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Founders - Celebrities (215)

Bruce Lee (*Nov 27, 1940) actor, martial artist, philosopher, filmmaker, founder of th... United States US
Karel Plicka (*Oct 14, 1894) national artist, photographer, musician, director, cameraman... Austria AT
Jiří Trnka (*Feb 24, 1912) artist, illustrator, sculptor, writer, puppeteer, co-founder... Czech Republic CZ
Hayao Miyazaki (*Jan 5, 1941) Japanese anime creator, director, animator, founder of Studi... Japan JP
Carl Gustav Jung (*Jul 26, 1875) doctor, psychotherapist, founder of analytical psychology Switzerland CH
Howard Hughes (*Sep 24, 1905) director, aviator, founder and owner of Hughes Aircraft, one... United States US
Lisa Gerrard (*Apr 12, 1961) musician, singer, composer, co-founder of the group Dead Can... Australia AU
Chris Martin (*Mar 2, 1977) composer, singer, guitarist, co-founder of rock band Coldpla... United Kingdom GB
Osama bin Laden (*Mar 10, 1957) terrorist, founder of Al-Qaeda Saudi Arabia SA
GZA - The Genius (*Aug 22, 1966) rapper, founder of the Wu-Tang Clan United States US
Josef Skupa (*Jan 16, 1892) director, designer, puppeteer, creator of Spejbl and Hurvíne... Czech Republic CZ
James Hetfield (*Aug 3, 1963) singer, songwriter, guitarist, co-founder of the band Metall... United States US
Tarja Turunen (*Aug 17, 1977) singer, former vocalist and co-founder of the Finnish metal ... Finland FI
Julian Assange (*Jul 3, 1971) programmer, internet activist, founder of Wikileaks Australia AU
Ulrike Meinhof (*Oct 7, 1934) journalist, left-wing activist, terrorist, co-founder of the... Germany DE
Božena Němcová (*Feb 4, 1820) writer, founder of modern Czech prose Austria AT
Gudrun Ensslin (*Aug 15, 1940) terrorist, co-founder and leader of the Red Army Faction Germany DE
Mayer Amschel Rotschild
(*Feb 23, 1743)
founder of banker Rothschild dynasty Germany DE
Alfred Nobel (*Oct 21, 1833) inventor of dynamite, founder and benefactor of the Nobel Pr... Sweden SE
Count Zeppelin (*Jul 8, 1838) general, aircraft manufacturer, founder of the Zeppelin airs... Germany DE
Karl Benz (*Nov 25, 1844) automotive designer, co-founder od Mercedes-Benz Germany DE
James Naismith (*Nov 6, 1861) educator, physician, innovator, inventor of basketball Canada CA
Henry Ford (*Jul 30, 1863) founder of Ford United States US
Ferdinand Porsche (*Sep 3, 1875) founder of Porsche Czech Republic CZ
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
(*Dec 22, 1876)
poet, novelist, dramatist, theorist, founder of Futurism Egypt EG
Adi Dassler (*Nov 3, 1900) entrepreneur, designer, founder of Adidas Germany DE
Sam Walton (*Mar 29, 1918) entrepreneur, founder of retail chain Walmart United States US
Akio Morita (*Jan 26, 1921) entrepreneur, co-founder of Sony Japan JP
Jean-Marie Le Pen (*Jun 20, 1928) politician, MEP, founder of the National Front France FR
Luciano Benetton (*May 13, 1935) entrepreneur, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benet... Italy IT
Giuliana Benetton (*Jul 8, 1937) businesswoman, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Bene... Italy IT
Jean-Claude Decaux (*Sep 15, 1937) entrepreneur, founder of advertising agency JCDecaux France FR
Ted Turner (*Nov 19, 1938) founder of CNN United States US
Carlo Benetton (*Dec 26, 1943) entrepreneur, co-founder of the brand United Colors of Benet... Italy IT
Udo Dirkschneider (*Apr 6, 1952) singer, founder of the band U.D.O., former member of the ban... Germany DE
Steve Jobs (*Feb 24, 1955) entrepreneur, co-founder of Apple and Pixar Companies United States US
Bill Gates (*Oct 28, 1955) entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft United States US
Jeff Bezos (*Jan 12, 1964) entrepreneur, founder of Amazon.com website United States US
Jerry Yang (*Nov 6, 1968) co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc. China CN
Max Cavalera (*Aug 4, 1969) singer, guitarist, founder of the bands Sepultura and Soulfl... Brazil BR
