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Doctors - Celebrities (155)

Carl Gustav Jung (*Jul 26, 1875) doctor, psychotherapist, founder of analytical psychology Switzerland CH
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
(*May 14, 1928)
revolutionary, physician, guerrilla leader, diplomat Argentina AR
Josef Mengele (*Mar 16, 1911) morbid Nazi German SS doctor, mass murderer Germany DE
Sigmund Freud (*May 6, 1856) doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist, founder of psychoanalysis Czech Republic CZ
Julius Mayer (*Nov 25, 1814) physician, physicist, one of the founders of thermodynamics Germany DE
Sabina Spielrein (*Nov 7, 1885) physician, founder of child psychoanalysis Russia RU
Alfred Adler (*Feb 7, 1870) doctor, psychotherapist, founder of the school of individual... Austria AT
Eugen Jonáš (*Nov 6, 1928) doctor, psychiatrist, gynecologist, astrologer Slovakia SK
René Laennec (*Feb 17, 1781) physician, inventor of the stethoscope France FR
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomencla... Sweden SE
Louis Pasteur (*Dec 27, 1822) French biologist, chemist, doctor France FR
Bob Smith (*Aug 8, 1879) surgeon, Dr. Bob - co-founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) United States US
L. L. Zamenhof (*Dec 15, 1859) ophthalmologist, founder and creator of the language Esperan... Poland PL
Aribert Heim (*Jun 28, 1914) SS doctor, nicknamed Doctor Death Austria AT
Rüdiger Dahlke (*Jul 24, 1951) doctor, psychotherapist, pioneer of psychosomatic medicine Germany DE
Paracelsus (*Nov 19, 1493) alchemist, astrologer, physician, theologian Switzerland CH
Antoine Louis (*Feb 13, 1723) surgeon, inventor and creator of the execution apparatus Gui... France FR
Ronald Ross (*May 13, 1857) doctor, parasitologist, one of the founders of modern epidem... India IN
Nicolaus Copernicus (*Feb 28, 1473) astronomer, mathematician, lawyer, doctor Poland PL
Nostradamus (*Dec 24, 1503) doctor, seer, astrologer, counselor of King Charles IX. France FR
Moshe ben Maimon (*Apr 6, 1135) rabbi, Jewish philosopher, doctor Spain ES
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
(*Mar 3, 1965)
biologist, public health researcher, CEO of the WHO since 20... Eritrea ER
A. J. Cronin (*Jul 19, 1896) writer, doctor, scriptwriter United Kingdom GB
Étienne-Jules Marey (*Mar 5, 1830) scientist, doctor, physiologist, chronophotographer France FR
Karl Abraham (*May 3, 1877) German physician, psychoanalyst Germany DE
Patch Adams (*May 28, 1945) doctor United States US
Paul Albert Ancel (*Sep 21, 1873) doctor France FR
Claudie Andre-Deshays
(*May 13, 1957)
doctor, astronaut, politician France FR
Ludwig Aschoff (*Jan 10, 1866) doctor Germany DE
Leopold Auenbrugger (*Nov 19, 1722) doctor Austria AT
Karl Baisch (*Jan 28, 1869) doctor Germany DE
Frederick Banting (*Nov 14, 1891) Canadian physician, co-discoverer of insulin Canada CA
Christiaan Barnard (*Nov 8, 1922) doctor South Africa ZA
Gottfried Benn (*May 2, 1886) writer, doctor, poet Germany DE
Claude Bernard (*Jul 12, 1813) doctor France FR
Maximilian Bircher-Benner
(*Aug 22, 1867)
doctor, scientist Switzerland CH
Luke P. Blackburn (*Jun 16, 1816) doctor United States US
John Boyd Orr (*Sep 23, 1880) doctor, politician, teacher United Kingdom GB
Karl Bucher (*Sep 22, 1912) scientist, doctor, pharmacologist Switzerland CH
Georges Canguilhem (*Jun 4, 1904) doctor, philosopher France FR
Terence Cawthorne (*Sep 29, 1902) doctor United Kingdom GB
Jean-Martin Charcot (*Nov 29, 1825) French doctor, founder of Neurology and Psychiatry France FR
Deepak Chopra (*Oct 22, 1946) writer, doctor India IN
