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Nazis - Celebrities (40)

Reinhard Heydrich (*Mar 7, 1904) German Nazi official, main architect of the Holocaust Germany DE
Adolf Hitler (*Apr 20, 1889) politician, dictator, Nazi mass murderer Austria AT
Hans Frank (*May 23, 1900) lawyer, Nazi Germany DE
Joseph Goebbels (*Oct 29, 1897) Nazi war criminal, politician, Reich Minister of Propaganda ... Germany DE
Hermann Goering (*Jan 12, 1893) politician, military leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) Germany DE
Rudolf Hess (*Apr 26, 1894) Nazi German politician Egypt EG
Adolf Eichmann (*Mar 19, 1906) Nazi war criminal Germany DE
Wilhelm Frick (*Mar 12, 1877) German politician of the Nazi Party, Reich Minister Germany DE
Albert Speer (*Mar 19, 1905) Nazi architect, Hitler's minister Germany DE
Julius Streicher (*Feb 12, 1885) Nazi politician, publisher of the antisemitic Der Stürmer Germany DE
Josef Mengele (*Mar 16, 1911) morbid Nazi German SS doctor, mass murderer Germany DE
Alfred Rosenberg (*Jan 12, 1893) philosopher, ideologue of the Nazi Party Estonia EE
Ernst Kaltenbrunner (*Oct 4, 1903) Nazi lawyer, chief of the RSHA Austria AT
Heinrich Himmler (*Oct 7, 1900) policies, Nazi Reich leader of the SS, the Gestapo Chief Germany DE
Kurt Huber (*Oct 24, 1893) psychology professor, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group W... Switzerland CH
Hans Scholl (*Sep 22, 1918) German student, co-founder of nonviolent anti-Nazi group Whi... Germany DE
Sophie Scholl (*May 9, 1921) German student, Christian pacifist, member of the non-violen... Germany DE
Magda Ritschel (*Nov 11, 1901) wife of Nazis Joseph Goebbels Germany DE
Artur Axmann (*Feb 18, 1913) Nazi officer Germany DE
Roland Freisler (*Oct 30, 1893) German Nazi judge Germany DE
Albert Frey (*Feb 16, 1913) Nazi Germany DE
Helmuth Friedrichs (*Sep 22, 1899) Nazi Germany DE
Wilhelm Gustloff (*Jan 30, 1895) Swiss Nazi politician Germany DE
Erich Koch (*Jun 19, 1896) Nazi Germany DE
Martin Niemoller (*Jan 14, 1892) German anti-Nazi theologian, Lutheran pastor Germany DE
Fritz Sauckel (*Oct 27, 1894) Nazi Germany DE
Hjalmar Schacht (*Jan 22, 1877) Nazi architect Germany DE
Gregor Strasser (*May 31, 1892) German Nazi politician, co-founder of the NSDAP Germany DE
Karl Wolff (*May 13, 1900) high-ranking member of the Nazi SS - Obergruppenführer Germany DE
Hermann Giesler (*Apr 2, 1898) Nazi architect Germany DE
Willi Graf (*Jan 2, 1918) German student, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White R... Germany DE
Christoph Probst (*Nov 6, 1918) German student, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White R... Germany DE
Alexander Schmorell (*Sep 16, 1917) student, member of nonviolent anti-Nazi group White Rose Russia RU
Arthur Seyss-Inquart (*Jul 22, 1892) lawyer, Nazi, Austrian Federal Chancellor Czech Republic CZ
Leonardo Conti (*Aug 24, 1900) Nazi Switzerland CH
Edda Goering (*Jun 2, 1938) daughter of Nazi Hermann Goering Germany DE
Michael Kühnen (*Jun 21, 1955) gay neo-Nazi activist, leader of movement Germany DE
Beate Zschäpe (*Jan 2, 1975) member of the Neo-Nazi terror group NSU Germany DE
Josef Mašín (*Aug 26, 1896) Czechoslovak army officer, member of the anti-Nazi resistanc... Czech Republic CZ
Robert Scholl (*Apr 13, 1891) politician, critic of Nazism, the father of executed Sophie ... Germany DE
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