B-Real (*Jun 2, 1970) singer, rapper, founder of Cypress Hill United States US
Larry Page (*Mar 26, 1973) computer scientist, businessman, co-founder of Google Inc. United States US
Sergey Brin (*Aug 21, 1973) computer scientist, businessman, co-founder of Google Inc. Russia RU
Parov Stelar (*Nov 27, 1974) musician, one of the founders of electro swing Austria AT
Mark Zuckerberg (*May 14, 1984) programmer, founder and CEO of Facebook United States US
Charles Darwin (*Feb 12, 1809) naturalist, geologist, inventor of Darwin's evolutionary the... United Kingdom GB
Julius Mayer (*Nov 25, 1814) physician, physicist, one of the founders of thermodynamics Germany DE
Sabina Spielrein (*Nov 7, 1885) physician, founder of child psychoanalysis Russia RU
Alfred Adler (*Feb 7, 1870) doctor, psychotherapist, founder of the school of individual... Austria AT
Andreas Baader (*May 6, 1943) anarchist, activist, terrorist, co-founder and leader of the... Germany DE
Mikhail Bakunin (*May 30, 1814) revolutionary anarchist, founder of collectivist anarchism Russia RU
Friedrich Bayer (*Jun 6, 1825) chemist, entrepreneur, founder of company Bayer AG Germany DE
W. O. Bentley (*Sep 16, 1880) engineer, founder of Bentley Motors Limited United Kingdom GB
Helena Blavatsky (*Aug 12, 1831) psychic, philosopher, journalist, founder of the Theosophica... Ukraine UA
Robert Bosch (*Sep 23, 1861) inventor, entrepreneur, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH Germany DE
Gottlieb Duttweiler (*Aug 15, 1888) businessman, politician, founder of the supermarket Migros Switzerland CH
Reinhold Ebertin (*Feb 16, 1901) astrologer, author, school teacher, developer of Cosmobiolog... Germany DE
Friedrich Engels (*Nov 28, 1820) political philosopher, economist, co-founder of Marxism Germany DE
Guccio Gucci (*Mar 26, 1881) businessman, fashion designer, founder of Gucci Italy IT
Louise Hay (*Oct 8, 1926) writer, American motivational author, founder of Hay House United States US
Hugh Hefner (*Apr 9, 1926) founder and publisher of Playboy magazine United States US
August Horch (*Oct 12, 1868) designer, founder of the company Horch and Audi Germany DE
Lafayette Ron Hubbard
(*Mar 13, 1911)
science fiction writer, founder of Dianetics and Scientology United States US
John Carmack (*Aug 20, 1970) programmer, founder of Id Software United States US
Ray Kroc (*Oct 5, 1902) businessman, founder of McDonald's Corporation United States US
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomencla... Sweden SE
Franz Marc (*Feb 8, 1880) German painter, co-founder of art group Der Blaue Reiter Germany DE
MacGregor Mathers (*Jan 8, 1854) occultist, Mason, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golde... United Kingdom GB
Maria Montessori (*Aug 31, 1870) founder of modern pedagogy, philosopher, scientist Italy IT
Camillo Olivetti (*Aug 13, 1868) entrepreneur, engineer, founder of Olivetti & Co Italy IT
Joseph Pulitzer (*Apr 10, 1847) journalist, publisher, initiator of the creation of Pulitzer... Hungary HU
Hans Scholl (*Sep 22, 1918) German student, co-founder of nonviolent anti-Nazi group Whi... Germany DE
Erwin Schrödinger (*Aug 12, 1887) theoretical physicist, co-founder of quantum mechanics Austria AT
Adam Sedgwick (*Mar 22, 1785) geologist, founder of modern geology United Kingdom GB
Bob Smith (*Aug 8, 1879) surgeon, Dr. Bob - co-founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) United States US
Frederick W. Smith (*Aug 11, 1944) founder, Chairman and CEO of FedEx United States US
Rudolf Steiner (*Feb 25, 1861) philosopher, artist, critic, founder of anthroposophy Croatia HR
Ian Stewart (*Jul 18, 1938) Scottish keyboardist, founder of The Rolling Stones United Kingdom GB
Alois Treindl (*Mar 7, 1950) astrologer, programmer, founder of the company Astrodienst -... Germany DE
John Romero (*Oct 28, 1967) game designer, programmer, co-founder of id Software United States US