Hoimar von Ditfurth (*Oct 15, 1921) doctor Germany DE
Alfred Döblin (*Aug 10, 1878) writer, doctor Poland PL
Thomas A. Dooley (*Jan 17, 1927) doctor United States US
Philippe Douste-Blazy
(*Jan 1, 1953)
doctor, politician France FR
Solomon Drowne (*Mar 11, 1753) doctor United States US
Frederik Eeden (*Apr 3, 1860) doctor Netherlands NL
Christiaan Eijkman (*Aug 11, 1858) doctor Netherlands NL
Alexander Fleming (*Aug 6, 1881) biologist, pharmacologist, botanist, known for discovery of ... United Kingdom GB
Otto Frank (*Jun 21, 1865) doctor Germany DE
Carl Josef Gauss (*Oct 29, 1875) doctor Germany DE
Samuel Hahnemann (*Apr 10, 1755) doctor Germany DE
William Hale-White (*Nov 7, 1857) doctor United Kingdom GB
Jean Hamburger (*Jul 15, 1909) doctor France FR
Ernst Ludwig Heim (*Jul 13, 1747) doctor Germany DE
Greg Hemingway (*Nov 12, 1931) doctor United States US
Susanne Holst (*Sep 19, 1961) doctor, presenter Germany DE
Bernardo Houssay (*Apr 10, 1887) doctor Argentina AR
Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland
(*Aug 12, 1762)
doctor Germany DE
Thomas Huxley (*May 4, 1825) doctor United Kingdom GB
François Jacob (*Jun 17, 1920) doctor France FR
Karl Jaspers (*Feb 23, 1883) doctor, philosopher Germany DE
Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling
(*Sep 12, 1740)
writer, doctor Germany DE
Robert Koch (*Dec 12, 1843) doctor Germany DE
Bernard Kouchner (*Nov 1, 1939) doctor, politician France FR
Jérôme Lejeune (*Jun 13, 1926) doctor France FR
John Lilly (*Jan 6, 1915) doctor United States US
Jeffrey MacDonald (*Oct 12, 1943) doctor United States US
Charles Mayo (*Jul 19, 1865) doctor United States US
Franz Anton Mesmer (*May 23, 1734) Swiss doctor, the father of hypnosis and psychotherapy Germany DE
George Eugene Moore (*Feb 22, 1920) doctor United States US
Charles Nicolle (*Sep 21, 1866) doctor France FR
Severo Ochoa (*Sep 24, 1905) doctor, chemist Spain ES
Michael S. Palmer (*Oct 9, 1942) writer, doctor United States US
Jules Emile Pean (*Nov 29, 1830) doctor France FR
Marcel Petiot (*Jan 17, 1897) serial killer France FR
Nikolay Pirogov (*Nov 25, 1810) doctor, scientist, teacher Russia RU
Emile Roux (*Dec 17, 1853) doctor France FR
Buck Ruxton (*Mar 27, 1898) doctor India IN
Jonas Salk (*Oct 28, 1914) doctor United States US
Mildred Scheel (*Dec 31, 1932) doctor Germany DE
Johannes Heinrich Schultz
(*Jun 20, 1884)
doctor Germany DE
Margaret Rhea Seddon (*Nov 8, 1947) physician, retired NASA astronaut United States US
William Kennedy Smith
(*Sep 4, 1960)
doctor United States US
Franz von Baader (*Mar 27, 1765) doctor Germany DE
Karl von Basedow (*Mar 28, 1799) doctor Germany DE
Adolf Weiss (*Sep 18, 1888) astrologer, doctor Poland PL
Wilhelm Wundt (*Aug 16, 1832) doctor Germany DE
Alexandre Yersin (*Sep 22, 1863) doctor Switzerland CH
Džamila Stehlíková (*Feb 6, 1962) doctor, politician Kazakhstan KZ
Sally de Jong (*Apr 24, 1914) Jewish doctor, Josef Mengele's assistant Netherlands NL
Vladimír Pucholt (*Dec 30, 1942) actor, doctor Czech Republic CZ
Evan Adams (*Nov 15, 1966) writer, actor, director, doctor Canada CA
Pavel Bém (*Jul 18, 1963) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Kateřina Cajthamlová (*Jul 7, 1962) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Janusz Korczak (*Jul 22, 1878) writer, doctor, journalist, teacher Poland PL
Ludvík Souček (*May 17, 1926) writer, doctor Czech Republic CZ
David Rath (*Dec 25, 1965) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Jack Kevorkian (*May 26, 1928) physician, pathologist, euthanasia activist United States US
