (*Nov 14, 1719) composer, father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Germany DE
Carl Maria von Weber (*Nov 18, 1786) composer, bandleader, pianist and conductor Germany DE
Georg Ohm (*Mar 16, 1789) physicist Germany DE
Thorwald Dethlefsen (*Dec 11, 1946) astrologer Germany DE
Joachim Gauck (*Jan 24, 1940) politician, pastor, preacher, 11th German Federal President Germany DE
Otto von Habsburg (*Nov 20, 1912) writer, MEP, publicist, journalist, eldest son of Emperor Charles I. Germany DE
Sandra Nasic (*May 25, 1976) singer Germany DE
Mark Oh (*Jun 23, 1970) musician Germany DE
Count Zeppelin (*Jul 8, 1838) general, aircraft manufacturer, founder of the Zeppelin airship company Germany DE
Ingo Schwichtenberg (*May 18, 1965) drummer, co-founder of the metal band Helloween Germany DE
Tony Marshall (*Feb 3, 1938) singer Germany DE
Claus von Stauffenberg
(*Nov 15, 1907)
officer, failed assassin of Adolf Hitler Germany DE
Oswald Mathias Ungers
(*Jul 12, 1926)
architect Germany DE
Walter Koch (*Sep 18, 1895) astrologer, author of Koch house system Germany DE
Friedrich Nietzsche (*Oct 15, 1844) philosopher Germany DE
Karl Benz (*Nov 25, 1844) automotive designer, co-founder od Mercedes-Benz Germany DE
Ernst Bloch (*Jul 8, 1885) philosopher Germany DE
Carl Friedrich Gauss (*Apr 30, 1777) mathematician, physicist Germany DE
Emmanuel Lasker (*Dec 24, 1868) German chess grandmaster, mathematician, philosopher Germany DE
Johann Joachim Winckelmann
(*Dec 9, 1717)
co-founder of art history and archeology Germany DE
Adam Opel (*May 9, 1837) entrepreneur, founder of Opel Germany DE
Boris Becker (*Nov 22, 1967) tennis player Germany DE
Julius Mayer (*Nov 25, 1814) physician, physicist, one of the founders of thermodynamics Germany DE
Otto von Bismarck (*Apr 1, 1815) politician, statesman Germany DE
James Last (*Apr 17, 1929) composer, conductor Germany DE
Pope Benedict XVI (*Apr 16, 1927) 265th Pope Germany DE
Karl Marx (*May 5, 1818) philosopher, political journalist, communist Germany DE
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(*Aug 28, 1749)
poet, novelist, playwright, politician Germany DE
Walter Gropius (*May 18, 1883) architect Germany DE
Markus Jehle (*Jul 24, 1958) astrologer Germany DE
Max Richter (*Mar 22, 1966) composer, musician, pianist Germany DE
Max von Laue (*Oct 9, 1879) German physicist, discoverer of X-ray scattering Germany DE
Philipp Jenninger (*Jun 10, 1932) politician Germany DE
Rainer Lemke (*Aug 1, 1962) astrologer Germany DE
Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling
(*Sep 12, 1740)
writer, doctor Germany DE
Walther Nernst (*Jun 25, 1864) chemist Germany DE
Franz von Hipper (*Sep 13, 1863) Germany DE
Susanne Holst (*Sep 19, 1961) doctor, presenter Germany DE
Ernst Jünger (*Mar 29, 1895) writer Germany DE
Max Pechstein (*Dec 31, 1881) painter Germany DE
Mehmet Scholl (*Oct 16, 1970) soccer player Germany DE
Friedrich Georg Jünger
(*Sep 1, 1898)
writer Germany DE
Robert Jungk (*May 11, 1913) Germany DE
Wilhelm Zaisser (*Jun 20, 1893) politician Germany DE
Michael Ende (*Nov 12, 1929) writer Germany DE
George Grosz (*Jul 26, 1893) artist Germany DE
Erich Koch (*Jun 19, 1896) Nazi Germany DE
Hans Bender (*Feb 5, 1907) psychologist Germany DE
Wilhelm Hauff (*Nov 29, 1802) writer Germany DE
Werner Sombart (*Jan 19, 1863) Germany DE
Wilhelm von Kaulbach (*Oct 15, 1804) painter Germany DE
Eva Briegel (*Dec 3, 1978) singer Germany DE
Ernst Abbe (*Jan 23, 1840) physicist Germany DE
Alexander Grothendieck
(*Mar 28, 1928)
mathematician Germany DE
Johannes Baptiste Kerner
(*Dec 9, 1964)
Germany DE
Wilhelm von Ketteler (*Dec 25, 1811) Germany DE
Walter Grotrian (*Apr 21, 1890) Germany DE
Carl Bosch (*Aug 27, 1874) chemist Germany DE
Emil Fischer (*Oct 9, 1852) chemist Germany DE
Arno Holz (*Apr 26, 1863) poet Germany DE
Franz von Lenbach (*Dec 13, 1836) painter Germany DE
Hans Blumenberg (*Jul 13, 1920) philosopher Germany DE
Reinhard Gehlen (*Apr 3, 1902) general Germany DE
Marita Koch (*Feb 18, 1957) athlete Germany DE
Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck
(*Mar 20, 1870)
general Germany DE
Eugen Fischer (*Jun 5, 1874) professor of medicine, member of the Nazi Party Germany DE
Alfred Kerr (*Dec 25, 1867) writer Germany DE
Robert Koch (*Dec 12, 1843) doctor Germany DE
Arnold Sommerfeld (*Dec 5, 1868) physicist Germany DE
William Steinberg (*Aug 1, 1899) conductor Germany DE
Hedwig Courths-Mahler
(*Feb 18, 1867)
writer Germany DE
Nick Heidfeld (*May 10, 1977) F1 racing driver Germany DE
Bruno Hauptmann (*Nov 26, 1899) murderer Germany DE
Roland Koch (*Mar 24, 1958) politician Germany DE
Günther Weisenborn (*Jul 10, 1902) writer, scriptwriter Germany DE
Björn Engholm (*Nov 9, 1939) politician Germany DE
Joschka Fischer (*Apr 12, 1948) politician Germany DE
Emanuel Geibel (*Oct 18, 1815) writer Germany DE
William Herschel (*Nov 15, 1738) Germany DE
Heinrich Brüning (*Nov 26, 1885) politician Germany DE
Centurio (*Mar 8, 1893) astrologer, writer Germany DE
Hans Hausmann (*Apr 10, 1902) astrologer Germany DE
Henriette Schrader-Breymann
(*Sep 14, 1827)
teacher Germany DE
Hans Geiger (*Sep 30, 1882) physicist Germany DE
Charles Hallé (*Apr 10, 1819) conductor Germany DE
Elisabeth Höngen (*Dec 7, 1906) singer Germany DE
Gustav Schreiber (*Dec 25, 1916) Germany DE
Fritz Witt (*May 27, 1908) general Germany DE
Friedrich Rückert (*May 16, 1788) poet Germany DE
Katarina Witt (*Dec 3, 1965) figure skater Germany DE
Gottfried Angeli (*Aug 5, 1953) astrologer Germany DE
Gustav Regler (*May 25, 1898) writer, journalist Germany DE
Hans von Marées (*Dec 24, 1837) painter Germany DE
Monika Jünemann (*Sep 15, 1956) writer, physicist Germany DE
Klemens von Metternich
(*May 15, 1773)
politician, diplomat Germany DE
Alfred Witte (*Mar 2, 1878) astrologer Germany DE
Friedrich Zanzinger (*Nov 10, 1913) astrologer Germany DE
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