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Scientists, Inventors - Celebrities (234)

Noam Chomsky (*Dec 7, 1928) philosopher, cognitive scientist, linguist, social critic, l... United States US
Thomas A. Edison (*Feb 11, 1847) inventor of the phonograph and the light bulb United States US
Arthur C. Clarke (*Dec 16, 1917) science fiction writer, futurist, inventor, undersea explore... United Kingdom GB
Jack Kerouac (*Mar 12, 1922) novelist, poet, painter, pioneer of the Beat Generation United States US
Albert Einstein (*Mar 14, 1879) theoretical physicist, philosopher, scientist Germany DE
Stephen Hawking (*Jan 8, 1942) physicist, scientist, mathematician United Kingdom GB
Umberto Eco (*Jan 5, 1932) writer, esthetician, semiology and literary scholar Italy IT
C. S. Lewis (*Nov 29, 1898) poet, novelist, theologian, literary scholar, author of The ... United Kingdom GB
Theodore Roosevelt (*Oct 27, 1858) 26rd President of the United States, writer, scientist United States US
Jacob Grimm (*Jan 4, 1785) lawyer, linguist, collector of legends and fairy tales Germany DE
Wilhelm Grimm (*Feb 24, 1786) collector of fairy tales, linguist Germany DE
Benjamin Franklin (*Jan 17, 1706) statesman, diplomat, scientist, writer, publisher United States US
Alfred Nobel (*Oct 21, 1833) inventor of dynamite, founder and benefactor of the Nobel Pr... Sweden SE
John Boyd Dunlop (*Feb 5, 1840) veterinarian, inventor of Dunlop tires United Kingdom GB
André Citroën (*Feb 5, 1878) industrialist, automotive pioneer France FR
Leonhard Euler (*Apr 15, 1707) mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician Switzerland CH
James Watt (*Jan 19, 1736) mechanic, inventor and physicist United Kingdom GB
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
(*Aug 1, 1744)
naturalist, author of the first comprehensive theory of evol... France FR
Charles Darwin (*Feb 12, 1809) naturalist, geologist, inventor of Darwin's evolutionary the... United Kingdom GB
Adolphe Sax (*Nov 6, 1814) musical instrument designer, inventor of the saxophone Belgium BE
John Logie Baird (*Aug 13, 1888) engineer, inventor of the first television United Kingdom GB
Alexander Graham Bell
(*Mar 3, 1847)
inventor of the microphone and the first phone United Kingdom GB
Tim Berners-Lee (*Jun 8, 1955) inventor of the World Wide Web, director of the W3C United Kingdom GB
Niels Bohr (*Oct 7, 1885) nuclear physicist and scientist Denmark DK
Robert Bosch (*Sep 23, 1861) inventor, entrepreneur, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH Germany DE
Louis Braille (*Jan 4, 1809) educator, inventor of braille France FR
Ada Lovelace (*Dec 10, 1815) mathematician, inventor of the machine programming United Kingdom GB
Rudolf Diesel (*Mar 18, 1858) inventor France FR
Ian Frazer (*Jan 6, 1953) scientist United Kingdom GB
Heinrich Goebel (*Apr 20, 1818) watchmaker, inventor, co-inventor of bulb Germany DE
Charles Goodyear (*Dec 29, 1800) chemist, inventor, developer of vulcanized rubber United States US
Albert Hofmann (*Jan 11, 1906) scientist, better known as "the father of LSD" Switzerland CH
Hugo Junkers (*Feb 3, 1859) engineer, aerospace engineer, inventor, industrialist Germany DE
René Laennec (*Feb 17, 1781) physician, inventor of the stethoscope France FR
Carl Linnaeus (*May 24, 1707) botanist, physician, zoologist, founder of Binomial nomencla... Sweden SE
Samuel F. B. Morse (*Apr 27, 1791) inventor of Morse code and the telegraph, sculptor, painter United States US
Nadar (*Apr 6, 1820) photographer, portrait photography pioneer, journalist, writ... France FR
Les Paul (*Jun 9, 1915) jazz guitarist, inventor United States US
Alberto Santos-Dumont
(*Jul 20, 1873)
significant aviation pioneer and designer Brazil BR
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
(*May 1, 1881)
religious thinker, scientist, geologist, member of the Socie... France FR
Nikola Tesla (*Jul 10, 1856) inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicis... Croatia HR
Alexander von Humboldt
(*Sep 14, 1769)
naturalist, traveler Germany DE
Carl von Linde (*Jun 11, 1842) inventor Germany DE