Stefan Wul (*Mar 27, 1922) writer, doctor France FR
František Langer (*Mar 3, 1888) writer, doctor Czech Republic CZ
František Koukolík (*Nov 22, 1941) doctor, journalist Czech Republic CZ
Rajko Doleček (*Jun 1, 1925) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Jorge Drexler (*Sep 21, 1964) musician, actor, doctor Uruguay UY
Zdeněk Hanka (*Jan 20, 1956) writer, doctor Czech Republic CZ
Selma Ergeç (*Nov 1, 1978) actress, doctor, psychologist, model, fashion designer Germany DE
Daniella Rush (*Sep 17, 1976) actress, doctor, porn actress Czech Republic CZ
Avi Ben-Abraham (*Nov 18, 1957) scientist, doctor Israel IL
Victor Bonney (*Dec 17, 1872) doctor United Kingdom GB
Paul Brouardel (*Feb 13, 1837) doctor France FR
David M. Brown (*Apr 16, 1956) astronaut United States US
Milon Brych (*Dec 11, 1939) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Louis Chevrier (*Jan 27, 1877) doctor France FR
Laurel B. Clark (*Mar 10, 1961) astronaut United States US
Allen Roy Dafoe (*May 29, 1883) doctor Canada CA
Albrecht Fleckenstein
(*May 3, 1917)
doctor Germany DE
Emile Marcus (*Jun 29, 1930) doctor France FR
Fema Noveck (*Mar 27, 1918) doctor Russia RU
Ron Paul (*Aug 20, 1935) doctor, politician United States US
Ira Progoff (*Aug 2, 1921) doctor United States US
Edson C. Queiroz (*Aug 23, 1950) doctor Brazil BR
Jacques Servier (*Feb 9, 1922) doctor France FR
Harold Shipman (*Jan 14, 1946) serial killer United Kingdom GB
Luigi Oreste Speciani
(*Feb 23, 1921)
doctor Italy IT
Reimond Speelers (*Mar 9, 1876) eye doctor, activist Belgium BE
Hatten Yoder (*Mar 20, 1921) doctor United States US
Pavel Kalný (*May 14, 1967) mountaineer, doctor, psychiatrist Czech Republic CZ
Lukáš Pollert (*Mar 24, 1970) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Leoš Heger (*Feb 11, 1948) doctor, politician, teacher Czech Republic CZ
Zdeněk Mařatka (*Jun 27, 1914) doctor, scientist Czech Republic CZ
Jan Navrátil (*Jan 26, 1909) heart surgeon Austria AT
Přemysl Sobotka (*May 18, 1944) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Ota Dub (*Feb 8, 1909) writer, doctor Czech Republic CZ
Ivan Hálek (*Nov 11, 1872) writer, doctor, politician, teacher Czech Republic CZ
Sergei Lukyanenko (*Nov 4, 1968) writer, doctor Kazakhstan KZ
Karel Bořivoj Presl (*Feb 17, 1794) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Miguel Ruiz (*Aug 27, 1952) writer, doctor, teacher Mexico MX
Josef Thomayer (*Mar 23, 1853) physician, founder of Czech medical terminology Czech Republic CZ
Alena Vrbová (*Oct 3, 1919) writer, doctor, poet Czech Republic CZ
Richard Gordon (*Sep 15, 1921) writer, doctor United Kingdom GB
Pavel Jansa (*May 27, 1942) writer, doctor Czech Republic CZ
Oliver Sacks (*Jul 9, 1933) writer, doctor United Kingdom GB
Julius Wagner-Jauregg
(*Mar 7, 1857)
physician, neurologist, psychiatrist, inventor Austria AT
Jaroslav Barták (*Aug 3, 1958) doctor, businessman Czech Republic CZ
Lucille Teasdale-Corti
(*Jan 30, 1929)
doctor Canada CA
Ratmír Rath (*May 8, 1931) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Jaroslav Skála (*May 25, 1916) physician, psychologist, founder of sobering-up stations Czech Republic CZ
Tess Gerritsen (*Jun 12, 1953) writer, doctor United States US
Bohuslav Svoboda (*Feb 8, 1944) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Martin Kuba (*Apr 9, 1973) doctor, politician Czech Republic CZ
Jan Hnízdil (*Aug 14, 1958) doctor Czech Republic CZ
Evangelos Katsioulis (*Jan 19, 1976) doctor, psychiatrist Greece GR
Magdi Yacoub (*Nov 16, 1935) surgeon, professor Egypt EG
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