Jimmy Wales (*Aug 7, 1966) co-founder of Wikipedia United States US
Bill Wilson (*Nov 26, 1895) Bill W. - co-founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) United States US
Johann Joachim Winckelmann
(*Dec 9, 1717)
co-founder of art history and archeology Germany DE
L. L. Zamenhof (*Dec 15, 1859) ophthalmologist, founder and creator of the language Esperan... Poland PL
Tomáš Baťa (*Apr 3, 1876) entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Bata Shoes company Czech Republic CZ
Louis Chevrolet (*Dec 25, 1878) co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company Switzerland CH
Rudolf Dassler (*Mar 26, 1898) entrepreneur, founder of Puma, brother of Adidas founder Germany DE
Charles Dolan (*Oct 16, 1926) entrepreneur, founder of HBO United States US
František Janeček (*Jan 23, 1878) designer, Founder of Jawa motorcycles Czech Republic CZ
Václav Klement (*Oct 16, 1868) automotive pioneer, co-founder of Laurin & Klement (now Škod... Czech Republic CZ
Lars Larsen (*Aug 6, 1948) founder of Jysk Denmark DK
Franklin C. Mars (*Sep 24, 1884) business magnate, founder of Mars, Inc. (chocolate candy) United States US
Laurene Powell Jobs (*Nov 6, 1963) manager, heiress and founder of Emerson Collective, wife of ... United States US
Louis Renault (*Feb 12, 1877) automotive pioneer, co-founder of Renault France FR
Charles Lewis Tiffany
(*Feb 15, 1812)
founder of the luxury home of Tiffany's United States US
Karl Wlaschek (*Aug 4, 1917) founder of Bila Austria AT
Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud
(*Feb 9, 1890)
architect, co-founder of the movement De Stijl Netherlands NL
Masutatsu Oyama (*Jul 27, 1923) founder of Kyokushin Karate South Korea KR
Morihei Ueshiba (*Dec 14, 1883) founder of the Japanese martial art of Aikido Japan JP
Gerard Adriaan Heineken
(*Sep 29, 1841)
founder of Heineken beer brand Netherlands NL
Daniel Defert (*Sep 10, 1937) philosopher, AIDS activist, co-founder of the organization A... France FR
Geir Ivarsøy (*Jun 27, 1957) programmer, founder of Opera Software Norway NO
J. B. S. Haldane (*Nov 5, 1892) geneticist, evolutionary biologist, founder of population ge... United Kingdom GB
Jhonn Balance (*Feb 16, 1962) musician, singer, founder of the musical group Coil United Kingdom GB
B. K. S. Iyengar (*Dec 14, 1918) yoga teacher, founder of Iyengar Yoga, writer India IN
Ingo Schwichtenberg (*May 18, 1965) drummer, co-founder of the metal band Helloween Germany DE
Adam Opel (*May 9, 1837) entrepreneur, founder of Opel Germany DE
Alice Masaryková (*May 3, 1879) founder of the Czechoslovak Red Cross, the daughter of T. G.... Austria AT
Jindřich Matyáš Thurn
(*Dec 14, 1567)
leader and initiator of the Prague Defenestration in 1618 Austria AT
Ronald Ross (*May 13, 1857) doctor, parasitologist, one of the founders of modern epidem... India IN
John Flamsteed (*Aug 29, 1646) astronomer, founder of the observatory in Greenwich United Kingdom GB
Hōnen (*May 20, 1133) Buddhist monk, founder of the Japanese branch of the Pure La... Japan JP
Masaccio (*Dec 30, 1401) painter, founder of Renaissance painting Italy IT
Martin Luther (*Nov 19, 1483) theologian, preacher, reformer, founder of Protestantism Germany DE
Bert Hellinger (*Dec 16, 1925) psychotherapist, founder of therapeutic method known as Fami... Germany DE
Kim Dotcom (*Jan 21, 1974) internet entrepreneur, activist, founder of Megaupload Germany DE
Liam Howlett (*Aug 21, 1971) musician, producer, songwriter, co-founder and leader of the... United Kingdom GB
Jean Cremers (*Mar 14, 1957) astrologer, programmer, musician, author of the Planetdance ... Netherlands NL
Jack Dorsey (*Nov 19, 1976) computer programmer, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Twi... United States US
Elon Musk (*Jun 28, 1971) engineer, industrial designer, technology entrepreneur, phil... South Africa ZA