Leo Fender (*Aug 10, 1909) manufacturer, inventor of guitars United States US
Louis Renault (*Feb 12, 1877) automotive pioneer, co-founder of Renault France FR
Rüdiger Dahlke (*Jul 24, 1951) doctor, psychotherapist, pioneer of psychosomatic medicine Germany DE
Léon Foucault (*Sep 18, 1819) physicist, inventor of the gyroscope and Foucault's Pendulum France FR
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
(*Jul 1, 1646)
philosopher, scientist, mathematician, theologian, polymath Germany DE
Ray Tomlinson (*Apr 23, 1941) programmer, inventor of the use of @ symbol in e-mail United States US
Léon Theremin (*Aug 27, 1896) Russian physicist, inventor of the musical instrument the th... Russia RU
Robert Moog (*May 23, 1934) Moog synthesizer inventor, pioneer of electronic music United States US
Joseph Ignace Guillotin
(*May 28, 1738)
physician, politician, mistakenly referred as inventor of ex... France FR
Antoine Louis (*Feb 13, 1723) surgeon, inventor and creator of the execution apparatus Gui... France FR
Leonardo da Vinci (*Apr 23, 1452) Renaissance painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, musician... Italy IT
Galilei Galileo (*Feb 26, 1564) astronomer, philosopher, physicist, mathematician, scientist Italy IT
René Descartes (*Mar 31, 1596) philosopher, mathematician, scientist France FR
Dante Alighieri (*Jun 6, 1265) poet, linguist, author of The Divine Comedy Italy IT
Claude Lorius (*Feb 27, 1932) scientist, polar adventurer, glaciologist France FR
Oskar Messter (*Nov 21, 1866) inventor Germany DE
Pierre Beaumarchais (*Jan 24, 1732) playwright, politician, inventor, musician, publisher France FR
Étienne-Jules Marey (*Mar 5, 1830) scientist, doctor, physiologist, chronophotographer France FR
Willem Frederik Hermans
(*Sep 1, 1921)
playwright, writer, scientist Netherlands NL
John Jacob IV Astor (*Jul 13, 1864) inventor United States US
Étienne-Émile Baulieu
(*Dec 12, 1926)
scientist France FR
Alfred Binet (*Jul 8, 1857) psychologist, inventor of the first usable intelligence test France FR
Maximilian Bircher-Benner
(*Aug 22, 1867)
doctor, scientist Switzerland CH
Franz Boas (*Jul 9, 1858) scientist Germany DE
Karel Jan Bossart (*Feb 9, 1904) scientist Belgium BE
William Henry Bragg (*Jul 2, 1862) scientist United Kingdom GB
Leo Brewer (*Jun 13, 1919) scientist United States US
Karl Bucher (*Sep 22, 1912) scientist, doctor, pharmacologist Switzerland CH
Albert Calmette (*Jul 12, 1863) scientist France FR
Lazare Carnot (*May 13, 1753) politician, scientist general, builder France FR
George Washington Carver
(*May 24, 1864)
inventor United States US
Wilbur Joseph Cohen (*Jun 10, 1913) scientist United States US
Baron Georges Cuvier (*Aug 23, 1769) French naturalist and zoologist France FR
Louis Daguerre (*Nov 18, 1787) scientist, painter, photographer France FR
Joël de Rosnay (*Jun 12, 1937) scientist Mauritius MU
Georges Demenÿ (*Jun 12, 1850) inventor France FR
Giulio Douhet (*May 30, 1869) Italian general, air power theorist - bombing in aerial warf... Italy IT
Karl Drais (*Apr 29, 1785) inventor Germany DE
Louis Ducos du Hauron
(*Dec 8, 1837)
scientist, photographer France FR
Gustav Fechner (*Apr 19, 1801) scientist Germany DE
Paul Flechsig (*Jun 29, 1847) scientist Germany DE
Heinrich Focke (*Oct 8, 1890) scientist Germany DE
Franz Xaver Gabelsberger
(*Feb 9, 1789)
inventor of a shorthand writing system Germany DE
John Gage (*Nov 25, 1937) scientist United States US
Francis Galton (*Feb 16, 1822) psychologist, scientist United Kingdom GB
Owen K. Garriott (*Nov 22, 1930) astronaut United States US
Zenobe Gramme (*Apr 4, 1826) inventor Belgium BE
William E. Haast (*Dec 30, 1910) scientist United States US
Paul Janssen (*Sep 12, 1926) scientist Belgium BE
Chalmers Johnson (*Aug 6, 1931) scientist United States US
Jean Jouzel (*Mar 5, 1947) scientist France FR
Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
(*Jul 2, 1724)
writer, scientist, poet Germany DE
Ray Kurzweil (*Feb 12, 1948) inventor United States US
Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.
