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Celebrities born in "Germany/DE" (4656)

George Frideric Handel
(*Mar 5, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Rüdiger Dahlke (*Jul 24, 1951) doctor, psychotherapist, pioneer of psychosomatic medicine Germany DE
Marie-Louise von Franz
(*Jan 4, 1915)
psychologist, collaborator of C. G. Jung Germany DE
Andreas Lubitz (*Dec 18, 1987) pilot Germany DE
Mark Oh (*Jun 23, 1970) musician Germany DE
Johann Sebastian Bach
(*Mar 31, 1685)
composer Germany DE
Günter Schabowski (*Jan 4, 1929) Germany DE
Eckhart Tolle (*Feb 16, 1948) teacher, philosopher Germany DE
Paul Rée (*Nov 21, 1849) philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche's friend Germany DE
Princess Sophie of Saxony
(*Mar 15, 1845)
Princess Sophie of Saxony, Duchess in Bavaria Germany DE
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(*Jul 1, 1646)
philosopher, scientist, mathematician, theologian, polymath Germany DE
Ingo Schwichtenberg (*May 18, 1965) drummer, co-founder of the metal band Helloween Germany DE
Adam Opel (*May 9, 1837) entrepreneur, founder of Opel Germany DE
Gershon Kingsley (*Oct 28, 1922) composer, pianist, songwriter of Popcorn Germany DE
Wolfgang Wagner (*Aug 30, 1919) director, opera singer Germany DE
Hans von Bülow (*Jan 8, 1830) composer, musician, conductor Germany DE
Regiomontanus (*Jun 15, 1436) astrologer Germany DE
Johannes Kepler (*Jan 6, 1572) astronomer, mathematician, astrologer, writer Germany DE
Martin Luther (*Nov 19, 1483) theologian, preacher, reformer, founder of Protestantism Germany DE
Bert Hellinger (*Dec 16, 1925) psychotherapist, founder of therapeutic method known as Family Constellations Germany DE
Kim Dotcom (*Jan 21, 1974) internet entrepreneur, activist, founder of Megaupload Germany DE
Ulay (*Nov 30, 1943) artist Germany DE
Cybernetika (*Mar 30, 1986) musician Germany DE
Claus van Amsberg (*Sep 6, 1926) Prince Consort of the Netherlands Germany DE
Hermann Graf (*Oct 24, 1912) pilot Germany DE
Eduard Buchner (*May 20, 1860) chemist, discoverer of cell-free fermentation Germany DE
Anneliese Michel (*Sep 21, 1952) Germany DE
Willi Graf (*Jan 2, 1918) German student, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Germany DE
Christoph Probst (*Nov 6, 1918) German student, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Germany DE
Anne Buydens Douglas (*Apr 23, 1919) actress, philanthropist, producer Germany DE
Falk Hentschel (*Apr 26, 1985) actor, dancer Germany DE
Beate Zschäpe (*Jan 2, 1975) member of the Neo-Nazi terror group NSU Germany DE
Alfred Lichtenstein (*Aug 23, 1889) writer, lawyer, poet Germany DE
Wenzel Robert Graf von Kaunitz
(*Sep 26, 1848)
politician Germany DE
Robert Scholl (*Apr 13, 1891) politician, critic of Nazism, the father of executed Sophie and Hans Scholl Germany DE
Hans Fischer (*Jul 27, 1881) chemist Germany DE
Pietro Lombardi (*Jun 9, 1992) singer Germany DE
Klaus Dieckmann (*May 24, 1969) astrologer Germany DE
Jan Harlan (*May 5, 1937) director, actor Germany DE
Jürgen Goslar (*Mar 26, 1927) director, actor Germany DE
Veit Helmer (*Apr 24, 1968) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Franz Xaver Bogner (*Jan 15, 1949) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Maris Pfeiffer (*Nov 3, 1962) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
Helmut Dziuba (*Feb 2, 1933) director, scriptwriter Germany DE
May Spils (*Jul 29, 1941) director Germany DE
Paul Kalkbrenner (*Jun 11, 1977) musician Germany DE
Martha Bernays (*Jul 26, 1861) wife of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud Germany DE
Nino de Angelo (*Dec 18, 1963) singer Germany DE
Mike Mareen (*Nov 9, 1949) German musician Germany DE
Norman Langen (*Mar 7, 1985) German pop and Schlager singer Germany DE
Wolfgang Ziegler (*Oct 8, 1943) German Schlager, rock and pop singer Germany DE
Elisabeth Heisenberg (*Jul 4, 1914) wife of Werner Heisenberg Germany DE
Alexandr Gerst (*May 3, 1976) European astronaut and geophysicist Germany DE
Heinrich Schliemann (*Jan 6, 1822) businessman, archaeolog, excavator of the Troy Germany DE
Gigi Darlene (*Mar 4, 1943) Germany DE
Lottery winner 40112 (*Jul 14, 1968) lottery winner (Sept. 1983) Germany DE
Jürgen Klopp (*Jun 16, 1967) manager of Premier League club Liverpool, former football player Germany DE
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