Proclus (*Feb 9, 412) Greek philosopher, Neoplatonist, head of the Platonic Academ... Turkey TR
Banu Guler (*Nov 11, 1987) app designer, businesswoman, the CEO and co-founder of Co-St... United States US
Susan Miller (*Mar 7, 1947) astrologer, author of Sun Sign books, founder of Astrology Z... United States US
Parag Agrawal (*May 21, 1984) Indian-American technology executive, CEO of Twitter since N... India IN
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
(*Mar 3, 1965)
biologist, public health researcher, CEO of the WHO since 20... Eritrea ER
William Willett (*Aug 10, 1856) British builder, promoter of daylight saving British Summer ... United Kingdom GB
Curtis Manwaring (*Aug 5, 1961) astrologer, programmer, author of the Delphic Oracle astrolo... United States US
Lil' Kim (*Jul 11, 1975) rapper, songwriter, actress, founder of Queen Bee Entertainm... United States US
Proof (*Oct 2, 1973) hip hop artist, founder of the rap group D12 United States US
Harvey Weinstein (*Mar 19, 1952) film producer, studio executive, co-founder of Miramax United States US
Chris Lowe (*Oct 4, 1959) musician, singer, songwriter, co-founder of the Pet Shop Boy... United Kingdom GB
Neil Tennant (*Jul 10, 1954) musician, singer, songwriter, co-founder of the Pet Shop Boy... United Kingdom GB
Tomio Okamura (*Jul 4, 1972) businessman, politician, founder of the movement Dawn Japan JP
Guy Ligier (*Jul 12, 1930) F1 driver, rugby player, founder of the car company Ringier France FR
M. Shadows (*Jul 31, 1981) singer, songwriter, founder of the band Avenged Sevenfold United States US
José Argüelles (*Jan 24, 1939) New Age writer, founder of Planet Art Network United States US
Robert Kool Bell (*Oct 8, 1950) singer, bassist, founder of Kool & the Gang United States US
William Booth (*Apr 10, 1829) founder and 1st General of The Salvation Army United Kingdom GB
Jean-Francois Champollion
(*Dec 23, 1790)
French archaeologist and founder of Egyptology France FR
Jacques Derrida (*Jul 15, 1930) philosopher, regarded as the founder of deconstruction Algeria DZ
Paul Feyerabend (*Jan 13, 1924) Austrian philosopher of science, founder of epistemological ... Austria AT
Richard Hamann (*May 29, 1879) German art historian, founder of Bildarchiv Foto Marburg Germany DE
Richard Krafft-Ebing (*Aug 14, 1840) psychiatrist, neurologist, co-founder of modern sexology Germany DE
Christian Lacroix (*May 16, 1951) fashion designer, founder of the brand Christian Lacroix France FR
Karl Lepsius (*Dec 23, 1810) Prussian scientist, founder of the German Egyptology Germany DE
Kamisese Mara (*May 6, 1920) founder and president of Fiji Fiji FJ
Billy Meier (*Feb 3, 1937) founder of FIGU Switzerland CH
Joseph Pilates (*Dec 9, 1883) physical trainer, inventor of Pilates method of physical fit... Germany DE
Henri Selva (*Jun 8, 1861) astrologer, founder of the magazine Le Déterminisme Astral France FR
Constantin Stanislavski
(*Jan 17, 1863)
Russian actor, businessman, theater director, founder of the... Russia RU
Gregor Strasser (*May 31, 1892) German Nazi politician, co-founder of the NSDAP Germany DE
Chantal Thomass (*Sep 5, 1947) fashion designer, founder of the brand Chantal Thomass France FR
August Weismann (*Jan 17, 1834) German evolutionary biologist, author of germ plasm theory Germany DE
Steve Wozniak (*Aug 11, 1950) computer engineer, philanthropist, co-founder of Apple United States US
Jindřich Fügner (*Sep 12, 1822) co-founder and leader of Czech sport organization Sokol Czech Republic CZ
Radim Jančura (*Jan 12, 1972) Czech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Student Agency Czech Republic CZ
Václav Laurin (*Sep 27, 1865) automotive pioneer, co-founder of Laurin & Klement (now Škod... Czech Republic CZ
František Palacký (*Jun 14, 1798) literary critic, founder of Czech historiography, called "Fa... Czech Republic CZ
Rowland Hazard III (*Oct 29, 1881) entrepreneur, patient of C.G.Jung, co-founder of AA (Alcohol... United States US