(*Jul 12, 1913)
physicist, scientist United States US
Karl Lepsius (*Dec 23, 1810) Prussian scientist, founder of the German Egyptology Germany DE
Otto Lilienthal (*May 23, 1848) scientist Germany DE
Joseph Madersperger (*Oct 6, 1768) inventor Austria AT
Siegfried Marcus (*Sep 18, 1831) inventor, automotive pioneer Germany DE
Marcel Mauss (*May 10, 1872) scientist France FR
Wilhelm Maybach (*Feb 9, 1846) inventor Germany DE
Christian Metz (*Dec 12, 1931) scientist France FR
Ignazy Mościcki (*Dec 1, 1867) scientist Poland PL
John Muir (*Apr 21, 1838) scientist United Kingdom GB
Charles Nègre (*May 9, 1820) scientist, painter, photographer France FR
Paul Niggli (*Jun 26, 1888) scientist Switzerland CH
Franz Nissl (*Sep 9, 1860) scientist Germany DE
Hermann Oberth (*Jun 25, 1894) physicist, scientist Romania RO
Thomas Otten Paine (*Nov 9, 1921) scientist United States US
Georg Friedrich Parrot
(*Jul 5, 1767)
scientist France FR
Jack Parsons (*Oct 2, 1914) scientist United States US
Charles Pathé (*Dec 26, 1863) scientist France FR
Jean Piaget (*Aug 9, 1896) psychologist, scientist, philosopher Switzerland CH
Auguste Piccard (*Jan 28, 1884) scientist, physicist, inventor of the bathyscaphe, twin brot... Switzerland CH
Nikolay Pirogov (*Nov 25, 1810) doctor, scientist, teacher Russia RU
Louis Pouzin (*Apr 20, 1931) scientist France FR
Calvin Quate (*Dec 7, 1923) scientist United States US
Friedrich Ratzel (*Aug 30, 1844) scientist Germany DE
Roger Revelle (*Mar 7, 1909) scientist United States US
Ferdinand de Saussure
(*Nov 26, 1857)
scientist Switzerland CH
Richard Scammon (*Jul 17, 1915) scientist United States US
Rusty Schweickart (*Oct 25, 1935) astronaut United States US
Nevin Stewart Scrimshaw
(*Jan 20, 1918)
scientist United States US
Henry Siedentopf (*Sep 22, 1872) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Herbert A. Simon (*Jun 15, 1916) scientist United States US
Hermann Staudinger (*Mar 23, 1881) scientist Germany DE
Charles Proteus Steinmetz
(*Apr 9, 1865)
writer, mathematician, scientist Poland PL
Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried von Waldeyer-Hartz
(*Oct 6, 1836)
scientist Germany DE
Barnes Neville Wallis
(*Sep 26, 1887)
scientist, inventor United Kingdom GB
Felix Wankel (*Aug 13, 1902) inventor Germany DE
Otto Heinrich Warburg
(*Oct 8, 1883)
scientist Germany DE
James D. Watson (*Apr 6, 1928) scientist United States US
Eli Whitney (*Dec 8, 1765) inventor United States US
Maximilian Wolf (*Jun 21, 1863) scientist, photographer Germany DE
Emanuel Swedenborg (*Feb 8, 1688) scientist, inventor, theologian, mystic Sweden SE
Jacob Bronowski (*Jan 18, 1908) mathematician, historian, scientist Poland PL
Donald Pettit (*Apr 20, 1955) NASA astronaut, chemical engineer, scientist, astrophotograp... United States US
Steve Irwin (*Feb 22, 1962) actor, scientist, presenter Australia AU
Ludvík Očenášek (*Aug 4, 1872) engineer, inventor, writer Czech Republic CZ
Otakar Chaloupka (*Feb 14, 1935) writer, teacher, scientist Czech Republic CZ
Oleg Sus (*Sep 9, 1924) scientist Czech Republic CZ
S. P. J. Keinänen (*Feb 9, 1907) inventor Finland FI
Benjamin Thompson (*Mar 26, 1753) entrepreneur, inventor, businessman, scientist United States US
Jacques Bergier (*Aug 8, 1912) writer, scientist Ukraine UA
Leroy Alldredge (*Feb 6, 1917) physicist, scientist United States US
Edoardo Amaldi (*Sep 5, 1908) physicist, scientist Italy IT
Jacques Ayotte (*Feb 12, 1942) physicist, scientist Canada CA
Rene Barthelemy (*Mar 10, 1889) physicist, scientist France FR
Karl Richard Bechert (*Aug 23, 1901) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Rudolf Heinrich Bechmann
(*Jul 22, 1902)
physicist, scientist Germany DE
Avi Ben-Abraham (*Nov 18, 1957) scientist, doctor Israel IL
Joseph Bergerard (*Feb 23, 1921) physicist, scientist France FR
Ludwig Biermann (*Mar 13, 1907) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Henri Billet (*Feb 3, 1882) physicist, scientist France FR
Amadee Bonnet (*Mar 20, 1809) physicist, scientist France FR
Fritz Edward Borgnis (*Dec 24, 1906) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Marcel Brule (*Jan 31, 1883) physicist, scientist France FR
Pierre Chassaignac (*Dec 22, 1804) physicist, scientist France FR
Aime Auguste Cotton (*Oct 9, 1869) physicist, scientist France FR
James Croll (*Jan 2, 1821) scientist United Kingdom GB
Walter R. Cunningham (*Mar 16, 1932) scientist United States US
Jean Dausset (*Oct 19, 1916) physicist, scientist France FR
Lee de Forest (*Aug 26, 1873) inventor United States US
Charles De Jean (*Feb 7, 1888) physicist, scientist France FR
Jared Diamond (*Sep 10, 1937) writer, scientist United States US
Angelo Lorenzo Drigo (*May 29, 1907) physicist, scientist Italy IT
Pierre Antoine Favre (*Feb 20, 1813) physicist, scientist France FR
Wolfgang Finkelnburg (*Jun 5, 1905) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Maurice Gauja (*Jan 6, 1867) physicist, scientist France FR
Benjamin Ginsburg (*Feb 5, 1897) physicist, scientist France FR
Donald Glaser (*Sep 21, 1926) physicist, scientist United States US
Marvin Leonard Goldberger
(*Oct 22, 1922)
physicist, scientist United States US
Camille Guerin (*Dec 22, 1872) physicist, scientist France FR
Karl Herrligkoffer (*Jun 13, 1916) physicist, scientist Germany DE
Robert Leachman (*Jun 11, 1921) physicist, scientist United States US
Edmond Lescarbault (*Aug 11, 1814) physicist, scientist France FR
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
(*Jan 12, 1917)
scientist, philosopher India IN
Charles F. Martins (*Feb 6, 1806) physicist, scientist France FR
Charles Maurain (*Feb 27, 1871) physicist, scientist France FR
Joseph Melnick (*Oct 9, 1914) physicist, scientist United States US
Hugh Robert Mill (*May 28, 1861) physicist, scientist United Kingdom GB
Pinky Nelson (*Jul 13, 1950) astronaut United States US
Nicéphore Niépce (*Mar 7, 1765) inventor of photography France FR
Henri Paucot (*Dec 27, 1877) physicist, scientist France FR
Pier Pelicci (*Sep 5, 1956) physicist, scientist Italy IT
Pierre Ernest Pinoy (*Feb 3, 1873) physicist, scientist France FR
Joseph Plateau (*Oct 14, 1801) physicist, scientist Belgium BE
Philipp Reis (*Jan 7, 1834) inventor Germany DE
Thomas Renault (*Feb 11, 1805) physicist, scientist France FR
Frederick Robbins (*Aug 25, 1916) physicist, scientist United States US
Corrado Rossi (*Apr 4, 1905) physicist, scientist Italy IT
Joseph Harold Rush (*Apr 17, 1911) physicist, scientist United States US
Charles Sannie (*Dec 28, 1896) physicist, scientist France FR
Raymond Sheline (*Mar 31, 1922) physicist, scientist United States US
Just Sicard De Pauzoles
(*Jan 12, 1872)
physicist, scientist France FR
Celestin Sieur (*Dec 27, 1860) physicist, scientist France FR
David Slemmons (*Dec 31, 1922) physicist, scientist United States US
Jean Tarneaud (*Jan 6, 1888) physicist, scientist France FR
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