Terry Scott Taylor (*May 24, 1950) composer, founder of the Christian band Daniel Amos United States US
Horst Mahler (*Jan 23, 1936) lawyer, advocate, co-founder of the Red Army Faction Poland PL
Avshalom Feinberg (*Oct 23, 1889) co-founder of the Jewish Nili spy network Israel IL
John A. Halloran (*Jan 11, 1954) astrologer, founder and owner of Halloran software, Mensa me... United States US
Colin Higgins (*Jul 28, 1941) actor, screenwriter, director and founder Colin Higgins Foun... New Caledonia NC
Peter Christopherson (*Feb 27, 1955) musician, designer, photographer, director and founder of th... United Kingdom GB
Damon Dash (*May 3, 1971) entrepreneur, founder of Roc-A-Fella Records United States US
Joseph Simmons (*Nov 14, 1964) Reverend Run, founder of the Run-D.m.c. United States US
Miroslav Kalousek (*Dec 17, 1960) politician, MP, founder and chairman of TOP 09 Czech Republic CZ
Gilberto Govi (*Oct 22, 1885) actor, founder of the Genoese Dialectal Theatre Italy IT
Ray Dolby (*Jan 18, 1933) founder of Dolby Laboratories United States US
Terry Gou (*Oct 8, 1950) founder of Foxconn Taiwan TW
John Paulson (*Dec 14, 1955) founder and CEO of Paulson & Co. United States US
Frank Dux (*Jul 13, 1956) fighter, actor, choreographer of martial arts, founder of th... Canada CA
L. Knegt (*Dec 26, 1882) astrologer, founder of the School of Ram Netherlands NL
T. J. Rodgers (*Mar 15, 1948) chemist, founder of Cypress Semiconductor United States US
Albert L. Ueltschi (*May 15, 1917) pilot, founder of FlightSafety International United States US
Scott Phillips (*Feb 22, 1973) drummer, co-founder of Creed United States US
Adrian Carmack (*May 5, 1969) graphic designer, artist, co-founder of id Software United States US
Bernard Broermann (*Nov 20, 1943) entrepreneur, founder of Asklepios Germany DE
Wang Chuanfu (*Apr 8, 1966) chemist, businessman, founder of BYD Company China CN
James Dyson (*May 2, 1947) industrial designer, founder of the Dyson company United Kingdom GB
Lu Guanqiu (*Jan 1, 1945) entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Wanxiang Group China CN
Hans-Werner Hector (*Jan 17, 1940) entrepreneur, co-founder of the software company SAP AG Germany DE
Dietmar Hopp (*Apr 26, 1940) entrepreneur, co-founder of the software company SAP AG Germany DE
Ihor Kolomoyskyy (*Feb 13, 1963) founder of Privatbank Ukraine UA
Patrick McGovern (*Aug 11, 1937) businessman, founder and CEO of International Data Group United States US
Johann Georg Pupp (*Apr 17, 1743) entrepreneur, hotelier, founder of the Pupp Hotel Czech Republic CZ
Yoshikazu Tanaka (*Feb 18, 1977) developer, founder of Social Networking Service GREE Japan JP
Mortimer Zuckerman (*Jun 4, 1937) investor, founder and chairman of Boston Properties Canada CA
Arsen Kotsoyev (*Jan 15, 1872) co-founder of Ossetic prose Russia RU
Václav Matěj Kramérius
(*Feb 9, 1759)
writer, founder of Czech journalism Czech Republic CZ
Josef Thomayer (*Mar 23, 1853) physician, founder of Czech medical terminology Czech Republic CZ
Michael Alig (*Apr 29, 1966) club promoter, writer, musician, co-founder of The Club Kids United States US
Igor Cavalera (*Sep 4, 1970) musician, drummer, co-founder of the band Sepultura Brazil BR
Michael Webb (*Mar 3, 1937) architect, founder of Archigram United Kingdom GB
Ben English (*Aug 12, 1968) porn actor, founder of LA Direct Models United Kingdom GB
Lynn LeMay (*Dec 17, 1961) porn actress, founder of LeMayzing Pictures United States US
Ebby Thacher (*Apr 29, 1896) sponsor, intiator of establishing AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) United States US
Ken Levine (*Aug 1, 1966) game designer, founder of Irrational Games United States US
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
(*May 19, 1881)
commander, statesman, founder and first president of the Rep... Greece GR
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